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What are we celebrating about

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What are we celebrating about?

There has been a very disturbing trend recently……It started last year and it hasn’t stopped since. If you don’t see it as often as I do, it might be hard to detect but more candidates running for office are trying it. I am talking about candidates saying they’re all for the support of Veterans benefits and troops deployed overseas, getting elected, and then doing …….nothing. Taking a picture with some of our VFW brethren or speaking at a ceremony, walking away with their aides and forgetting all of their promises before their Town Car has pulled out of the parking lot.


I mean, it’s good for a couple of points in the polls, right? My colleagues who are serving as campaign managers and communication directors for some of these candidates know that. It is the kind of support and endorsements that win elections, but to use it to get into office and do nothing is completely unacceptable.

I was looking at the newswire last week when I noticed Governor Crist (trying to get elected to the Senate next year) had proclaimed November as Hire a Vet month in Florida. I applauded the Governor, this was terrific! When I followed up on the facts, they had not changed a thing. I navigated through the multiple answering services. Workforce Central Florida (the Governors partner in this “initiative”) had not added any services from its existing program (which aside from a slight edge for federal contracting does not do much for out of work veterans). I understand that Rubio- mania is running wild these days but for out of work Veterans it stings.


Now before anyone thinks I’m giving the Conservatives a hard time, I can’t let Congresswoman Kosmas go without mention. She stood 10 feet away from me on Veterans Day and proudly mentioned the stop loss pay program. The same program where my claim; along with thousands of other Vets are being met with every shade of red tape possible. This along with the slow response time from her office and how little she has done to about VA benefits backlog is terrible, but you better believe that you will see her walking along the beach with Veterans on television again next year, when she seeks re-election.

 I just hope that we won’t fall for it this time…our cause is not one to “hang your political hat on”. Don’t just say you support Veterans….get out there talk to the people that make the wheels turn and support Veterans!