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Looking back and looking forward

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Looking Back and Looking Forward:

In a year where we lost Michael Jackson, the NBA Finals and possibly the FOX network, we gained a few more months of summer, the Tiger Woods scandal, and the promise of Sun-Rail here in Central Florida. Unemployment is sky rocketing and people are leaving the state for the first time I can remember. It’s gotta get better right? You better believe it can! Let me explain.

The mortgage crisis caught all of us with our pants down, but as a community, Central Florida is starting to finally adapt. We are re-training ourselves to learn a different trade or an industry. Contractors are shifting to other fields that range from to healthcare to technology. Tourism professionals are attacking other aspects of the business virtually by increasing their focus on marketing to our foreign visitors and bringing money into the state. We’ve heard the recession is over and recovery will be slow, but 2010 will the beginning of that recovery.

Because of the state of well….the state. The 2010 mid-term elections here in Florida are going to be incredible. If you’re a lefty you’ll be trying to defend majority and expect the recovering effects of the policy passed by your party and the president to slowly start working. If you’re Conservative well, then you will only have the biggest backyard Senate primary in the country to worry about. The Crist/Rubio race will garner national attention, in the ultimate David vs. Goliath political event. These elections will be crucial and it will have unheard of popularity for a mid-term.

  Violent Crime is down, Innovation Way is rolling and we’ve got a shiny new arena coming.

The series finale of Lost. You know you were thinking it!

More community unity. It’s not fair that Casey Anthony and tragic shootings have to steal attention from the Non-Profits and other organizations dedicated to helping others. Central Florida has the most citizens dedicated to helping other citizens that I have ever seen. If you look closely, they’re the ones that keep the community together.

Dedicated Teachers that are still making it happen in overcrowded classrooms.

This blog (hopefully)

2009 was tough for a lot of people and I don’t know how much better 2010 will be, but we are seeing a little clearer now. I hope FTS will continue to grow and be a positive part of Central Florida and I hope you and your ambitions are all prosperous.

Urban’s Plan

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Urban Meyer is a pretty smart guy. He has taken his health condition seriously enough to save him years of his life and has left a whole row of doors open to him when he is ready to return to coaching football.

The second most adored man in Gator nation saw an opportunity to gracefully leave Gainesville and took it, because the truth is that Urban Meyer has coached his last game with the Florida Gators.  “Well why not come out and just say it?” you might be asking but, the truth is that Urban Meyer IS actually ill and although it’s “non-life threatening” a heart condition is something you might want to have looked at. Anyways, let’s get to one of the most brilliant, sports, public affairs strategies we’ve seen in a long time.

The Gators will most likely beat the coachless Cincinnati Bearcats on Friday (Their coach bolted for the Notre Dame vacancy, in a selfish move that is exactly opposite of the plan I am about to describe). Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer will both be carried off the field and crying like babies during the press conference and….roll credits. Meyer has kept his promise to all of the players he recruited when he first started coaching in Gainesville and he will still be “around” for the players he might have recruited recently. Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio who is well liked; will be in charge of everything football until further notice, Steve had better get comfortable.

In about 45 days, you will start hearing rumors about NFL teams contacting Urban Meyer about their head coaching positions. There are going to be an estimated 8 NFL vacancies this off-season and which general manager wouldn’t want a proven leader that has turned every team he’s coached into winners. Well you might be asking “What about Gator Nation?” Well, Steve has all of that under control and it wouldn’t be fair to take the job away from him now and besides, he is long overdue for a college head coaching position anyways. Urban’s new NFL team will introduce him (I am guessing either Buffalo or Jacksonville) and that will be that, endgame. Urban gets a short vacation, Gator nation is content, and an NFL team just got better.

I’m not painting this to be a diabolical scheme by Urban Meyer, he actually is ill and you can see him aging rapidly on failed 3rd and short conversions, but this is brilliant strategy. It’s time for Coach Meyer to go to the next level, and if a Quarterback by the name of Timothy Tebow from the University of Florida is available….well I’m just sayin’

Christmas List

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As all of our families come together for what I hope will be a safe and happy holiday, I am grateful for what I have, but I do have a list of things I would like; like I am sure a lot of other people do. If it’s written on a post it, a sheet of notebook paper, or just a mental list, there is something I’m sure everyone wishes they could have. I have compiled a mock list of some of the people in our great community and what they would like to have sitting under their tree on Christmas morning. (These are not real lists! So I would ask all of my friends in the legal profession to exhale.)

Governor Charlie Crist:

  1. Paula Dockery photo shopped into the Sun-Rail graphics.

  2. An incident with Marco Rubio and an Escalade.

  3. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (guess what, me too!)

  4. A Nintendo Wii

Tim Tebow:

  1. Peace and Love for everyone on earth.

  2. A home for every orphaned puppy

  3. A quicker release throwing the football

  4. You to have the best Christmas ever!—What can I say, he’s a good guy!

The Central Florida Teachers and First Responders (police, fire, medical)

  1. The proper funding to live comfortably while doing what they love, to service the community they love, without having to pay out of pocket for supplies or risk their lives operating shorthanded.

Frank Torres:

  1. The safe return of our deployed soldiers and ensuring the care and benefits they earned are delivered in a timely, appropriate fashion.

  2. The continued blessing that God has given me over the past year and the drive to continue doing what I love, with success.

  3. A record turnout for elections, here in Florida next year. Involving candidates that believe and not sell their views on the issues that are important to Floridians.

  4. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

  5. A Nintendo Wii..

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A service like no other-

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A Service Like Any Other:

WANTED- Cameraman for XYZ convention to shoot 3 days of footage, must have own quality equipment, must be able to cover all angles of event, edit, dub voice-overs and add graphics within 2 days after the event: Pay-$200 dollars

Sound familiar? If you’re a student filmmaker or a member of a production company it should. It’s what companies who rake in hundreds of thousands or even millions are trying to pay you, and it’s absolutely insane. This kind of work goes so underappreciated and the attention to detail, the cost of sophisticated equipment, and the time involved in producing a high quality project is often overlooked.

It’s not point and shoot goofy…Its light, conditions, angles and sound. It’s sitting in front of a monitor editing until 2 in the morning and guys, editing is the equivalent of reading tax laws in a dimly lit room.

“Well, lets get a student filmmaker to do it! UCF, Valencia and FSU have great film programs; we will get one of those guys to do it!” You can’t blame the students for taking the projects either, they’re scraping by on Ramen, driving a ten year old car, working part time and going to school full time. Listen guys, they’re accepting your low pay because A. They love what they do and B. College books are expensive! I’ve sat with some business people I’ve met and listen to them complain on how their projects didn’t turn out perfectly. Well, you didn’t pay for a perfect project. Don’t expect to win the Daytona 500, when you’re driving a Geo Metro..

Local actors are expected to start off with free projects with gas and food covered. Even when their resumes are full its still good form to take the occasional free job. Filmmakers start off thousands of dollars in the hole. You wouldn’t pay someone to remodel your kitchen for 200 bucks. Let’s pay these people what they’re worth, the return on investment is worth it.