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Invaision of the body scanners

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There has been a lot of coverage concerning the body scanners that will soon be invading OIA. There is a message that they are too invasive, show too much and possibly still not effective enough to detect certain materials that could be used for a terrorist attack; even though they might have detected the chemicals used by the Christmas day bomber. There seems to be belief, that such an invasion of someone’s private space is unnecessary and almost illegal.

We allow doctors to see us in vulnerable positions, don’t we? We wear silly robes that show too much and allow them to inspect strange marks and bumps that weren’t there before, why? To save our lives, that’s why. If we allow medical professionals to see everything, why can’t we allow security professionals to see the same thing? The purpose is the same, to preserve life.

What OIA and any other organizations need to do when communicating these machines to the public is to reiterate what is at stake. The security of ourselves and the ones we love, our children, our spouses, our parents. Do the shy skeptics really want to leave windows of opportunity open, for whack jobs like the one on Christmas Day?

I love the film “Up in the Air” with George Clooney; all his character does is fly and he can make it through security without breaking stride. Why? Because he is prepared and ready to co-operate. So, walk through the scanners and have peace of mind knowing that you just took another step to protect yourself and the lives of everyone on your flight, literally.

Chilling out at school literally

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Chilling out at school literally,

There have been reports that schools are failing to provide heat to their students during one of the most severe cold snaps we have seen in a long time. This has the media going nuts and parents worried with good reason. It’s hard enough to teach kids with ideal conditions, let alone with freezing ones. On a morning like this, kids are going from a freezing bus stop, to a warm and smelly bus, to a guess what? A freezing classroom!

I am a product of the Orange County School system (apologies, to my English teachers) and I am here to tell you. Your kids need to be tough, because schools in Orange County are no joke! The classrooms are crowded, the facilities are old, and the teachers are underpaid.

I have fond memories of walking though the frozen tundra of Lockhart Middle School, on a January morning like this one. Moving through the courtyard observing my fellow students wrestling, playing wall ball, and screaming at each other, it kinda resembled Thunderdome from the Mad Max movies. After the alarm sounded (there was no bell) everyone rushed to class to meet their tired teachers who had just navigated down I-4, through our world famous Orlando traffic, to start their day. Classes would break for lunch and back into scene out of post apocalyptic Sci-fi, to give us a chance to grab something to eat. Our lunches would be one slice of Pizza Hut Pizza, A large cookie, and a Slushie ( In the January cold) and then back indoors where we would continue to take for granted what our teachers were telling us until school was out. There would be drama, schoolyard fights where our Principal would run through the crowd of students like Tim Tebow through the Cincinnati defense and break things up. The books were old, the computers rarely worked but hey, the classrooms were warm.

It’s even tougher now, stereo-types, smart phones and edgier television that encourages kids to grow up even faster. If the heat is not working, kids aren’t listening. There is a fair amount that wasn’t listening when the heat was working. Let the kids go home and tack on the days to the end of the year or come up with something else.