Frank Torres, Orlando Freelance Reporter

Tiger Returns

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2010 at 12:08 pm

On Friday Tiger Woods will hold a press conference and apologize for his transgressions. He had to come back eventually and he is doing it the right way….this time.

Last November when this mess got started I was very critical about Tiger not speaking, in person to the public. Now I understand there might have been some cosmetic injuries but when you hide and don’t tell the public what happen, then your giving the public permission to speculate. His announcements should have been made by himself or a spokesperson at his home down the street here in Central Florida. A statement on a website is very weak…..unless your blogging…

The press conference is tomorrow and at Sawgrass, in front of pre-selected media, with no questions, Tiger will speak and if his people are smart he will only be saying two things. 1. How much he is sorry about how he hurt his family, his fans, and the sport. Now I say the sport because Tiger is probably the only athlete in sports that is actually bigger than the sport itself. When Tiger is gone, ratings plummet and interests drop. Every golfer that wins a tournament while he is gone has that *……which means “No Tiger Woods” and 2. Explain what he has done to get help and explain why it will never happen again and it better be sincere or else he would be better off staying away until it is. The conditions can’t be any better to apologize; His people, his time (on a Friday, when newspapers on Saturday sell least), and in the environment where he has ruled for over a decade.

I don’t condone what Tiger did, but like everyone I am tired of the tabloids and speculation. Let him talk and then let him play, so we can move on and start concentrating on what matters. The Sport.

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