Frank Torres, Orlando Freelance Reporter

Does your message sound too radical?

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2010 at 2:03 pm

An aggressive approach on a campaign can be a very volatile thing. I have seen messages that might want to come out as intense or use shock value to capture an audience, but too often come out sounding just plain crazy.  It’s kinda like throwing an audience in a freezing swimming pool in the middle of January, yeah you’ll have they’re undivided attention but you won’t see them standing next to you near a body of water again.   

When you’re crafting a controversial message for your public relations campaign, always have someone with a neutral opinion take an honest look at it. They might look at you and say “I gotta tell you man, you sound like a lunatic.” If you receive feedback like this, but you’re attached to your message try leading with some hard facts and statistics. If you have solid information on your side you’ll be able to bring your audience along slowly, let them stick a foot in the water first before wading in.

You never want to sound angry…and you never want your call to action to be too extreme. If you do you’ll be painted as the angry mob with torches and you’ll show up looking like that on TV. Your aggressive message should be able draw attention to your cause or campaign but still be able to resonate with someone who might not be informed about what you’re doing. Aggressive but rational, emotional but informed…have your facts straight but don’t yell!! OR USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ALL OF THE TIME!! CAN YOU SEE HOW CRAZY THIS LOOKS!!? You are not a mad poster on a blog, you’re a powerful advocate for a cause or message your believe in.

A quick side note, I plan on making my decisions and deciding who I will be supporting for the upcoming elections. The field in each race is so diverse and there are a lot of great ideas and messages…any opinions? Give me a call!

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