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Let’s see a debate among Mayoral candidates

In Uncategorized on April 8, 2010 at 10:19 pm

I am a big fan of debates. I believe that laying out your solutions and explaining why your way is the right way, directly, to your opponents face is as real as it gets. It frightens a lot of politicians and their people because they fear their solutions might not get across as well while being attacked. It frightens them, not only of what comes out of their mouths, but what their body language is saying to the voters. You want to see what a candidate is really like? Go ahead and put them in front of a camera and sit them besides their opponent. Ask questions about the issues and let them slug it out…to a point.

It was brought up by one of the Orange County Mayoral hopefuls that debates be held amongst them. It’s a terrific idea. To this point the only thing we have seen come out of each candidates respective camps are flimsy releases that aren’t concentrating on the difficult issues facing Orange County, but finger pointing and tacky insults. Is this all the voters are going to have to make their decisions on Election Day? It doesn’t seem right does it? Let’s get to the nitty gritty, and find out who is for real.

I have met all of the candidates (except for one) and on a personal level all of them are pretty cool. They probably had no clue what I do for a living and were just running lines from their stance on the issues that sound good, but I can tell. I have read the releases and statements that have come from these candidates and recently they have just been trying to attack each other with spoons. Yeah, if they keep at it they might hurt the other candidate eventually but the attackers themselves look pretty silly.

Let’s pick a format, let’s pick a moderator and let’s get this thing going! I myself would be happy to help put this thing together (I am still undecided). This would be a real opportunity to finally get everyone together and debate over whose vision is the best for Orange County. The residents certainly deserve it.

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