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Did you see that?

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2010 at 10:32 pm

I have to admit that last week was a Crisis Communications bonanza. In the span of a week, we had a Governor walk away from his party, a commissioner arrest, a massive Oil spill, and a heated abortion debate in Tallahassee, The Puerto Rican Democracy act and the Arizona Immigration law which everyone has something to say about.

I think it’s important for me to point out that I maintain a Bi-Partisan profile when it comes to my work. I have friends and clients on both sides Republicans and Democrats; if I don’t believe in what my client is saying then I just won’t help them say it. It’s unethical…with that being said let me try to get through my mostly professional opinion on these matters.

Governor Crist goes Indy:

Winners: Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meek,

Losers: Gov. Crist

Why?: I agree with the majority of people that say this would be honorable if it was anyone but Charlie Crist. We all know the Governor is a slave to poll numbers and will keep his eye on the prize (The White House). Voters are smarter than this and while Crist will steal some votes, both parties will slam him. I wish you could have heard my cell phones after this announcement, Tweets, E-mails, and Facebook posts with both parties rallying respectively behind Rubio and Meek. The Governor will most likely veto a controversial abortion bill that was passed last week to gain favor with the Pro-Choice groups in addition to the teachers he went to bat for when he vetoed Teacher merit pay.

The Commissioner Fernandez arrest:

Winners: Everyone else in the OC mayor race

Losers: Commissioner Fernandez and myself

I don’t have to explain why the other candidates in the race benefit from this but I should explain why I’m a loser in this scenario. After the arrest occurred, the only Hispanic presence on the Orange County commission was gone and with the mumblings and grumblings I have heard, I am not so sure that another one will be appointed. The district elected a Hispanic, Republican commissioner and after she allegedly broke the law, our culture lost an ambassador to reflect the honorable values and beliefs of the Latino community.   I hope the Governor makes the right call and appoints someone with the same fundamental beliefs of the people in that district and someone with better judgment….

In my professional opinion silence is always the worst option in a Crisis….defend yourself, verbalize your commitment to taking the situation seriously and finding the facts before judgment is made. Do not hide from the media.

The Puerto Rican Democracy Act:

Don’t like the language on the third option in the second vote.

Arizona Immigration: Concerns on both sides and both sides are doing a poor job of explaining themselves. We’ll hear more as we move towards November.

The Oil Spill:

Winners: Anti-Drill Advocates

Losers: Anti-Drill Advocates, BP and everyone else…

What a mess…..


My friends and family have observed me shouting at the TV during these events of the last 7 days and when I hear people voice their opinions on what is happening, I love asking the following question.

So, what are you gonna do about it?

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