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OC Mayor Debate Analysis

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*****A Humorous Article, Please watch the debate and make your own conclusions, also get out there and talk to these guys (and girls) and go to work for them*****

Ok, Here we are! I thought the idea of a televised debate was a terrific idea a couple of weeks back and I was glad when it was put together so quickly. The one problem?…..It looked like it was put together so quickly! I understand it was better than nothing and I love WFTV, but I’ve had games of Modern Warfare 2 that have looked smoother and lasted longer than that debate last night. It sounded like the lightning round of a quiz show at times, and if the candidates were sitting any closer to each other, they would have been in each others laps. It was exiting at times and all of the candidates stayed true to the messages that they have been campaigning with. Let’s move forward with my analysis, by timeline of the footage!

Opening Credits and Intro: I know it has to be killing Matt Falconer that he is sitting on the far left of the panel. Craig Patrick is smiling politely with an “I don’t know how I am going to get through this in such a short amount of time” look in his eyes.

1:09- Patrick asks “Would you repeal the toll increase” Stewart and Falconer raise hands. Jacobs says “That is not a fair question” (its not, too vague for a debate this important)

1:33- Generic stock footage of a man pumping gas.

2:12- Teresa Jacobs wants to make sure it’s legal. She is staying on message of ethical government.

2:24- Segal says he was against the toll increase during those economic times. Do you get the feeling that you could stick Commissioner Segal in a cage full of tigers and he would still be perfectly calm?

3:00- Falconer vows to repeal the toll increase. I really hate tolls, and so do thousands of other Central Floridians

3:30- Falconer attaaaaaaaaack! Vegas had the odds somewhere between the graphics of the opening credits and the moderator’s introduction. His info on protecting consumers is strong, but I just dropped $20 bucks on his reserved debating style…Thanks, Matt.

4:04- Commissioner Segal corrects Patrick by summing up a long question with the word consolidation. He could have consolidated 20 seconds of this short debate there!

4:42- Falconer is staring off-screen with an “I got this” look

5:21- Is Matt Falconer plugging his book?! He was holding it up. I think he wanted the cameraman to get a close up of the cover…

6:30- Commissioner Stewart talks about her part in bringing Burnham to Central Florida. She is a nice lady.

7:27- Jacobs talks about diversification of our economy…. That’s what I’ve been saying! We do lean too heavily on construction, we must retrain our workforce and move forward. Adapt and overcome!

7:55- Commercial…..Time!? Time?! How are we doing?

9:18- Bill Segal is smiling at Falconer condescendingly, the way I do when a salesperson is selling me something I don’t want to buy.

9:28- Zoom in! Zoom Out! Who is running the camera?! It was Cinco De Mayo…maybe they had a few Margaritas?

9:35 – Jacobs mentions that she proposed a creating a safe environment to report fraud and waste back in 2006

12:34- Falconer- lower taxes, stop corporate welfare

13:06- The LWV wants the candidates to pledge that they will not use defamatory materials against their opponents. Now, I like the thought but it’s kind of a loaded question. You are de-clawing your campaign, if someone attacks my candidate; we are coming at them not once but twice. What if I pledge but my other 4 opponents don’t? Segal wants to read it, Stewart says no, Mad Matt manages to attack Segal while addressing a question on his methods of attack and also manages to gets a shot in on President Obama, as well. Teresa Jacobs mentions that the facts are important and that Segal and Falconer have attacked her with things that aren’t true.

14:55- Patrick, upset that he was being talked down to earlier by Segal, questions him about ethics. Segal starts channeling philosophers with his “Fact and Opinion” analogy and deflects the question with ease. Your not a Jedi yet, Patrick.

16:00- Teresa Jacobs talks about an ethics compliment Segal himself gave her about turning down a supporter to do the right thing.

16:08- Patrick says we’ll be right back and then tells us to take care……

17:32- Commissioner Stewart says that everyone should have a say on how government goes regardless of language differences.

18:30- Segal calls Sunrail a blessing and then makes Patrick repeat the 2nd question again. Maybe, I can get these guys connected to American Top Team Mixed Martial Arts and have them slug it out.

20:04- Falconer says Sunrail will cost a fortune, is unconstitutional, and was voted down twice.

22:24- All four candidates say they will update a flawed retirement system. Bill Segal says the system has gone the way of the “Buggy Whip”. I am going to steal that phrase from him.

22:47- All of the candidates except for Falconer say they will release their tax returns. Falconer says “He doesn’t want to get into that mudslinging contest”..Jacobs and Segal both turn to him with a “You can’t be serious!!!” look, Stewart wants to laugh. The camera focuses on Falconer, then when it returns to the panel, every candidate has an “It’s on” look on their face. Patrick is rapping faster than Eminem trying to finish in time, the music interrupts him and Linda Stewart leaves him hanging, when he offers her a handshake.

Debating on television is tough. I think all of the candidates did fine, no one got really stumped. There were other panels before this one, so a lot of the candidates knew what to expect. I am not going to pick a winner, but I do think I know who I am going to support. WFTV will re-air this debate Sunday at 1230pm and it can also be found on their website.

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