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The new digs!

In Uncategorized on May 14, 2010 at 11:13 pm

Hey Guys!

I am exited to finally have this thing set up in a new location. I think you’ll find that its going to be a much more exiting read. I will mix up the subjects more often, push the envelope a little more and give you guys a chance to tell me what my problem is. I will continue to cover politics, communications and public relations strategy but I will branch out and cover some more fun stuff as well. I am going to be able to give you details of my experiences here in Orlando and tell you what I see. I will include more pictures and media and hopefully provide a much better read. I’ve put up my old posts for those who are new to my blogging and I will keep posting as often as I can. This new format should make that easier. Let me give you some quick bullets of the funny things I’ve seen and heard

Strangest phrase from a politician: “Now, I have nothing against the Hispanics. Heck, I let my daughter marry one” – You see? This is why we hire communication professionals!

Lebron James has to pick between winning championships in Chicago now, or hanging with Jay-Z in New Jersey and winning them later. Tough choice.

I liked Iron Man 2 but not as much as the first one. The surprise at the end of the credits was pretty cool, but it’s gonna be hard not to make that look like another “Clash of the Titans”

I have to agree with everyone else… we all know Governor Crist is calling a special session to score political points. Oil drilling is going to be off the table for sometime.

I am still under construction here, there will be improvements and hopefully, the great readers I had at my business site will follow me here.

Thanks guys!

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