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Political Stocks…Who’s up, Who’s Down in Orlando

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I know this is not a new concept, but I like the way this might work as we get closer to election time. Short, Sweet bullets over who’s stock is rising and who’s is falling in Central Florida Politics.

Who’s Up!

Daniel Webster- He entered the race late, but he started racking up the endorsements and he was the first on TV. Normally, I don’t like being the first on TV, this far from the primary (Aug 24th), but by being the first on TV, he presents himself as a familiar face that has been there all along. Here is his ad

Alan Grayson- Ugh….the big money train keeps gaining speed…he got endorsements from President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) and Oliver Stone. Here is the endorsement from President Bartlett

Todd Long- Got an endorsement from the tough on immigration and Crime, Sheriff Joe Arapio…This is the sheriff that makes his convicts, wear pink underwear and live in tents. This is a golden endorsement in a Republican Primary.

Commissioner Linda Stewart, Peter Clarke, Lydia Pisano (candidates for District 4 in Orange county) : Would have voted against or did vote against the urban sprawl project

Who’s down:

Bill Segal- Laid out a big list of demands on video for an unnecessary development last week and when they didn’t give in to his demands…..well, he voted for them anyways.

Ross Beiling: The little know candidate running in the District 8 primary (winner faces Alan Grayson)…straight out lied, during a candidate forum last week, saying that “Dan Webster has not attended one candidate forum”…Really Ross?..Kurt Kelly, put you in check and its a good thing too, because what you were saying, just wasn’t true…Here is a photo of you sitting next to Dan Webster at the RJC candidate forum.

Webster and Beiling at the forum, Beiling said Webster wasn't at

Craig Miller- Not only has Craig Miller been implicated in some nasty attacks….He was on TV Sunday, saying he was the only candidate in the Dist 24 primary that has created jobs. Truths can be stretched, so far before they snap and become lies…thats what Craig Miller did on TV, this week. There are at least 3 other candidates in that race that have created jobs.

Tiffany Moore Russell, Scot Boyd- Voted for the Urban Sprawl development project that adds unneeded real estate and threatens nearby environmental areas

Yeah, I think I will run this concept about once a week. Its fun to write and hopefully its fun to read.

11 Hour Tennis Matches, Tea Party Chaos, and World Cup Stuff.

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It was a busy week! I could go on and on, but it’s a beautiful day out, so I will just get to it.

I know dishonest politics, when I see it and that’s what I’ve been seeing from the Florida Tea Party…which is an untrue version of the Tea Party Movement…confused? I don’t blame you. If you’re Democrat, stay with me because it’s pretty interesting stuff..

Let’s say your name is Jake, and your the best mechanic in town. You go around and fix cars and people appreciate what you do. You work hard and make a good name for yourself. Jake the mechanic, is good for the community…..until.

Some guys, decides to open Jake’s auto shop, registers it with the state and begins to pretend like you work there. Your customers don’t know any better and by the time they drop off their cars, you’ve lost your business and money.

Jake is the Tea Party movement, the Florida Tea Party are the tricky guys at the Auto shop, and we’re not talking money, we’re talking votes…and its dishonest in any environment, business or politics. The two sides got into shoving match in front of the OC Supervisor of elections, and in front of the media. It sounds silly, but to the actual people, behind the movement that worked hard to get the vote out, it’s not really fair, and to the average voter, it’s kinda confusing. Here are the players involved.

The Real Tea Party Movement in Central Florida can be found here

This is the spokesperson of the Florida Tea Party (not affiliated with the movement)

Ok, that's not him...but it looks like him!

I actually couldn’t even find, the Florida Tea Party website. The Florida Tea Party (TEA on the ballot) could wreak havoc on close elections, with casual voters, voting for someone they believe represents one thing, but is actually on the other side. The winner in this scenario are the Democrats, who will have their opposition’s vote split.

How about that 11 hour tennis match. They say, you could have watched the match start, decided “Hey, I’d like to catch the end of that match”, gotten on a plane from NY to London, drive to Wimbledon, just in time to catch the end of it……Wow! 11 hours?! I’m exhausted after 1 hour of watching “True Blood”. How do you think their feet felt? All of that running and sudden stopping, that pinch your foot gets in your shoes, when you have to throw on the brakes… The sad part was, the winner lost his next game in 76 minutes…which is considered a short match in Tennis…he was exhausted and probably won’t be able to enjoy walking for about a week.

Finally, the United States lost to Ghana (The Land of Gold) yesterday. They were just two quick for us. I’ve been inspired and I might start playing again. I’ve always been okay at soccer at 5’9, 200lbs…I’m not built for too much else. I hope that we, as a country can stay interested in the rest of the tournament, and make a real push to be more competitive in 2014.

How Not to Talk Trash About your Boss..

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Everyone has disagreements with their boss, it doesn’t matter if your a sweeping the floors in a warehouse or leading a complicated military operation in Afghanistan, its bound to happen. If not, then look in the mirror, because you might be a “yes” man. These disagreements normally lead to smack talking about your boss whether its in the form of good natured teasing by the watercooler or a “one of these days” conversation with your buddies, over some beers. If its serious, you talk it out….

However under any circumstance do not go and “moan and groan” inside the Rolling Stone…yeah I paraphrased but I try to keep this blog kinda clean.

That is what General Stanley McChrystal did…and now he’s gone. If you haven’t read that article it’s right here and its a good read.

Don’t be surprised by the vulgar language, the “Higher ups” in the military swear just as much as anyone. They don’t have someone that is going to put them in check. The language doesn’t surprise me at all. Its their world and they rule it…but everyone has to answer to somebody. In this case it was The President of the United States and as you’ve probably heard by now, he was not pleased.

I got in disagreements with my military leaders all of the time, when I was in the Army. You push and push, to do what you think is right, but when they’ve had enough and put you “at ease”, that’s it….you can’t walk off the site or storm away from the office. It’s tough, but that’s the way it is.

Now, General Patraeus takes over. There was word that he was mulling a run to the White House, in ’16 or ’20, if he can take care of business, this will certainly put him in position to be part of the conversation.

I am, so running for President, after this

If not, I’m sure Rolling stone would like to talk to him too, after this is all over.

Yes, Mr. President, those was just jokes

Money and Politics…Unrated

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The candidates running for office need your money. The lawmakers already in office need your money. Money is the ammunition their weapon (their message) uses.

I hate the fact that something, that is so important, like government is still a slave to the dollar bill, but I’m a realist and as we move closer towards elections, the money becomes even more important.

Money for signs
Money for commercials
Money to feed volunteers
Money for literature
Money to show the competition, how much more money they have, than they do.

People hate asking for money and I hate asking for money, but I am going to use the internet as a buffer and do that today. If you see a candidate you like, you must pull out the checkbook, because if you don’t, they will probably lose.

If you don’t like the way things are, pick a candidate and write them a check.

If you think things are just fine, write a check to the incumbent, because, the way the political climate is, right now, any new lawmakers coming will advocate big changes. There are a lot of angry people out there, right now.

You’ll hear the word “grassroots” a lot between now and the elections, but let us not speak falsely now. There is a clear difference between grassroots and just being cheap. Whenever an underfunded opponent wins an election, its awesome, its pure Americana but, it’s rare, especially in the bigger elections. In all of the races I’ve been watching, I have spotted 3 true blue, grassroots campaigns.

If you don’t like Suzanne Kosmas, write a check.

If you don’t like Alan Grayson, write two checks, because that man wears suits, that are worth more than my car.

If you don’t like the way teachers or NASA are being a treated, write a check.

In closing, ….if you can’t give (like myself), then try and volunteer. I know that I’ve made it sound like money is king in politics, its not. Votes are king in politics! Spread the word about the candidates you like, its your responsibility. Give if you can, if you can’t give, give your time.

Benjamin is the best partner, a candidate can have.

5 Funny Things for a Monday…

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Happy belated Father’s day to all of you dads out there, I hope you had a great weekend. Here are 5 funny things, I heard, saw, or noticed this weekend.

5. I’ve read the books and I’ve seen the films and, while I know that the Harry Potter attraction will be good for Central Florida, Harry Potter just seems like a Winter attraction. You have to be cold in order to capture, the real enviroment. You can’t do that in 103 degree heat. When, during the films have you seen Harry and Hermione walking around, wearing a visor or bikini top? “Yeah honey, I just got back from Hogwarts, with a terrible sun burn”. Harry Potter is best served cold, in the Winter. This is probably when the lines will finally go down, and when I’ll make my way out there.

4. The Orlando media and politics have had enough of the city hall rallys for a while. There was a very well organized event on Saturday, but less than 60 were there and no media coverage. Its time for a new venue and a friendlier format.

3. During a rare phone conversation with my Father (Chicago Democrat) “Son, who are you working with this year?” “I’m working the Republicans, Dad” …”Hell no, son! I knew I should have been around more, when you were growing up!”

2. That despite, my extensive coverage of some of the elections, and some of my best opinion pieces, on PR theory…Rick Scott, and Governor Crist, checking out the ladies on the beach, are far and away, my most popular posts.

1. Tennis Player Andy Roddick on the World Cup “I know so much about football (soccer), I know that when two Slovenian guys mug an American guy, the American guy gets called for the foul…

…I didn’t know Roddick, could hit like that!

Have a great Monday!

Governor Crist’s walk on the beach

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We are men…We watch sports, we eat dead animals, and most certainly not least, look at women. I do it, my male readers do it, and can’t leave the girls out,they check out the guys.

and all of us are more discrete at doing it, then Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

Charlie Crist went strutting on Miami Beach on Monday to check out the sights, you know, our beautiful beaches that are facing the worst environmental disaster in history

Charlie was strolling on the beach with the media, when he crossed paths, with two bikini clad ladies and then the “guy” in Florida’s tanned, independent leader took over for a sec, in front of the photographer I will use to the captions in these photos, to let you know what was on Charlie’s mind.

Well, here we are Miami beach, during this horrible.....whoa...hey baby..I want to know what issues, your into! I'd like to take you to D.C with me!

Oh, crap... I didn't do a good job at covering that up. Now this guy wants to talk to me, I'll pretend not to see him, he's probably a Rubio guy anyways..

Start talking, start talking....what to say?...Heyyyy how about that Harry Potter in Orlando?

Yeah, he got busted pretty good, and I’m sure his wife will squeeze a lime that she pulled out of a corona bottle, in his eyes when he gets home.

There is a correct way to appreciate the opposite sex and it’s exactly, the opposite way Charlie Crist did it, during that walk on Miami beach.

Have a great weekend!

Analysis of President Obama’s BP Oil leak

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The President is a fine public speaker. Its the skill he used to get people to the polls to vote for him, its the skill he used to change minds during the Presidential debates and its his voice that got the majority of Congress and most Vet groups to back him with the troop surge to Afghanistan. I sat down on Tuesday night to listen to him address the “Worst environmental disaster America has ever faced”

I’m more patient than most when it comes to the President, but he hasn’t been very good to Florida. He’s shutting down the shuttle program, which will put a lot of people out of work. The new program he has laid out, has no specifics on how to develop jobs. He put my congresswoman in the oval office and hard sold her, a health care plan that needed much more work and that this district didn’t want. His campaign promise of working across party lines, which appealed to my bi-partisan approach to government hasn’t been kept.

He actually laid out a plan for drilling off the Atlantic coastline.

I understand what he inherited, but its been a year and a half, he’s not the new guy anymore. We need more help from our Commander in Chief down here in the Sunshine state.

He laid out his speech, the exact way I would have laid it out.
1. How we’re gonna clean it
2. How we’re helping affected areas
3. How are we gonna keep this from happening again

What I didn’t like:
“I assembled a team of our nation’s best scientist and engineers to tackle this challenge”- This is not a knock against the President, but I gotta, I’m losing faith in our experts, Nobel prize winners, our sharpest minds…is it the disaster or our we not “letting them work”

“The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and powerful, reminder that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now”- I’ve been hearing this for years and I am still going to have to fill up my tank later this week

“at this agency, industry insiders were put in charge of industry oversight, oil companies showered regulators with gift”- No ethics in cabinet level government? Really? Lets go guys….I’m getting tired of the lack of integrity, on all levels of government.

What I did like:

“It is faith in the future that sustains us as a people. It is the same faith that sustains our neighbors in the gulf right now”- No real substance, I just wish I would have wrote it!

“We will make BP pay for the damage their company has caused”- I really hope so, do you know BP makes you pay 50 cents to use the bathroom at some of their stores!

“These efforts should capture 90% of the oil leaking out of the well”- Once again, I really hope so.

There are no party politics involved in this, people will try to use it as a political football, but the goal is the same and the methods for solving the problem will come under very little dispute.

It’s time to stop talking the talk and start fixing this leak…

The Primary game-

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As we move closer to the elections, I watch panels and debates on television and the web, and watch these candidates answer questions (there are no easy questions these days). One trend I notice are candidates trying to recycle a damaged message, and they get caught with follow up questions that they can’t answer effectively. These are intelligent men and women, so why would they allow themselves to be trapped this way.

Because they have primaries to win…Republicans vs. Republicans and Democrats vs. Democrats. These are elections held within each party, to determine who will represent your party in that race….kinda like American Idol or the NBA playoffs. They have to win this thing first before they go anywhere. That’s why you saw President Obama and Hilary Clinton beating the crap out of each other before Obama went on to win in 08′. Your casual voters, that don’t show up for non-presidential elections forget this, and the interviewer doesn’t give a damn about your primary.

The interviewer wants moderate, general election answers and moderation in this kind of angry environment during a primary will kill you.

If you are within “earshot” of this blog, then the congressional seats are held by Democrats (except for Rep. Mica). You will here a lot of conservative candidates quoting and using Ronald Regan as their blueprint for success. They will do this because, he was a strong, well liked, Republican that did great things while in office.

He appeals to both Democrats and Republicans and he won’t scare away primary votes.

The message of a candidate is suppose to evolve….you take your party’s belief system and your plan and go out there and campaign to win; After you win your primary, you go out there and take your belief system and your plan and remind voters that its about them and if they give you the chance, you will be able to lead them into a bright and prosperous future.

It’s an aspect of politics that I don’t think enough people know about.

A few laughs for a Monday

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Hey Guys,…Just going to try to give you a quick push on a Monday morning. Got some great stuff lined up this week…but I’m going to keep it short and sweet for your Monday…

1. Paul Partyka….the former Mayor of Winter Springs and the Democratic Primary opponent of Suzanne Kosmas, wants to debate her really bad…but she keeps ducking him and I think I have a good idea why….

Partyka and two of the biggest endorsements you'll see this year

The man found Elvis…..AND Marilyn Monroe! Wow, I can’t wait to see those fund raising numbers. I would be scared too, He’s solved two of the major celebrity mysteries, outside of a Casselberry Library. I wouldn’t want to debate him either…I can just imagine that sweet Graceland money supporting that campaign..

2. Is it me or is the baby at the end of this Jeff Greene commercial, absolutely terrified! That poor thing… Check it out

3. I thought I was watching Jurassic Park last night before, I realized it was just “The Advocates” panel for “The Agenda”….Sorry, I couldn’t resist! I love those guys at CF 13.

4. No sympathy for England goalie Robert Green..and I will tell you why..he looked like a five year old trying to make that stop and say what you want…as a Chicago Cubs fan…you don’t know what emotional pain in sports is…This is what real tragedy looks like! I give you Steve Bartman

Try to have a great Monday guys!

Watch the World Cup!!!

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Well, the title of this post, speaks for itself.

If you haven’t heard the hype surrounding this thing, please let me bring you up to speed.

Soccer or football is the most popular sport in the world. Here in the United States it barely ends up in the top ten. We don’t even begin to comprehend how important this is to the rest of the world. It’s their Superbowl and it only comes around once every few years.

I started playing Soccer in Korea, when I was in the Army and you can appreciate the intensity the Koreans would bring to the pitch, to beat us Americans. A few years later, I would find out the Germans were just as intense (and a little tougher) when it comes to the world’s game. Its not just a competition, its a duel of ideas and national pride, pitted against each other, in the one sport that everyone on the planet knows how to play.

The rest of the world also loves it because, it might be the one thing, we’re just not that good at. When your the greatest country in the world, the rest of the world takes a guilty pleasure in beating you at it’s most popular game. There is no medal count here for us to point to….it’s the one game that the big man on campus, just isn’t that good at.

We should all take the chance to check out this great tournament, the rest of the world will be watching, we need to see what the big deal is all about. I had the pleasure of watching the 02′ cup in Europe,in a crowded pub, there is complete silence…….until one team starts attacking…..then a nervous buzz…..people start muttering in front of pints filled with stout and lager…as the ball draws closer the net it gets louder…more intense…then….GOAL!!! and the pub blows up with Cheers (or curses)…

I urge everyone, to watch at least one game this weekend…even if the U.S isn’t playing. If you can, try to make it out to a pub that is featuring the game…(Liams, Fiddlers, Cricketers are some that come to mind) grab a pint, some food and enjoy one of the greatest spectacles in sports, that this planet has to offer. You won’t be disappointed, I promise….if you do get bored, give the keys to your DD and grab another pint…you’ll find it exiting sooner or later.

It’s time that the United States gave its undivided attention to supporting our squad as they take on the rest of world…