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Money and Politics…Unrated

In Uncategorized on June 22, 2010 at 12:24 pm

The candidates running for office need your money. The lawmakers already in office need your money. Money is the ammunition their weapon (their message) uses.

I hate the fact that something, that is so important, like government is still a slave to the dollar bill, but I’m a realist and as we move closer towards elections, the money becomes even more important.

Money for signs
Money for commercials
Money to feed volunteers
Money for literature
Money to show the competition, how much more money they have, than they do.

People hate asking for money and I hate asking for money, but I am going to use the internet as a buffer and do that today. If you see a candidate you like, you must pull out the checkbook, because if you don’t, they will probably lose.

If you don’t like the way things are, pick a candidate and write them a check.

If you think things are just fine, write a check to the incumbent, because, the way the political climate is, right now, any new lawmakers coming will advocate big changes. There are a lot of angry people out there, right now.

You’ll hear the word “grassroots” a lot between now and the elections, but let us not speak falsely now. There is a clear difference between grassroots and just being cheap. Whenever an underfunded opponent wins an election, its awesome, its pure Americana but, it’s rare, especially in the bigger elections. In all of the races I’ve been watching, I have spotted 3 true blue, grassroots campaigns.

If you don’t like Suzanne Kosmas, write a check.

If you don’t like Alan Grayson, write two checks, because that man wears suits, that are worth more than my car.

If you don’t like the way teachers or NASA are being a treated, write a check.

In closing, ….if you can’t give (like myself), then try and volunteer. I know that I’ve made it sound like money is king in politics, its not. Votes are king in politics! Spread the word about the candidates you like, its your responsibility. Give if you can, if you can’t give, give your time.

Benjamin is the best partner, a candidate can have.

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