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How Not to Talk Trash About your Boss..

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Everyone has disagreements with their boss, it doesn’t matter if your a sweeping the floors in a warehouse or leading a complicated military operation in Afghanistan, its bound to happen. If not, then look in the mirror, because you might be a “yes” man. These disagreements normally lead to smack talking about your boss whether its in the form of good natured teasing by the watercooler or a “one of these days” conversation with your buddies, over some beers. If its serious, you talk it out….

However under any circumstance do not go and “moan and groan” inside the Rolling Stone…yeah I paraphrased but I try to keep this blog kinda clean.

That is what General Stanley McChrystal did…and now he’s gone. If you haven’t read that article it’s right here and its a good read.

Don’t be surprised by the vulgar language, the “Higher ups” in the military swear just as much as anyone. They don’t have someone that is going to put them in check. The language doesn’t surprise me at all. Its their world and they rule it…but everyone has to answer to somebody. In this case it was The President of the United States and as you’ve probably heard by now, he was not pleased.

I got in disagreements with my military leaders all of the time, when I was in the Army. You push and push, to do what you think is right, but when they’ve had enough and put you “at ease”, that’s it….you can’t walk off the site or storm away from the office. It’s tough, but that’s the way it is.

Now, General Patraeus takes over. There was word that he was mulling a run to the White House, in ’16 or ’20, if he can take care of business, this will certainly put him in position to be part of the conversation.

I am, so running for President, after this

If not, I’m sure Rolling stone would like to talk to him too, after this is all over.

Yes, Mr. President, those was just jokes

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