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Why are Segal and Kosmas, pretending to be Republican?

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I don’t like to fly the partisan flag too often. I think people that read my blog often enough can tell I’m a pretty moderate Republican. The whole “back and forth” between the parties has never bothered me that much. I can sit across the table with someone with completely different political beliefs and listen to them get worked up and slam my views and keep completely cool. I’m a huge fan of bi-partisanship. Republicans and Democrats, working together to find solutions to our country’s problems. When the day ends, we’re all Americans, right?

That being said, I don’t like when people try to be something they’re not and try to fool the voters.

This was the case with congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas, who is up for re-election this year. She was on the TV last night talking about extending the Bush tax cuts. Congresswoman Kosmas has always been a reliable vote for the democratic majority in the house. She goes with the flow and she catches hell from her district for it. She is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country this November.

Stimulus? Sure, lets do it.

Healthcare? Nah…..wait, the President wants to talk to me? What the heck, lets do it.

Now, all of the sudden, with November around the corner, she plays this card. Extend the Bush tax cuts? Heck, lets do it.

“The best way to reduce our deficit is to grow our economy. Allowing the 2001 and 2003 tax rates to expire before our economy fully recovers may reduce our ability to support our small businesses, stimulate the economy, and bring our deficit under control in the future. Given our fragile recovery, I urge you to support extending the 2001 and 2003 rates in order to allow our economy to fully strengthen and grow.” Kosmas in a letter to Speaker Pelosi…

When asked about backlash from her party, she stifled. I’m concerned about the people in my district. Now? When they didn’t like the healthcare plan, NASA workers got laid off, rude members of her office, now she cares about what we have to say.

Don’t pull stunts like this to pretend your something, your not. Make the right decisions, the first time (and make sure your field reps are nicer.). You will see this on her commercials, bank on it and it will be with the intention of fooling Republican voters.

Be strong, not Fake...

Orange County Mayoral Candidate Bill Segal and a greenscreen, in his new commercial?! I’m surprised they didn’t slap a black trenchcoat and sunglasses on him and have him jumping rooftops, like “The Matrix”

but I thought Segal was a Democrat?

but I though Bill Segal was a Democrat

No, it wasn’t that severe but it did look like an upscale car dealer commercial and what has conservatives in the county upset is that the script sounds like a Republican advertisement. Bill appears on screen and uses a CGI Marker to “crossout taxes” when no where on his million point plan is that mention, only possible rebates.

Is it clever? Absolutely. Is it honest? no. He is one of the smartest guys running for office, but it’s tactics like these that make me not trust the guy.

So, there you have it. In Segal’s case he gets a tiny bit of slack because its a non-partisan election, but I look at his plan and after his lobbyist bring the players to Orlando, how is he going to pay for the growth?

Kosmas’ play is a little more troubling because she is willing to abandon beliefs to win her election. In 08′ there was enough anti-bush sentiment for her to take her largely Republican district. This year she is going to have to take a long look in the mirror and decide how much will she compromise her values.

Have a great weekend, guys..

Alan Grayson’s DVD Spectacular and Stealing Signs!

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You guys remember when I went all “Russel Crowe” on you guys the other day, when I backed 4 candidates in the race to beat Alan Grayson? Well, things like this are the reason, I did it.

He spent 73,000 dollars of taxpayer money to produce a DVD of his shining moments in Congress. Are you kidding me? You could have put two teachers to work for that much… and now we’re all getting a self promoting DVD instead.

Every potential Grayson opponent should be blasting out statements renouncing this behavior. This needs to be a bullet point on every mailer. You may be able to spin his antics on the house floor and his trashy language to the media as being an anti-hero and sticking it to those nasty Republicans.

You can’t justify spending that much money on a DVD, we don’t need , when this many people are out of work.

Stealing Signs—-

Look at this genius…

I hope those signs were worth it..

State Rep candidate Greg Brown (R) was caught, on camera with his wife stealing from his primary opponent Doug Broxson (R) , in the Pensacola area. What was he thinking? That race is too far away for me to follow, but it doesn’t matter how far behind you were in the polls, this is the stake in the heart. There are signs, I would love to punt 15 ft in the air, but I don’t mess with them and you shouldn’t either (unless, they’re on your property). It shows your scare but worst of all, it demonstrates a lack of integrity and maturity. If this guy manages to win, he definitely would have stole the seat too.

Take care guys and leave the signs alone!

Kendrick Meek and the 3 Mountain Climb

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The good people at Fox 35 had me over to talk about this last night, so I thought I would talk about it, here today.

Congressman Kendrick Meek, you ever heard of him? If you have its probably what his Democratic primary opponent and billionaire Jeff Greene wants you to hear.

Do you know this man?

BP, shady deals, his mom took money and an escalade. Things weren’t always this way.

6 months ago Kendrick Meek was the presumed Democratic nominee, life was good (kinda, people still had a hard time finding out about him), all he had to do was wait until Governor Crist and Marco Rubio beat the crap out of each other and take them on in the general election.

Then strange things started happening. Governor Crist left the Republican party and immediately started siphoning support and poll numbers from Meek, and keep in mind, he wasn’t polling that great, when Crist was still conservative. There were whispers that Dems in the state were going to throw there support behind the Guv and why not? Charlie Crist would command a lot of power in the Senate as an Indy and people actually knew, who he was. He was just more electable.

Life was not all bad, right. Meek would still get a shot in the general election, right? Not so fast.

Then came Billionaire Jeff Greene. His Mike Tyson best friend havin, Heidi Fliess housguestin’, baby terrifying juggernaut decided he wanted to run for Senate as a Democrat. He ran as a Republican, like two or 3 years ago in California. He immediate started spending all of that money, attacking Meek as a career politician.

Greene has green...ok that was kinda lame, lets move on

To say that Kendrick Meek has an uphill climb, would be an understatement, its more like 3 mountains. Mt. Green and then Mt. Crist and Mt. Rubio and he doesn’t even get the chance to scale those last two if he doesn’t make it to the top of the first one.

What a terrible 6 months, I feel bad for him.

His campaign along with Rep. Alcee Hastings made an appeal to the White House…”Hey Mr. President, do you want this seat or what? Would you prefer another Dem, with a shady past or a bigger name indy, or “gasp” worst of all a Conservative to take this seat? Thats whats gonna happen if you don’t get involved!”. They also said that you know, they might not campaign for the President, that hard in 2012, if he doesn’t come down here.

What a terrible bluff! Thats like me saying I’m going to beat Dwight Howard in a pick up game, at the Amway. No one sits on the sidelines during Presidential elections, especially members of congress. Anyways I’m sure the President rolled his eyes and asked White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel to throw a fundraiser for Meek, which is kinda like using an eye dropper to put out a housefire.

Never the less I still feel bad for him. He was the man a couple of months ago for his party, now he might not even be that. There are people that think Governor Charlie Crist is the guy for the left. Imagine how that must feel.

Guys it would be like Tim Tebow taking your spot on the Flag Football Team.

Your replacments guys

Ladies it would be like Rachel Mcadams taking your place, in your circle of bffs’

Who would your friends rather go shopping with?

So, lets all root for Kendrick Meek and try to imagine what he’s going through. I know I’m gonna root for him.

Until Marco Rubio crushes him in the general….

30 Things I’ve learned this election year…

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Can you believe it? Only 31 days till, the primary elections. Absentee ballots and registration are the big things right now. Here are 30 things I’ve learned this year, some funny, some not so funny.

30. If your a millionaire or even a billionaire, you can wake up one morning, decide you want to run Florida and kick an experience congressman or even a conservative icon to the curb.

I think, I'll buy the Governors mansion this year..

29. If you’re not overdrawn, on your checking account, you can be a Florida Tea Party Candidate!

28. There is actually a Surfer’s political party in Florida.

27. If you go to work for Dan Webster, a suit is required in the dress code.

26. Dan Fanelli was in flying a plane, during 9/11

25. Deon Long is “Your favorite candidate’s, favorite candidate”

24. Casual voters have no idea, what the state house is and if the incumbent or candidates don’t walk up them and say “Hey, I work/want to work for you in Tallahassee, you have to vote for INSERT NAME HERE.

23. If Charlie Crist wins this Senate race, they need to make “Oceans 14” and cast him as George Clooneys’ brother.

Is he gonna do it George? Probably Brad...probably..

22. The Seminole county supervisor of elections website is a lot easier to use than Orange County!

21. Matt Falconer has access to teleporting technology that has not been invented yet!

20. The straw poll at the Winter Park political mingle was a mess.

19. Becky Erwin is going to win her schoolboard race in Seminole County.

18. Entering a race late or even at the last minute doesn’t mean a doggone thing!

17. Craig Miller has a similar stance on the military as Alan Grayson.

16. We all know money is the “mother’s milk” of politics, but taking developer’s money in municipal races is like giving a baby formula, its easier, less painful, but definitely not as pure.

15. Bill Segal, Kurt Kelly, and Dan Webster (too darn nice!) are probably the only candidates, I couldn’t beat in a single issue debate (not forums). Any takers out there want a run-through? Give me a call.

14. Beating Scott Randolph in the downtown district, means eliminating partisan politics, altogether.

13. Remember those nasty attack ads against Tom Feeney, back in 2008? Suzanne Kosmas has similar commercials already written up for whoever comes out of the 24th district.

12. That Flashpoint should be on at a better time.

Flashpoint with Lauren Rowe is my political show of choice, right now

11. Mike Lafferty (Orlando Sentinel Op-Ed) is a telepath.

10. Jeff Greene is scary.

9. Amendment 4 is scary.

8. Republicans have RINOs (Republicans in name only) does this mean Democrats have DINOs?

Democrat in name only?

7. Most candidates still don’t know the importance of socia media and might actually lose their race because of it.

6. The people in the Sandy Adams campaign, still think I’m a democratic infiltrator.

5. Cooking a good steak (Craig Miller) does not mean your qualified to be a Congressman. If that were the case Bobby Flay would be president.

4. I’ve learned more than one rally at city hall, per quarter is excessive.

3. Very few people have a grasp on these Orange/Seminole county races, than I do. I sleep, work, exercise, and follow politics. I go to every event I can, and talk to as many people as possible and I’m having the time of my life doing it! Want to get involved? Let me know, but you’re driving!

2. That Americans who don’t vote in non-presidential elections are depriving themselves of one of the greatest freedoms, we have. Soldiers in the desert, doing year long tours, missing the experience of watching their kids grow and risking their lives, so that we can stay home?! Are you kidding?! We owe it to them, and to the generations of Americans before us, to be part of the process, to use our voices and steer the direction of the greatest country in the world.

1. That its “on” now!

Orange County District 4 and 5 Forum/Debate

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On Wednesday night, I had the chance to attend Orange County District 4 (parts of Avalon Park and East Orlando) and 5 (parts of Maitland and Winter Park) forums. I’ve liked what I’ve heard from the candidates in District 4 for sometime now and I was happy, not to be disappointed on Wednesday night. This was also, my first look to see the District 5 candidates and that was…ummm, interesting. I’m gonna go ahead and breakdown the forum, by candidate and give them a free link, to their websites.

There are some quality candidates for the disrict 4 commission seat

District 4 Candidates: It was brought up during the debate, that 6 of the 7 commission seats could turnover, this election cycle. If I could I would plug 3 of 4 candidates, into them.

Peter Clark : Pete Clark is an old school, first class guy. He doesn’t attack and he doesn’t have to, his solutions deal with a rare commodity these days…common sense. Last night he told the crowd at the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce, that rail is coming, we might as well build along rail, develop small business and make it relevant. He said no, to the toxic amendment 4. He didn’t give me any sound bytes (but thats not his style) and he didn’t sling mud at anyone for the whole two hours, squeaky clean tactics and good information.

Jennifer Thompson :I told her husband last night, on my way out that they were running a great campaign and I meant it. Her website and materials are better than some state and even congressional candidates. She’s got mastery of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Viral Videos), shes a small business owner, marketing and PR guy, like me. She’s also a fighter, back for another shot after missing out in 06′. She wants rail to work hand and hand with Lynx, which is a must. She wants normal, everyday people to audit government.

My one concern was the “conditional yes” vote on the recent Innovation Way development. Thats a poorly conceived project. Are these real demands that will force developers to contribute, or “Bill Segal” demands where they will come up short on the demands and they’ll get a yes vote anyways. I didn’t get a chance for clarification with her and if I do, I will update.

She did bring water, to everyone during this marathon of a forum, which was nice of her. I’ve been to some debates where opponents wouldn’t throw water on each other if they were on fire!

“Get to know me, talk to me, hold me accountable. If you don’t like what I’m doing, then vote me out”- Jennifer Thompson

She did well and her wrap ups, was one of the best I’ve seen.

Lydia Pisano Pisano is a fireballer, she took shots at Thompson from the beginning of the forum, until the end. The Belle Isle commissioner touted her experience and accomplishments, in that position. She brought up the fact, that rail won’t run on the weekends and that without something to accompany it, its gonna be miserable (thats true). She was anti sprawl even though she’s in real estate, which is one of those “the hard right” type of answers.

“I’m the only one with exception of maybe Pete (Clark) that has not taken special interest money”- Lydia Pisano

It might be true, it might not be, I have to read their reports again. If it is, she needs to scream it from the rooftops.

Mayra Uribe : Mayra Uribe is the one candidate in this race who was really short on info last night. I admire her hard work of qualifying by petition, going door to door and her background in District 4. I like the fact she’s anti-rail and will never raise taxes, but she’s a bicycle in a motorcycle race. I even watched her Sentinel Op-ed to try to pick up something and there weren’t any strong answers in that either. This certainly was not easy for me to write.

District 5: Oh boy… You see you have Maitland Mayor Doug Kinson up against former commissioner Ted Edwards. I’m running long, so I’m only going to give you the good stuff.

Maitland is a great place to live in Central Florida, so Mayor Kinson has a lot to brag about when campaigning. He showed up with the gloves on and brought up some great points on a rental car surcharge and how eventually, yes, there will need to be quiet zones for rail (I can only imagine how people will act when that bad boy comes, rolling through). He also touted his victories in Maitland and bringing some of those ideas to county government. He had great substance and came with the glove on….

Unfortunately for him, former commissioner Ted Edwards chose to fight with the gloves off.

“I pray to god everyday, to help lead me into a better future with my wife and children”- Mayor Doug Kinson

“I prayed to god and he told me to run for Orange County Commission”- Ted Edwards

(PARAPHRASED) “I tried to get a rental surcharge, but the state led Republican legislator kept pushing it back and then when it got to Jeb Bush, he vetoed it” Ted Edwards….(Didn’t he just win a YR straw poll?)

“Rail from Orlando to Tampa? Man, I don’t know” -Ted Edwards

“You guys are the best looking crowd, I’ve seen and you stayed awake the entire forum, I didn’t see any bobbing heads or anything!” -Ted Edwards, during his wrap up.

Ted Edwards had a lot of good ideas, he wasn’t all jokes. He tried to paint Kinson as a taxer, a few times. They messed up his name (Ted Williams, Ted Stevens) about 6 times but he smiled and moved on.

It was a loooooong debate, last night but one that was important. East Orlando Chamber of Commerce did a fine job, and the turnout was pretty good for a humid Wednesday night. Visit these candidates websites and make your own decisions.

Take Care!

Gone in 2490 seconds and $100 dollars to punch Grayson

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Days like yesterday, are the reason I love Central Florida politics. We had our lawmakers go up to Tallahassee and give our Governor the “political finger” and we had a faux bounty put out, on a Congressman.

What can you do in 49 minutes? You can watch 2 episodes of “Friends” without the commercials. You can drive from Orlando to Daytona Beach, if there’s no traffic. You can have a pizza delivered.

You can also hold a special session of the state legislature concerning the biggest environmental disaster in the history of the U.S.

On Tuesday our state reps marched up to Tally and went to work, out of session, to my non politicos out there, that is kinda like going to work on a Sunday, when you work bankers hours. In this case, it would be going to work on Sunday, because your boss wants a promotion and wants you to do something that was basically already done. It’s already against the law to drill ofshore in Florida, but our Governor wants to be a senator, so that he can eventually be President or Vice President. Anyways the state legislature, basically said We are not going to play your political games, just so you can get elected. Not to mention that the state ledge, is under Republican control and Crist left the party, to be more competitive with Marco Rubio. I guess I could best compare it to asking your ex-girlfriend to borrow 500 dollars.

Anyways, they weren’t playin’ that and they closed session, got back into their cars and were home in time for “Hells Kitchen”.

He sticks out doesn't he?

Man, our Governor is a trip! He got out with the protesters slapped on a sticker and start shouting “Let the people, vote!” I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I really hope people can see past, this guy in November.

Alright, so who was right and who was wrong? They were both wrong, really. Crist called this session for a few points in the polls and it worked, he painted the “Do nothing legislature” as lazy and selfish and the naive saw through it. The state reps were wrong too, they were already up there, they could have gone over a few things. Your at work anyways, right? I can give you my analysis of what the state reps were thinking, though. There is only a month before the primary elections, if some of these guys didn’t get back here as soon as possible to campaign, they might be out of a job and what happens, during special session won’t matter. Is it selfish? Ofcourse…but thats the way it is.

What’s this? Someone wants to punch Alan Grayson? This is not news, you can walk down the middle of his district and find hundreds of people that would want to, but yesterday someone went to far.

Dan Gainor a conservative media critic, tweeted. $100 dollars to the first member of congress, who will punch Alan Grayson. Grayson was on the house floor, earlier asking god to have mercy on the soul of Republicans. He gave a passionate speech on how all conservatives are wealthy, and we all have yachts and art. It was just an opportunity to grab some stock footage for his next commercial and he gave that speech in front of one person.

Don’t punch Alan Grayson, that was a stupid tweet.

I’m not wealthy, he’s worth millions. He wears $2000 dollars suits, I go “off the clearance rack” at Ross. He drives luxury cars, on some days my car AC doesn’t work. I can listen to his rhetoric, have a good laugh and move on.

Physical violence won’t hurt Alan Grayson, but you really want to know what will?

November 2nd approx 10PM

Alan Grayson: 45%
GOP Primary winner: 55%

Don't punch him, beat him in November. I promise you that will hurt much more.

What a great day, to live in Florida!

Political Stocks: Whos up? Whos Down?

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Welcome to another edition of political stocks, who is up and who is down, in O-town!

This post is centered around the results of the 8th district Orlando Sentinel Op-ed interviews. The endorsement from the hometown newspaper is a big deal. A lot of your over 50 voters, and retirees in this, older community will still sit down, have their coffee and read the paper. These same voters will also vote in non-presidential elections, so yeah, it can be a big deal.

Do you want to see, what the candidates are really made of? Take a look at these interview videos. They’re not the easiest interviews to watch. Mike Lafferty and company, sit the candidates down, stick a mic and a camera in their face, and verbally beat them with the toughest questions they can think of, in a silent board room, The whole experience is rather uncomfortable, but this is as real as it gets, folks. Here are the stocks:

Who’s up:

Dan Webster: He strolled right into this Republican primary, after waiting till the last minute and had a solid fundraising quarter. He took the Orlando Sentinel endorsement, even though they grilled him on Teri Schaivo for almost five minutes of the video.

Todd Long, Kurt Kelly: It looks like the race, to beat Alan Grayson is a 3 horse event now. Long and Kelly didn’t get the endorsements, but the generally positive, write up from the Sentinel, gave voters enough to re-enforce their faith in these two candidates. I don’t think they lost any votes, they might have had before.

Karen Diebel: My non district 8 stock, is Karen Diebel. Her timing for TV was perfect. She had a solid fundraising quarter and against the astonishingly dull Craig Miller, she seems to be the right choice for Republicans in the primary. You can check out her commercial here.

Who is down?

Bruce O’donoghue: I like Bruce, but he hasn’t been getting any love from the older Republican guard, since Dan Webster jumped in the race. It doesn’t seem very fair, a lot of people wanted him to run and now the support that was suppose to be there, isn’t showing up. I wouldn’t count him out yet though, he’s still got some sharp minds backing him.

Dan Fanelli, Ross Beiling: Can’t raise any money, can’t win a straw poll, can’t get any media coverage. Got slammed by the Sentinel Op-Ed.

I exclude Patricia Sullivan, because I look at those pictures and I see A LOT of people, that is the definition of a grassroots campaign and she was the first candidate to sit for my very boring military briefing. Her strategy centers around strong support in the perimeters of the district. My eyes don’t reach Lake county, so I won’t count her out, yet. She is also about the nicest person you can know.

Bill McCollum and Kendrick Meek: It’s a damn shame, but McCullom is pulling back some of his Ads, while Rick Scott is ramping up his. On the left side of the Senate Race Jeff Greene, is trying to do the same to Kendrick Meek. You can’t be allowed to buy public office, guys. My Democratic readers, you need to vote Kendrick Meek…the best man in Jeff Greene’s wedding was Mike Tyson for crying out loud.

Your communications director for the next Senator from Florida?

Have a great day, people!

Five Funny Things for a Monday!

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I hope everyone had a great weekend! Lets get to it! Five Funny Things

1. They finally threw a cap on that oil spill in the gulf, that’s great news but, was that really it? A cap? Yea, I know there was a lot more involved and that it took the world’s greatest minds to solve the world’s, worst environmental disaster but let’s do some good PR and make the solution seem a little more complicated than something you would use on a shook up, two liter, of Publix Orange Soda. Do you think, after the cap worked that all of the guys in the control room started, shouting triumphantly and high fiving like they do in the movies? You know, like the end of Independence Day or Armageddon. We should get Morgan Freeman to stand in for the President, when we’ve got this under control and it’s time to address the nation.

Seriously? That was it?

2. Staying with the oil crisis, Governor Charlie Crist is calling a special session to enforce something that is already law. He wants a constitutional ban on, offshore billing. The strongest advocates for offshore billing, have already said that its off of the table and this could have been done next session and saved us all a bunch of money. Governor Crist is ofcourse trying to get elected to the Senate and is grandstanding to all of us, how much of a hero he is! If he could he would get a photo op, of himself pulling a dolphin out of the gulf and wiping it off with a blanket. His old republican buddies hate this because, hey they gotta get re-elected too. So Charlie can promote himself, and at the same time stick it to his old buddies from the GOP.

Ain't no party, like a Charlie Crist party, cause a Charlie Crist party is mandatory! (Tina Fey, wrote that one, not me!)

3. I was at lunch with my 14 year old sister on Saturday, when the waitress comes over and compliments her on her complexion. “What a nice tan you have” she says “Do you work on it? or do you just soak it up like your dad?”…silence..I actually lost a piece of ice, I was chewing on..I was sad..that was the hardest 20%, I ever tipped.

4. These candidates running for office have been answering the same questions for a while, some for over a year. I think some of them might be going on autopilot and spacing out, while they’re talking to voters. The next time you talk to a candidate, stick a different question in there, just to be sure they stay awake. My question? “Who do you think was the best, movie Batman?” The answer ofcourse is Michael Keaton.

Keaton is the best, movie Batman

5. The fact that over five million people have watched this youtube video!

I’m thankful for the new readers and for my growing numbers! Have a great Monday guys!

Candidate Profile: Teresa Jacobs

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This is my last candidate profile for Orange County Mayor, aka the most important race, that effects things, in your everyday lives. This race is where the rubber meets the road, guys. Today, we have…

Teresa Jacobs

Name: Teresa Jacobs
Currently running for: Orange County Mayor
Background: Former 2 term County Commissioner, President:Florida association of counties.

Strengths: Experience with controversial issues, pro ethics reform, Climbing the ladder of government, instead of taking the express elevator, appeals to all voters. Campaign leadership.

Weaknesses: Late entry, She also has to deal with constant attack from Bill Segal and Matt Falconer, who identified her as a threat before she even entered the race.

Personal Experience: Teresa Jacobs was one of the few people running for office, that didn’t try to sell to me. There were a lot of opinion leaders in this town that wanted her to run and after I met her, I knew why…she’s actually honest! More than once, I’ve heard her take the “hard right” answer over the “easy wrong” answer during debates. She won’t promise you anything, she can’t deliver on.

Chances she’ll win? Great, but not certain…

My Summary: Did you ever drop a twenty or fifty on the sidewalk, and have someone pick it up, and go out of their way, to give it back to you, when they could have just kept it? Remember that feeling of relief you got? Teresa Jacobs has got that kind of integrity and that’s what county government needs right now. That’s my opinion…now let me look at the facts.

Bill Segal has been running since last year, he’s got the money, and has been lining up endorsements, like dominos for a while now. He is the front runner right now and I’ve seen him lose his cool one, count it, one time…He’s tough.

Teresa Jacobs has to compete with him to get her message out, at the same time fend off attacks from Matt Falconer. I’ve gone on record as saying that her campaign has the best mix of people and fundraising, I’ve seen. Thats the kind of campaign, I would want if I were running. She’ll advance past the primary on August 24th and be in the runoff till the end in November.

Money and the powerful (Bill Segal) vs. Ethics and the people (Jacobs)

Who ya got?

Orange County Young Republicans Hob Nob, A Huge Success!

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Were you one of the hundreds of people that packed the Varsity Club at the Citrus bowl, last night? If not, you missed the best chance, I’ve seen to meet and greet with candidates from all of the major races here in Central Florida and some of the big statewide races.

Orange County Mayor Crotty, kicked things off and even, hard to find Dan Webster stayed for the entire event. This along with the usual suspects, I’ve talked about in weeks past, that are running this year.

You see, the thing about the OCYR hob nob is that the crowd is just that…younger. It’s a sharp and friendly group that probably know more about certain issues than most of the candidates…its higher energy, with the age of the crowd ranging from about 18-40 years old. If you’ve ever wanted to get involved, this is the crew to start with. Its a fun, laid back crowd.

I already know all of the local candidates, so I took the opportunity to talk to a statewide candidate for Attorney General, Holly Benson. She’s running in a Republican primary against Jeff Kottcamp and Pam Bondi. I wish, I could say that she won my vote. She walked up and introduced herself to me, beaming with a smile…we exchanged introductions and she asked for my vote. I threw her a softball, hoping she would hit it out of the park “What separates you from your competitors?”. She put on her game face but stuttered “Well, I like to think my experience” and that was it. That isn’t necessarily true Kottcamp and Bondi have stonger resumes. “Well, what are you most proud of in your life? Professional or personal?” she stuttered again..”Did you know, I’m supporting Bill McCullom’s, Healthcare battle?”. I glanced behind me, I was standing in front of the McCullom table, talking to a friend before she stopped by. “Great” I said…but she lost me. She restored her smile, shook my hand, and moved on. I don’t know, I’m a scary lookin’ dude, maybe I scared her. She’s A nice woman, but not the top attorney in the state.

Holly Benson

Now for those of you, who are wondering, who I am supporting for Attorney General, at this point that would be Pam Bondi.

Pam Bondi

Don’t roll your eyes! So, shes smart and happens to be attractive, lets move on….seriously guys…jeez!.

I flew threw the straw poll, networked with some friends and the candidates and the results of the poll, were announced. I’ve posted some of the results and some free hyperlinks to some of the candidates sites as my small way of saying thanks for supporting the YRs.They worked really hard.

U.S. Representative District 8
Ross Bieling – 5
Dan Fanelli – 22
Kurt Kelly – 101
Todd Long – 70
Bruce O’Donoghue – 18
Patricia Sullivan – 6
Daniel Webster – 56

Analysis: You give Kurt Kelly a microphone and put his hard working team in the room and he’s probably going to win. Sidebar conversations stop and by the time he’s done everyone is fired up. Todd Long’s name recognition, and one on one skills with the voters delivered another great showing. Dan Webster was third but this was a
“young” Republicans meeting, and his team worked pretty hard too.

U.S. Representative District 24
Sandra “Sandy” Adams – 80
Karen Diebel – 88
Tom Garcia – 9
Deon Long – 26
Craig S. Miller – 55

Analysis: The most uncomfortable moment of the evening was when they read Sandy Adams 80, first and her crew cheered because they thought they had won, only to find out they came in second. Young Professionals admire other successful professionals Like Karen Diebel, that have job solutions. This is also the second time in a year, that the younger crowd has chosen Diebel and she appears to be the prime choice for the next generation of young conservatives. Did I just use a Pepsi catch phrase from the 80’s?

Mike McCallister – 21
Bill McCollum – 188
Rick Scott – 79

Analysis: They saw past the smoke cloud, that money can buy. I did say that this was the sharpest group, you’ll find at a hob nob, right?

Attorney General
Holly Benson – 56
Pam Bondi – 129
Jeff Kottkamp – 81

Analysis: You see!? She won! Now get off my back because I’m supporting the hottie!

State Representative District 33
Jason Brodeur – 140
James DeCocq – 27
Alice Sterling – 38

Analysis: Jason Brodeur was playing “an away game” and still won, easily.

State Representative District 36
Craig McCarthy – 75
Greg Reynolds – 105

Analysis: A battle of the Davids before they face Goliath

Orange County Mayor
Matthew Falconer – 120
Teresa Jacobs – 148

Analysis: You thought Falconer, didn’t like Jacobs before this? Who knows what he will do now!

County Commissioner, District 5
Ted Edwards – 93
Doug Kinson – 58
Robert Shelby Talley – 10

Analysis: I guess those signs are working! (see previous post)

Anyways, the whole night was a blast. OCYR President Eddie Fernandez, Rob Gidel, Christina Dixon, Matthew Klein, Christian Waugh and about a dozen other people deserve all the credit for putting on, one of the best events you’ll see all year.

Thats how you throw a Hob Nob!