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Candidate Profile: Bill Segal

In Uncategorized on July 1, 2010 at 4:27 pm

I’m not a professional journalist…as one of my readers, this blog gives you a tremendous edge on how the politics, here in Central Florida really work. No editor, no censorship, I tell you every detail that a lot of the pros leave out and I’m thankful that hundreds, take the time to read it.

That being said, I’ve met all of the candidates…I’ve watched the way they act and I see what, every other voter, might not see….the real person and what their agenda is…and I am proud to share with you, what I’ve learned, with my candidate profiles….the first one being…

Commissioner Bill Segal

Name:Bill Segal
Currently Running For:Orange County Mayor
Background: Housing Developer, Current County Commissioner

Strengths: Big $$$, Big named donors,..He is stone cold, cool in debates,or during personal attacks.., campaign leadership

Weaknesses: Unclear platform (his “issues” portion of his website, is almost naked), been spotted on the wrong side of ethics reform and prevention of urban sprawl.

My personal experiences: I’ve seen him debate 3 times and had a short conversation with him at a EOCC meeting, and he just ran a general, politician script on me. The least exposure, I’ve had to any OC Mayor candidate

Chances he’ll win? Strong

My summary: Bill Segal has got the money, the endorsements and some very powerful people behind him. He’s been playing the game pretty smart, until he goofed on a vote last week (see previous post). He’s had some great ideas (making cons pay their own booking fees, going after lenders for hurricane damaged, abandoned homes) but he never reveals, what he doesn’t have to. The one quote that I really didn’t like, that I heard from BS…

“The world looks very simple to people that look through that prism—people that have no assets or have never been involved in the business world. The world looks so very simple.” – Bill Segal via Orlando Magazine

I don’t know, but that makes me think, that he might be a little out of touch with the sub 50K per year crowd. That however, will be up to the voters on August 24th.

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