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Candidate Profile: Matt Falconer …plus some Lebron James stuff

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Lets not waste any time, my next candidate profile is…Oh Boy…

Matt Falconer

Name: Matthew Falconer aka “Mad Matt”

Currently running for: OC Mayor

Background: Successful Businessman

Strengths: Strong traditional and social media presence, personal wealth, ruthless attacker, and straight up hustle. Falconer is everywhere, plus 3 more places at once.

Weaknesses:A lot of his facts don’t check out, he is making promises that an Orange County Mayor can’t legally accomplish. Ruthless attacker..I mention this again, because there is so much anger, in his message and it fogs up his plan.

Chances he’ll win? The darkest of dark horses, but if he does pull it off, buckle up!

Personal experience: There was a time, when I was seeing Matt Falconer every other day. He’s a good guy, he just says things, from time to time, that make you shake your head.

Summary: Matt Falconer entered this race as an unknown. He made a name for himself by attacking every other candidate in the race, and with a strong social media strategy (chances are he’s your friend on Facebook). The problem was, he never stopped attacking. When Teresa Jacobs entered the race, he launched a tacky website and would berate her constantly during forums and debates. All of the while, Bill Segal kept racking up endorsements and raising money, with no resistance. He has some good ala carte’ ideas (low water use toilets, staggered spending on large projects) but they get lost in his sweeping reforms, plan and the insults to the other candidates. The region is angry, with the way things are going, the key to his victory will be translating that anger into votes and riding that horse in to the office of OC Mayor. If he doesn’t win, he needs to get on AM radio or something, because this guy is anything but boring.

Let me put on my “Jerry Mcguire” hat for a second and talk about Lebron James. There were a lot of people that didn’t like the fact, that he needed an hour to announce his decision to bolt from Cleveland to Miami. I can understand that but from a business angle, it made all of the sense in the world. The advertising from his special, went to charity. He solidified his name in the discussion of biggest free agent ever and lets face it, what were you going to watch anyways? Reruns? I can understand that the city of Cleveland, felt betrayed, but they had him for 7 years and made no real progress to becoming a better team this year…it was time to go.

The Miami Heat's Lebron James

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