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Attack of the campaign signs!

In Uncategorized on July 12, 2010 at 4:47 pm

They’re coming…
There is nothing you can do, resistance is futile…
On the side of the roads on your way to work, your neighbor’s lawn, in front of businesses.
If one gets knocked over by the rain, three pop up in it’s place.

Campaign signs!!! Ahhhhh!

I know your starting to see them. The lone Karen Almond for school board sign, on a small Altamonte street leading to Maitland or Deon Long, cheesing it up on his billboard, that thousands will see everyday on OBT or I-95.

How many of these signs will actually still be standing by August 24th? Rainy Florida summers don’t take to kindly to signs that are held up, basically by two chopsticks.

I wonder what some of the campaigns are thinking when they throw up a sign, next to a construction site.

There is strategy involved in putting these things up. I like to ask myself these questions.
Will it be seen?
Will it be blown over, hit by a car or peed on by a dog?
Can you read it, when your driving past it at 45mph?
Am I trespassing on personal, or a businesses’ property?
Is it overkill?

A good example of overkill in one situation are five large signs on the same lot, next to a home depot. Ted Edwards is currently in a commissioner race against Maitland Mayor Doug Kinson, marketing wisdom says, someone has to hear a name or a product 4 times before remembering it, Ted Edwards is going to accomplish that feat during one pass!

Signs 1, with 2, and 3 in the background

and Number4!

The OCYR Hob Nob is tomorrow, this is one of the last chances your going to get to see all of the Republican candidates running for office, at the same time. Check out this link, if your down for going and hey, Ill be there!

Take Care!

  1. so ted has a serious chance of being elected mostly for his big signs and not his abilities?? he’s been distict 5 commissioner before, why again?? URGH!! thank you for letting me vent and having great information!! TY!!

  2. […] District 5 Commission race: In what turned out to be a nasty little race. Ted Edwards and his portable billboards won him the […]

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