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30 Things I’ve learned this election year…

In Uncategorized on July 23, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Can you believe it? Only 31 days till, the primary elections. Absentee ballots and registration are the big things right now. Here are 30 things I’ve learned this year, some funny, some not so funny.

30. If your a millionaire or even a billionaire, you can wake up one morning, decide you want to run Florida and kick an experience congressman or even a conservative icon to the curb.

I think, I'll buy the Governors mansion this year..

29. If you’re not overdrawn, on your checking account, you can be a Florida Tea Party Candidate!

28. There is actually a Surfer’s political party in Florida.

27. If you go to work for Dan Webster, a suit is required in the dress code.

26. Dan Fanelli was in flying a plane, during 9/11

25. Deon Long is “Your favorite candidate’s, favorite candidate”

24. Casual voters have no idea, what the state house is and if the incumbent or candidates don’t walk up them and say “Hey, I work/want to work for you in Tallahassee, you have to vote for INSERT NAME HERE.

23. If Charlie Crist wins this Senate race, they need to make “Oceans 14” and cast him as George Clooneys’ brother.

Is he gonna do it George? Probably Brad...probably..

22. The Seminole county supervisor of elections website is a lot easier to use than Orange County!

21. Matt Falconer has access to teleporting technology that has not been invented yet!

20. The straw poll at the Winter Park political mingle was a mess.

19. Becky Erwin is going to win her schoolboard race in Seminole County.

18. Entering a race late or even at the last minute doesn’t mean a doggone thing!

17. Craig Miller has a similar stance on the military as Alan Grayson.

16. We all know money is the “mother’s milk” of politics, but taking developer’s money in municipal races is like giving a baby formula, its easier, less painful, but definitely not as pure.

15. Bill Segal, Kurt Kelly, and Dan Webster (too darn nice!) are probably the only candidates, I couldn’t beat in a single issue debate (not forums). Any takers out there want a run-through? Give me a call.

14. Beating Scott Randolph in the downtown district, means eliminating partisan politics, altogether.

13. Remember those nasty attack ads against Tom Feeney, back in 2008? Suzanne Kosmas has similar commercials already written up for whoever comes out of the 24th district.

12. That Flashpoint should be on at a better time.

Flashpoint with Lauren Rowe is my political show of choice, right now

11. Mike Lafferty (Orlando Sentinel Op-Ed) is a telepath.

10. Jeff Greene is scary.

9. Amendment 4 is scary.

8. Republicans have RINOs (Republicans in name only) does this mean Democrats have DINOs?

Democrat in name only?

7. Most candidates still don’t know the importance of socia media and might actually lose their race because of it.

6. The people in the Sandy Adams campaign, still think I’m a democratic infiltrator.

5. Cooking a good steak (Craig Miller) does not mean your qualified to be a Congressman. If that were the case Bobby Flay would be president.

4. I’ve learned more than one rally at city hall, per quarter is excessive.

3. Very few people have a grasp on these Orange/Seminole county races, than I do. I sleep, work, exercise, and follow politics. I go to every event I can, and talk to as many people as possible and I’m having the time of my life doing it! Want to get involved? Let me know, but you’re driving!

2. That Americans who don’t vote in non-presidential elections are depriving themselves of one of the greatest freedoms, we have. Soldiers in the desert, doing year long tours, missing the experience of watching their kids grow and risking their lives, so that we can stay home?! Are you kidding?! We owe it to them, and to the generations of Americans before us, to be part of the process, to use our voices and steer the direction of the greatest country in the world.

1. That its “on” now!

  1. I like all of these. Especially your point about Kurt Kelly. He is a very knowledgable debater. I cannot wait to see him take on Alan Grayson in a debate!

    • Hey Frank,

      Hope all is well. Good seeing you yesterday.

      I’d like a “run-through” debate, and you can pick the topic(s). You can even screen me by watching our forums on my website and seeing where you think I am weakest.

      Let me know when and where, Brother. I’m looking forward to it.

      Hope to see you soon. Keep fighting the good fight.

      Yours in Sound Government,

      James D. DeCocq

  2. Just my luck that one of the sharper candidates would, take me up on that one! I’ll send you an e-mail. James Decoq is running for State Rep in District 33. Check him out at . Always good to have candidates drop by James, Thank you!

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