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Kendrick Meek and the 3 Mountain Climb

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2010 at 3:54 pm

The good people at Fox 35 had me over to talk about this last night, so I thought I would talk about it, here today.

Congressman Kendrick Meek, you ever heard of him? If you have its probably what his Democratic primary opponent and billionaire Jeff Greene wants you to hear.

Do you know this man?

BP, shady deals, his mom took money and an escalade. Things weren’t always this way.

6 months ago Kendrick Meek was the presumed Democratic nominee, life was good (kinda, people still had a hard time finding out about him), all he had to do was wait until Governor Crist and Marco Rubio beat the crap out of each other and take them on in the general election.

Then strange things started happening. Governor Crist left the Republican party and immediately started siphoning support and poll numbers from Meek, and keep in mind, he wasn’t polling that great, when Crist was still conservative. There were whispers that Dems in the state were going to throw there support behind the Guv and why not? Charlie Crist would command a lot of power in the Senate as an Indy and people actually knew, who he was. He was just more electable.

Life was not all bad, right. Meek would still get a shot in the general election, right? Not so fast.

Then came Billionaire Jeff Greene. His Mike Tyson best friend havin, Heidi Fliess housguestin’, baby terrifying juggernaut decided he wanted to run for Senate as a Democrat. He ran as a Republican, like two or 3 years ago in California. He immediate started spending all of that money, attacking Meek as a career politician.

Greene has green...ok that was kinda lame, lets move on

To say that Kendrick Meek has an uphill climb, would be an understatement, its more like 3 mountains. Mt. Green and then Mt. Crist and Mt. Rubio and he doesn’t even get the chance to scale those last two if he doesn’t make it to the top of the first one.

What a terrible 6 months, I feel bad for him.

His campaign along with Rep. Alcee Hastings made an appeal to the White House…”Hey Mr. President, do you want this seat or what? Would you prefer another Dem, with a shady past or a bigger name indy, or “gasp” worst of all a Conservative to take this seat? Thats whats gonna happen if you don’t get involved!”. They also said that you know, they might not campaign for the President, that hard in 2012, if he doesn’t come down here.

What a terrible bluff! Thats like me saying I’m going to beat Dwight Howard in a pick up game, at the Amway. No one sits on the sidelines during Presidential elections, especially members of congress. Anyways I’m sure the President rolled his eyes and asked White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel to throw a fundraiser for Meek, which is kinda like using an eye dropper to put out a housefire.

Never the less I still feel bad for him. He was the man a couple of months ago for his party, now he might not even be that. There are people that think Governor Charlie Crist is the guy for the left. Imagine how that must feel.

Guys it would be like Tim Tebow taking your spot on the Flag Football Team.

Your replacments guys

Ladies it would be like Rachel Mcadams taking your place, in your circle of bffs’

Who would your friends rather go shopping with?

So, lets all root for Kendrick Meek and try to imagine what he’s going through. I know I’m gonna root for him.

Until Marco Rubio crushes him in the general….

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