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Republican unity and everybody loves Rick Scott

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Yesterday we had the Democratic Unity meeting and it looked like a pleasant affair.

The Republicans were not to be outdone however, with or without Bill McCullom, they had a great turnout for a Monday afternoon rush hour and make no mistake, they are standing with Rick Scott.

Conservatives in Central Florida flocked to downtown Orlando to heal the party after some tough primaries and start the charge to November.

The former candidates are ready to stand with Dan Webster, all said some very kind words

Full house, great media coverage, all we needed was a keg

Criss crossing the state for a gubernatorial candidate can make the world a little blurry

Your starting line up for the Republicans in November

Rick Scott had the crowd asking...Who was he running against, again?

Scott seem to do fine with the media on Monday

Now, lets get real for a second. Would it be nice to have McCullom support for Scott’s run? Ofcourse, but one message the party sent out during this rally was that they’re moving on and they’re gonna win in November. I’m sure they would welcome Bill McCullom with open arms if he comes around, and half of the VIPs at this ceremony were trying to get him the nomination but they’re rolling with Rick, no matter where he takes them.

Game on..

Democratic Unity and Alex Sink Divide and Conquer

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Welcome back, hope you had a great weekend!

The Democratic unity train pulled into Orlando this weekend at UCF, there you had Gov. Nom Alex Sink, Sen. Nom Kendrick Meek, and a couple others from the Democratic party here in Central Florida to celebrate their respective victories in the primary and rally up the troops to move towards a successful November.

Events like these are necessary, nasty things get said during primaries, feelings get hurt and there needs to be a display for voters from the party, that there are other options and that someone who shares your beliefs will still fight for you, even if they weren’t your first choice.

Your starting line-up for the Democrats in November

Now, I didn’t go to this event. My presence at events thrown by Democrats makes them nervous (I don’t know why, I’m a pretty fair guy and always stay quiet). I do have one question though and once again forgive me, because I didn’t go to this event. Who is the one major Democrat in Central Florida, who is missing in from this picture?

Where is Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas?

If she was there, how come she wasn’t in the photograph? I’ll tell you, its probably a good idea, that she doesn’t make a lot of appearances with other Democrats. Her district is Republican heavy, and she has recently been singing her record as a moderate one and it could be, but on the big decisions that matter to conservative voters, she said “yes” on health care and couldn’t save NASA. There isn’t going to be strong anti-bush sentiment, this time around, in fact people are calling this a “Throw the bums, out year”. If she was there, she did the right thing staying out of this photo.

There is a Republican unity rally, scheduled in Orlando, this afternoon. I should be there and will write about it tomorrow. I got asked about how fast the Republicans need to get over their primaries and unite, over the weekend. “Pretty Fast!” I replied. Which is nice segway to my next topic.

Alex Sink Divide and Conquer
Were you disappointed by the outcome of the Bill McCullom/Rick Scott primary? Is there no way, you could see yourself voting for the bald guy, who only owns two shirts.

Alex Sink would love your support.

Disgruntled McCullom supporters, follow me!

Shes been running an ad, preaching a non-partisan, non-special interests agenda. Very clever. She doesn’t care what party, your from and we all hate the special interests, so why not join the nice lady on tv? She recently started a Republicans for Alex Sink Facebook page, heck there you go. If you support Alex Sink you’ll get to be amongst your own in the general election. Attempting to harness the power of the hard working, committed Republican base, is a clever tactic. It was mostly the conservatives that turned out on August 24th, why not get a piece of that moderate Republican action. Bill McCullom has said he is staying out of the Governor’s race, so there you have it. Guilty free Alex Sink support. We’ll see what happens.

Real fast, before I go, all of you might know that I recently moved into a neighborhood that uhh…you might be more likely to get robbed in, than a lot of other neighborhoods. I also saw a guy across the street getting locked up, on his lawn on Saturday, the second incident in as many weeks. So, I call up OPD and ask for there help. They tell me to start a Neighborhood Watch program in my neighborhood and they want me to be the captain.

“Can’t you just give me some stickers or put up a sign or something?”

They didn’t go for it. So, now I’m stuck in a broken down apartment, trapped by my Slumlady in a lease, and have to do my best not to get robbed or mugged, before I have to take charge and run this neighborhood watch, that will almost certainly not garner any support in my neighborhood. Where is Clint Eastwood, when you need him?

I sure wish, he lived in my neighborhood

See you, tomorrow!

The week in review and looking forward…

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It has been a crazy week on all levels for so many people.

A well connected professional in this town told me how many candidates she saw in church last Sunday. I replied to her “Well, let’s see how many you see in church this week, after the primaries are over.”

The billionaire (Jeff Greene) lost and the millionaire (Rick Scott) won, go figure. The Republican party of Florida, now tries to rally around someone they didn’t want and has to find a way to get this guy elected, against a popular Democrat (Alex Sink) who is pushing a non-partisan platform, that will be very popular with moderates and disgruntled Bill McCollum supporters.

The TV ads aren’t as intense, although there still here. They will slowly ramp up, as the parties get involved, especially in the congressional races, and speaking of those races, we’ll see alot of these two in the next couple of months.

The Devil vs. Daniel Webster

The one thing about the Grayson/Webster race is that their communication styles are so different. Grayson’s brutal, offensive and at times vulgar dialogue against a soft spoken, but powerful public speaker in Dan Webster. The two are so different, Alan Grayson is a boombox blasting deathmetal and Webster is a Bose radio playing Beethoven. It’s a matter of personal taste, of what you prefer.

I felt bad for everyone that lost a primary, yet had the strength to endorse the winner in their race. I said before that’s not easy to do and over the last few months, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the candidates. I had favorites but I remember those finance reports, those t-shirts that won’t be relevant again and the disappointed supporters (they worked hard too).

Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, and Alex Sink are already off and running after saving money on either a weak primary opponent or none at all. Kendrick Meek and Rick Scott will have to dig down for a couple of more months and the President will have to set up camp here in Florida for Meek to have a shot.

I will offer this prediction… You will see President Barack Obama in Orlando soon, campaigning for Alan Grayson, Suzanne Kosmas and Kendrick Meek. He will do it all in one shot and it will wake up the left and have them writing checks.

On a personal note, this blog broke two thousand readers this week (a new record). Looking at my stats it was due to last minute voter research and my television appearances. I had a great time doing TV with the big dogs and after all the time, I put in on the trail getting to know these candidates and studying their platforms, I couldn’t have drawn up a better way to bring the primaries to an end.

It’s up to everyone to go to work for a candidate. Get involved. Democrat or Republican, find someone you believe in. Its going to be an exiting Fall.

Let’s get to work (Doh!)

TV or not TV and endorsments

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TV won Rick Scott his Republican primary…

He crashed on to the scene and started spending his millions and slamming Bill McCullom. “Lets get to work” was a huge hit and now the GOP faithful are rallying around Rick Scott, like an awkward date to the prom. Rick Scott’s TV ads, covered a wide spectrum of his campaign, from his “outsider status” to McCullom’s travel habits, to exiled RPOF party boss Jim Greer’s history with the attorney general. He worked around those pesky, reporters and voter’s questions and played his game all the way until election day. He built a relationship with the voters and it paid off. I still believe he’s gonna have to embrace the media and voters in an unpredictable format, or else Alex Sink is going to destroy him. TV worked for Rick Scott once, and he’s not gonna stop showing up during your Newscasts anytime soon.

TV wasn’t as predictable in the other races.

Jeff Greene ran some good ads, except the one with the terrified baby (is that his son?). It didn’t deliver him a victory though and that testimonial piece with the voters slamming Kendrick Meek, might have turned off some.

Lt. Gov Jeff Kottcamp ran two pretty good ads, during his Attorney General race, Holly Benson ran a pretty potent attack/comparison piece and Pam Bondi stuck with one ad, where she did come off a little over the top. I mean, I know she’s taken on gangs, and drug dealers but I almost expected her to be slamming a thug on the concrete, when she was reading her script. It didn’t matter, Bondi’s Fox News name recognition and hard work paid off the most, even though her ads ran the least out of the 3, from what I saw. She still won her primary.

In the District 24 Congressional Race, the candidate who didn’t run TV still won. Sandy Adams had the name recognition and her people knocked on enough doors, that an almost broke and party ignored candidate managed to pull it off and move on to the general election.

I shook hands and congratulated Sandy Adams, last night. It was short, cordial and… that was about it. I was working on another campaign after all.

Karen Diebel did some TV to gain some name recognition and it almost won her the election.

It didn’t work out so well for Craig Miller. Miller spent a fortune on a “getting to know you” piece and an even bigger fortune on that attack piece on Diebel and Adams, that ran non-stop leading up to the primaries. It was a nasty little tv ad, that I believe turned off voters, thats why he came in 3rd.

In the 8th Congressional GOP primary, there was so much going on, I will just break it down by candidate.

Winner: Dan Webster- He was on TV early, and he didn’t run that ad too long. I almost actually forgot about it. It didn’t matter though, he still won.

Todd Long: He did a dash of TV. He didn’t need to do too much, everyone already knew who he was.

Kurt Kelly: He didn’t do TV and I think it hurt him. Rep Kelly’s strength is his ability to fire up people. Not enough voters got to see him speak.

Patricia Sullivan: Her grassroots effort might have never had a plan to run ads on TV. It didn’t matter because her run, in this “TV heavy field” was remarkable.

Bruce O’donoghue: Bruce had some great ads and they ran pretty late. I was really surprised that he didn’t do better.

Dan Fanelli: Technically, he was first on TV, with those health care ads that ran a few months back. They looked good but that was about it and it probably cost him a lot of his bank.

Ross Beiling: His sign stealing accusations probably got him more pop, than that low rent ad, he ran during the last week of the campaign.

In the Orange County Mayor race, Bill Segal ran his ad, non-stop and still got whooped, by Teresa Jacobs and Linda Stewart almost caught him. I don’t think that will stop him from running some more, though.

Commercials are tricky, I think the “getting to know you” ad in a large statewide race can be helpful. If your only running in a district, knocking on doors and positive outreach was the way to go this year. I think the electorate’s patience for negative attack ads has run out. If your going to attack, you had better have a shady, vaguely named, group run them for you. A real vague name like “26 year old mustached, dentists for America and Rick Scott”.

Endorsing the enemy

I want you to imagine someone storming into your office and insulting everything you stand for and every aspect of your life. You start to argue back and forth and a crowd gathers. The argument ends, and the crowd ultimately, starts cheering and clapping for the other guy.

Then I want you to imagine saying “Gee, I really hope you can do that to the next guy who crosses your path”

Endorsing your opponent can be tough. There is however a right way and a wrong way to to do it.

Bill McCollum is doing it the wrong way. I understand that a year ago, he thought it was going to be him and Alex Sink, then the bald guy jumped on to the scene and beat him. I can’t possibly bring it all into perspective on how this defeat must be affecting him, this late in life. This is probably it, for Billy Mac but..

You shouldn’t hint that your going to endorse across party lines and if you are going to, then go ahead and do it. Don’t hold it over the head of the party you have been a part of for over three decades. What would Ronald Regan, think of that Bill?

Its a tough time for Bill McCollum, but he's going about it wrong...

The right way?

Let me tell you that the Attorney General could learn something from a domestic engineer from Eustis.

Patricia Sullivan has been a class act, all year

Patricia Sullivan published this picture on Facebook yesterday and I thought it was great. She could have just mumbled an endorsement under her breath, like so many others do or put out a short statement, but this is the kind of call for unity that we don’t see enough of in politics anymore. People forget about the big picture and why they were running in the first place, she didn’t and thats why she had an army of volunteers and got more votes than some of the wealthier and more connected candidates in her race. A great patriot, indeed.

Take Care!

Your complete primary election wrap-up

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What a night! It had ups and downs, and I got to watch it all play out with some of the best political minds in Central Florida, from the FOX 35 newsroom. Lets get down to business.

Rick Scott defeats Bill McCollum in the GOP Governor’s primary:
He did it…. Lord Voldemort, Mr. Burns, Uncle Fester call him whatever you want but millionaire Rick Scott is the Republican nominee for Florida Governor. We were watching this thing till about 11pm, then we thought McCollum was going to concede, he instead told us that it was going to be a long night, about a minute later AP called it. Then Rick Scott gave his speech and then McCollum released his statement, that didn’t exactly, pat Rick Scott on the back. We’ll stay tuned, to see if an endorsement is coming.

Analysis: Those doggone ads worked, it costs a fortune, but it worked and now he’s the nominee. You can’t seem to knock this guy down. HCA/Columbia medicare Fraud? Nope. Media dodging? He’s like Spiderman. It’s remarkable, how this all played out, he sprinted on to the scene and ended the career of a three decade old Republican Icon. Unbelievable.

Whats next? The GOP, is ready to “go to work” with Scott to help him win this election. Alex Sink didn’t even wait for the appetizers to get cold at the Scott celebration party, before she started attacking him. This is going to be a lot of fun to watch. McCullom will finish his Attorney General term and probably be allowed to ride off in the sunset.

I don't need you, media!!!

Kendrick Meek defeats Jeff Greene in Democratic senate primary: You know, after Jeff Greene lost this thing, he didn’t seem that upset. I think unlike McCollum, he knew this was coming. He was a stand up guy about his defeat and said he would do whatever he could to help Kendrick Meek get elected. He’s a billionaire, I’m sure he’s already forgot about this thing

Analysis: The Democrats woke up in time to realize that this was their guy all along. Greene was polling even worse than Meek was and his questionable history might have been kind of embarrassing to rally around.

Whats next? Well Jeff Greene is going sailing, and Kendrick Meek will promptly get stomped in the General election against Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist and might cost the Governor the election too, if he takes enough democratic votes.

I've never seen someone facing defeat, so happy

Pam Bondi wins GOP Attorney General primary: : Dan Gelber also won the Dem AG primary.

That primary was fun to watch. Kottcamp, Benson and Bondi were all like-able.

Analysis: I think Bondi just worked the hardest. I saw Bondi on the trail, talking to voter about half a dozen times. I saw Benson twice and I didn’t see Lt. Governor Kottcamp once.

Whats next? I get to write about Pam Bondi for a while longer, thats what! I suppose Gelber will try to find some dirt on her (I believe there is some) and air some nasty attack ads.

If I complimented her anymore, it would just be creepy

Dan Webster wins the GOP Congressional District 8 Primary:

In a fair world Todd Long would have won. Dan Webster turned the primary upside down, when he entered. It was almost unreal at how he took control of this thing and never looked back. Patricia Sullivan had a good showing and the man who got the raw deal in this thing Bruce O’donoghue didn’t. I actually spoke to Dan Webster this morning and I’m happy for him, I just wish he hadn’t waited so long to jump in. He will still have me in his corner during the general election, he gets my congratulations. Interesting note, who was watching this thing play out with me? Ric Keller who was doing analysis, as well last night.

Analysis: Webster raised money effortlessly, gathered dozens of big named endorsements overnight and was presumed the front runner a week after he entered the race and never looked back.

Whats next: It’s the Devil vs. Daniel Webster ofcourse! Alan Grayson vs. Daniel Webster will be epic and the whole country will be watching it.

He entered the race, jumped out front and never looked back

Sandy Adams wins the GOP Congressional District 24 primary:
This one was one tough. I couldn’t believe how close it was, and throughout the chaos of the night, I kept an eye on those percentages. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve helped out on the Diebel campaign, when I’ve had a free day. I know that Sandy Adams sort of fell off to the side with fund raising and was written off a few times, by the powers that be, but she fought and good for her. It was a privilege to help out on the Karen Diebel campaign. Her strength and commitment to making the country stronger, is inspiring.

Analysis: Sandy Adam’s name recognition from her time in the state house helped. She is a well liked legislator and despite having no money, she didn’t quit and worked hard. I told Craig Miller a month ago to lay off, of the personal attacks on Diebel and her family and he didn’t listen. Those massive television ad buys and mailings from Craig Miller might have costed Karen Diebel the votes to beat Sandy Adams but…

She still beat you Craig Miller.

Whats next: The GOP will rally around Adams as she takes the fight to Suzanne Kosmas. Adams will shred Kosmas in a debate and has a real good shot to win back this seat.

Congratulations to Sandy Adams

Teresa Jacobs and Bill Segal advance to Run off for Orange County Mayor: : Everyone had these two picked from the beginning, but what threw everyone off, was the beating that Jacobs threw at a very powerful Segal campaign. Teresa Jacobs didn’t have TV ads, didn’t have paid campaign labor, or the head start that Segal had, because she entered late and she put them on notice that they weren’t gonna run away with this thing.

Analysis: Trusted and Honest vs. a lobbyist heavy 27 point plan that everyday people can’t put their arms around and benefits the wealthy.
Segal says that his voters will turnout in November, and it was partisan opposition (even if it is a non-partisan race), that produced these results.

Whats next: The powerful will come to Bill Segal’s aid and try to destroy Teresa Jacobs. There will almost certainly be TV ads attacking Jacobs and expect more paid foot soldiers to hit the streets for Segal (they call that astroturf support). This is going to be a war.

Linda Stewart says she will be back. I hope so, she is a good, honest lawmaker.

and finally there is Matt Falconer, the Black Knight. I like to tell people that you haven’t seen the last of him, not by a longshot. He’ll be back and sooner than you think and when he does and depending on what his ambitions are…..

He might have me on his side!

Not even an experienced vet like Bill Segal saw those poll numbers coming back like they did on Tuesday

Other key races and notes (there might be a run-off in some of these):

Jennifer Thompson wins Orange County District 4 Commission race: Well spoken candidate, strong social media presence and a lot of volunteers delivered victory.

Ted Edwards wins Orange County District 5 Commission race: In what turned out to be a nasty little race. Ted Edwards and his portable billboards won him the seat.

Tiffany Moore-Russel re-elected to Orange County District 6 race: Didn’t pay much attention to this one.

Bill Sublette wins OC School Board Chair race: Everyone tells me that this position is more of a curse than a blessing. Regardless Mr. Sublette ran an effortless campaign.

Greg Reynolds wins GOP primary State House District 36:
Reynolds and opponent Craig McCarthy are both good guys. McCarthy needs to run for office again and Reynolds will have my support in the race against “baby Grayson” Scott Randolph who tried to get Mildred Fernandez’s old county commission seat. Does he really want to be in Tallahassee?

In closing….

What a day. It’s time for opponents to come together and help their respective political parties. Its not about whos more conservative/liberal anymore. Its about ideas and vision. Beneath it all, who really is the best person for the job. If you didn’t like those negative ads, I have bad news for you, they’re not going anywhere. Its going to get worse, before it gets better. Go to work for these candidates and believe in the process. It’s a cynical time, where no one believes anything, but I promise you that they are genuine people out there, who want to make this country better.

Its just up to you to find them.

Special thanks:
The producers at FOX 35 for having me. Dick Batchelor, Tico Perez, Dr. Foglesong, Ric Keller for putting up with my non-sense for 3 hours last night.

Thank You!


More Huckabee – Diebel/Webster stuff, no sleep and final primary thoughts

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Here are a couple of more photos from Mike Huckabee’s visit to rally for Karen Diebel and Dan Webster. A great visit from a pretty nice guy…

A great crowd for the event...

Huckabee addressing the crowd

If I lived in the 24th district, I would vote for Karen Diebel, said Huckabee

Can you spot the other man running for office in this picture?

I liked the draft pick thing going on here

Huck meets the family

Are you a candidate or someone really involved in a campaign, whose fate will be one of many decided tomorrow? Well I’m publishing this thing at about 815 pm, which means your not going to read it any earlier than 930pm and if you’ve got a primary or municipal race tomorrow then your probably not going to get enough rest.

Were you tossing and turning and reading this at 1am? I’m not mad at you, some say my blog is the best cure for insomnia, but really, its tough. So much work, money, time and it all comes down to tomorrow and if its just a primary, then you still have one more of these nights to look forward to.

Have you thought about quitting the campaign? Picking up and going home? If you did well, its tough and if you can’t hang, you can’t hang but if you stuck with it, good for you. This crap ain’t easy. I’m a writer and I still feel for the candidates and their people and I admire their dedication.

I’ve met everyone running for office from Downtown to the St. Johns river and they’re are no evil people running. There are good people running against good people and its unfortunate that it’s got to end for some tomorrow.

It can’t be easy.

Wednesday will still come though and fallen campaigns will stand back up and dust themselves off and move on to bigger and better things.

Life is too short to do otherwise.

Make sure to watch FOX 35 for all of your primary action, all day tomorrow. I’ll be on there with some other guys who really know their stuff.

Good night and try to get some rest, you’ve got a big day tomorrow!

Mike Huckabee rallies for Karen Diebel and Dan Webster

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What’s one of the last things voters will see before they head out to the polls on Tuesday?

Mike Huckabee hanging out with Karen Diebel and Dan Webster…

Mike Huckabee and Karen Diebel on a Sunday afternoon

Huckabee endorsed Karen Diebel in June

Huckabee meets with Diebel supporters

One of Dan Websters' many endorsements

He was 45 minutes late, but I don't think anyone in the Webster camp cared

Huckabee was recieved well by Webster's younger supporters

Things like this matter during the last days leading up to an election. Its that last impression to the undecided voters. Were they gonna vote for Craig Miller before? They might not now. Were they gonna vote for Dan Fanelli before? They might not now. Mike Huckabee is a Republican juggernaut that is in the same league as Palin, and Beck. Appearances like the ones he made today will win over the GOP in Central Florida.

I guess we’ll see on Tuesday.

Rick Scott’s mommy and some notes before the big week

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Alright, real fast let’s give OC Mayoral Candidate Commissioner Bill Segal some polite applause..

Segal finally puts 2 and 2 together

That was business 22 of Bill Segal’s 40 businesses in 40 hours, Facebook gimmick. In all fairness, its kinda neat but I’m not gonna vote for him.

Is it me or does that symbol in Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas’ sign look like an asterisk * …

* Conditional duties?

What does it mean?
* Rude field reps?
* Only appears on friendly ground
* NASA not included
* Subject to change on the issues at any given moment

Well…..there goes the the Attorney General Bill McCollum wandering into traffic on Colonial during rush hour. How dangerous is that?! Alex Sink and Rick Scott have dreams about this sorta thing!

Can someone go get him please!?

Speaking of Rick Scott, he did what a lot of us did we when we were 4 years old and afraid of the boogieman….

He sent in his mom.

Yesterday, little Ricky Scott sent his mom, Esther Scott to a voter forum and avoided a side by side comparison, with the guy who was just wandering through traffic, Attorney General and fellow GOP candidate Bill McCullom. His campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Baker, who should be blocking for the Florida Gators covered for Scott (again), who was hanging out on the Panhandle.

Meanwhile earlier in the day, Bill McCullom was “Shooting the bull” with Rudy Giuliani and trying to win this thing.

awwww they care about each other's Bran intake

Ok, by this time next week we will have set races for the November General elections. The political landscape in Central Florida will have changed and things are going to get a little exiting.

The Tuesday primaries are going to be brutal, and finally all these vicious bareknuckle brawls are gonna be over. A lot of people are going to get knocked out.

Who better to watch it with than me?

Please checkout FOX 35 all of next week to catch my political analysis of all of the local races. It will probably be my last ride before my more seasoned (older) colleagues take over.

Have a great weekend guys, and as always Thank You!

Strange days….

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I saw 6 Dan Webster high school aged sign wavers at Colonial at Orange, during rush hour just down the street from some dangerous looking people.

Mildred Fernandez got more camera time than the candidates, still in the Orange County Mayoral Race.

Ross Bieling…..Bieling! The most quiet candidate in the 8th congressional district race, Mind you has hit TV and put the whole Republican party on blast.

Yes, Republicans are old and out of touch, but I would still like they're nomination

Holly Benson followed Pam Bondi’s Sarah Palin endorsement, with a nod from Newt Gingrich.

Alan Grayson went to regulate in Seaworld.

Whats Alan Grayson doing here?!

All of these things leading up to Tuesday’s big primary contest. You are probably seeing sign wavers…everywhere! If you like that candidate go ahead and honk, if you do not…please do not curse at them and give them the finger. They are out there doing they’re part to be part of the process.

Mildred Fernandez has decided to use the “Segal is after me” defense and try to get State Attorney Lawson Lamar thrown off the case, because of his connections to him. All I can see is that hidden cam footage of her taking that money and her instructions about fake names on campaign reports. Who knows how this will end up…

Ross Bieling says in his commercial that he is the most conservative candidate and wears that label with honor and then goes on the Sentinel blog and says that the party is old and out of touch. I don’t like Bieling, he lied about Webster’s attendance record at forums and often swings too far right, right off the map. I got this guy last in the race, maybe 6th and stuff like this, is the reason why.

After Hurricane Palin was unleashed by Pam Bondi yesterday, Holly Benson threw the wrath of stiff wind, Newt Gingrich back at her. I shouldn’t say that but Newt isn’t the one Tina Fey is playing every other week on Saturday Night Live.

I don't think she could pull off Newt Gingrich..

Finally, in a sign that Alan Grayson needs an opponent before he goes crazy, he “intervened” in the OSHA safety investigation at Sea World. It’s good to know that the Congressman from the 8th has marine life on his list of issues important to the voters.

I forfeit the rest of my time, I have to make it to the Penguin encounter before it closes

Strange days and they’re only going to get stranger, before Tuesday.

Last second publicity… stunts

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Here we are less than a week away from the primaries and it’s time for candidates to start airing out that political football. It’s time to take that last deep breath before going under for the grind leading up to next Tuesday. Let’s have a football like discussion of what plays the candidates are trying to run on us.

It's the two minute warning in the primary game

Matt Falconer vs. Bill Segal – The Black Knight (Falconer) has decided to take the fight to the presumed frontrunner of the Orange County Mayor race, Commissioner Bill Segal. Falconer sent a letter to the Governor, asking for an investigation relating to Bill Segal’s role in the arrest of former OC Mayor candidate Mildred Fernandez.

Result of the play?: 1st down resulting in 3 points on a field goal. In the confusion and high Republican turnout, thus far this election cycle. It was finally refreshing to see Matt Falconer go after the man with the money. This only works because of blocks thrown by his fellow candidates. Linda Stewart and Teresa Jacobs agreed that its something that needs to be looked into. If this is the last thing the casual voter hears about this race before August 24th, it works in his favor.

Bill Segal and Craig Miller Ad buys
: These guys are gonna run ads as long as it takes. A local paper says that Miller’s negative piece on Sandy Adams and untrue facts about Karen Diebel (the candidate I’m supporting in this race) ad will air over 300 times until next Tuesday.

Result of the play: Touchdown…wait there is a flag on the field. Segal was called out by local news saying that he couldn’t have single-handedly accomplished everything in that commercial. Miller’s ad was also called false by the Orlando Sentinel and other political blogs. They might score, if the voters don’t see the penalties (bad info) on the replay.

Republicans vs. the Ground Zero Mosque
: If you are in a Republican primary, you are calling the President’s stance to allow a mosque near ground zero in New York foul and your telling it to every member of the media you see.

Result on the play: We’ll call it a 40 yard gain on a pass thrown by the President. Popular opinion opposes this Mosque and to be able to use the President’s comments regarding it, this close to a primary is the perfect pass.

Pam Bondi’s Sarah Palin endorsement/ Bill McCullom’s Mike Huckabee endorsement: The name of the play speaks for itself.

Result on the play: Touchdown. Say whatever you think of Sarah Palin but whatever she signs off on, in this tough of a Republican primary certainly helps. The same, to a lesser extent can be said about Mike Huckabee. I can tell you, that undecided voters will be thrown off the fence when they see these names. Palin and Huckabee endorsements come with built in votes.

The Peyton Manning of Republican political football