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The canceling politician and a couple of notes…

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2010 at 5:08 pm

Is there a faster way to lose, undecided votes?

We’re close enough to the August 24th, that is doesn’t happen as often but it still does, from time to time. Your at a meeting, where a confirmed candidate is expected to speak or participate and his/her name is called. Then a nervous young man or woman in their mid 20s stands up. This is obviously not the candidate and announces “Well so-so and would like to be here but…”

The rest rarely matters, unless its an emergency. They’re time was better spent elsewhere, talking to someone else. A donor with a bigger wallet, usually.

If you can’t get in front of the candidate when they’re running for office, what makes you think that you will be able to ask for their help when they get elected.

It’s not usually the candidates fault, but they have to be able to count of their campaign staff, to keep the show moving but, once again though if the candidate doesn’t have the right people around him when he’s running, can you count on the people he or she is gonna staff their office with?

Just some random stuff..

Orlando Sentinel Endorsements:
U.S Senate:NA
Congress 24 (R): Craig Miller
Congress 8:Dan Webster
OC Mayor: Teresa Jacobs

Torres Slam!
U.S Senate: Marco Rubio
Congress 24 (R): Karen Diebel
Congress 8: Dan Webster plus 3 others
OC Mayor: Teresa Jacobs

What is that about 33-50%? Thats not so, bad.

Want to see two girls beat up a guy?

Guys, next time you think your wife or girlfriend gives you a hard time, remember poor Jeff Kottcamp

I actually didn’t get a chance to watch this Attorney General debate because, I currently reside in the slums but from the write ups, I’ve seen Pam Bondi used that Fox News Analyst pedigree to take a beating to poor LT. Governor Jeff Kottcamp. She also teamed up with Holly Benson to question Kottcamp about his travel habits, before labeling both of them as Charlie Crist’s partners in crime. If anyone finds a link to this debate, please let me know…

Have a great week…

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