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Bill McCollum’s last stand? and some grenades thrown at OC Mayor Forum.

In Uncategorized on August 4, 2010 at 2:20 pm

I remember when I was doing a straw poll a few months back at the YR monthly meeting. The race for Florida governor was on it and when the guy was giving out the ballots he said something odd. “Some guy called Rick Scott, jumped into the race today. He is a healthcare guy from South Florida”

I never thought that he would be the front runner a few months later and it didn’t hit me until I was on TV the other night and Cale Raemaker started to ask me what Bill McCollum could do to save this run.

He was suppose to be the Republican nominee right? It was suppose to be a McCollum vs. Sink General, right?

I guess not and he is in world of trouble.

His last stand?

So now I’m going to tell you what I told everyone on TV the other night. How does Bill McCollum pull this thing off.

1) Dominate the debates- Everyone knows Rick Scott’s greatest weapons are his writers and those 30 second spots that you see on TV every night. They’re clever, but you can’t hide in a format as unpredictable as a debate. McCollum needs to trap him, get him to say something stupid and somehow produce a commercial (if the ad time, is still out there) to expose him. None of these debates are going to be televised on a statewide basis, so he can’t get everyone to see it otherwise.

2) Remind everyone who his is- How long has Bill McCollum been around..yea a long time! People are angry and he needs to remind Florida who he is and what he’s done for them. C’mon, you know, the good ole days…billy mac! He’s tried to attack Scott but it’s not working unless…..

3) Personal testimony- of the people that, that huge medicare scandal hurt. Who are the normal people that Rick Scott has hurt. Everyday people like you and me. Get those people on camera. No one cares what that Alexander lawyer has to say. They need to know, that if they elect Rick Scott he has the ability to hurt normal people like them too.

The biggest winner in all of this Scott/McCollum mess? Alex Sink, she polls ahead of both of them and can sit at home with a notepad and a bowl of popcorn.

Its not too late for McCollum but its getting there.

Watch out!!!

I was at the Latino Leadership Mayoral forum last night and a lot of the candidates just repeated their message, this is second nature to them now…except for some pretty dangerous questions that were asked.

What about the Arizona immigration law and Orange County?

Whoa, this is a county race! Don’t get that thing near me!

They all answered varying answers of no. I wasn’t expecting to hear this question so I didn’t take notes (I wish, I had!) There were explanations, like it would lead to problems with tourism and Florida isn’t like Arizona and any sort of profiling is wrong.

Can you explain Mayor Crott’s extensive traveling and picking up the bill for, former, dismissed blood bank exec Ann Chinoda on some expenses? This was directed at Commissioners Segal and Stewart.

Stewart said that she couldn’t speak for Crotty, but when she traveled, it was on her dime, with only business in mind.

Segal said that part of the OC Mayor’s job was traveling, that they are an emissary for the region. This is not a surprise, his business plan requires a lot of traveling for him and his lobbying contacts.

Campaign reform?! Eeek…

Another one of the questions, was matching up campaign contributions with possible votes for future projects! If you look on finance reports, everyone has contributions from lobbyist and developers.

Its part of the game, unfortunately.

Bill Segal said he would be for a commission to review that sort of thing..but wait Teresa Jacobs already pushed for a commission, that Bill Segal didn’t exactly go nuts for a few years back. Segal continued to harass the timekeeper, throughout this forum to keep Jacobs from picking up to0 much steam.

The probable frontrunners are going to slug it out, from here til November and if its an indication of what was going on last night, wow!

It’s been a interesting and tough week.

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