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What if Gutierrez, Dockery, and Fernandez stayed in?

In Uncategorized on August 5, 2010 at 5:03 pm

We always like to run through the what ifs, in life. Politics is no different and today, I want to talk about what the 3 big races in the region would be like if 3 former candidates that dropped out, would have stayed in.

What if Armando Gutierrez, would have stayed in the Congressional District 8 race?

Well, besides every District 8 candidate forum being 20 minutes longer, one has to wonder, would Dan Webster have chosen not to run? Gutierrez was doing pretty good with fundraising and doing well rolling out endorsements from all over the state. That might have been the a huge factor in Dan Webster’s decision and if Dan Webster didn’t run, who would be considered, the frontrunner by the mainstream media? Bruce O’donoghue?, Kurt Kelly?, Todd Long?…who would Jeb Bush have supported? If anyone. All of that support, all of that money, that Dan Webster has gotten over the last quarter, would it have been split up among the candidates?

I can tell you, that decision started the wheels turning, to where we are now.

What if Paula Dockery had stayed in the Governor’s race:

Would she be able to slow down, Rick Scott?

I can tell you Rick Scott, wouldn’t be skating through debates, that for sure! Paula Dockery was hurting for money, she wouldn’t have a TV presence, but she would have gotten a debate invite and thats where the difference would be made. Billy Mac, can’t mix it up like Paula Dockery can, and she would aim her sights, right at Rick Scott. There is a big difference between, one person attacking you during a debate and two. She would have unleashed a full “Sun Rail” like attack that would definitely, knock Rick Scott down a few pegs. She might be helping McCollum’s cause more than her own, but she would definitely keep Rick Scott on his toes…UPDATE:I know Paula Dockery, kinda sorta endorsed Rick Scott after this post was written, but believe me, her tune would be different, if she was running against him.—UPDATE: I know Paula Dockery kinda, sorta, not really, endorsed Rick Scott just a few hours after this post was written, but if she was still in the race her tune would be much different..

What if Mildred Fernandez, would have stayed in the OC Mayor race?

Lets say Commissioner Fernandez didn’t get in trouble and paid the qualification fee, to stay in the race. Well, she wasn’t able to raise a lot of money, before she dropped out and there were a few big changes on her campaign staff, as well. One thing she did do? She attacked and she attacked, Bill Segal. She hit radio with some pretty flammable accusations towards one of the current frontrunners and she would have stayed on him. Matt Falconer gets to attack Teresa Jacobs, Mildred Fernandez would have kept attacking Bill Segal.

I still have her last in the race, its another case of her helping out her opponents, more than herself.

A more important question would be, how would those urban sprawl deals on Innovation way, had gone down?

I’d like to thank, the good people at FOX 35. They’ve been great to me, while I’ve been doing my analysis on TV and as long as they’ll have me, I’m really grateful!

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