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Rick Scott doesn’t wanna talk to you..

In Uncategorized on August 7, 2010 at 12:25 am

Normally candidates love talking to the media and why not? You get the chance to campaign, for free, in front of an audience that is paying attention. I recommend that candidates try to earn publicity, especially when you’ve really got something to say.

However, when your a millionaire with an 11 point lead in the polls, its optional.

Can someone come get me please..

After his second debate with Bill McCollum, Rick Scott zipped off without speaking to the media, he did it again after a transportation meeting here in Orlando. Whats up with that Rick? Why don’t you want to speak with the press and try to take some more shots at your knocked down opponent?

Because, he doesn’t have to, thats why and they’re only going to ask him about his HCA/Columbia Medicare fraud, which he’s already owned up to and is trying to avoid altogether. Rick Scott is not good with reporters and hes not good at voter forums either. He’s gotten stumped a few times, during Q&A at”McCollum friendly” venues and has looked completely lost, when the press questions him about certain issues. There is no need to take any chances and give Billy Mac some more sound byte fodder. Rick Scott loves his commercials. A nice cool set or an old pick up truck, surrounded by his campaign staff with a script memorized. If he can do it, he’ll pay for as many spots as it will take.

When your worth 218 million dollars, you can roll like that.

Is it fair? Not really, the media will ask questions that voters want to know and do we really want a governor that is handled that way? Charlie Crist can’t go a day without talking to the media and strutting for the cameras. Would Rick Scott spend his days, looking through the blinds of the Governors mansion, trying to avoid reporters?

If the voters decide, he’s our guy, we’re gonna find out.

Have a great weekend!

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