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Off the rails with Kendrick Meek and Jeff Green

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2010 at 3:09 pm

If you read my previous post about my unfortunate experience with reality TV on Monday , I think you will be saddened to know that Tuesday night wasn’t much better, in fact it might have been worse.

On Monday night I had models arguing and insulting each other on prime time television.

On Tuesday, it was the Democratic nominee for the U.S Senate and they sounded a lot alike.

As happy as Democrats should be happy to watch Rick Scott and Bill McCollum tear each other to pieces in the Republican primary for Governor, is just as happy as Republicans should have been watching this Dem primary for U.S Senate. This was a greasy, bowling alley, Cheeseburger of a debate, we got to watch last night.

I really thought Meek was gonna charge at one point!

Poor Lauren Rowe, such a nice lady and she got stuck with this. This made the Orange County Mayor Debate look like a Spongebob rerun. These two couldn’t wait to ignore the panel’s questions and just insult each other for an hour. Really? They didn’t need the panel at all last night. Here are some gems.

“We’re off the rails here”- Moderator Lauren Rowe- Man, was she right and despite her best efforts, it never really got back on track

“I’m not taking one penny of special-interest money,”- Jeff Green- I would hope not, you already have billions of your own!

“Your life is a question mark. I have more integrity in my pinky than you do in your whole body.”-Kendrick Meek– Its actually a diamond encrusted, platinum question mark that is mounted on one of his yachts and was a gift from Kanye West and really? Your pinky? Green is rocking 200lbs and some change, I think it might be more like your middle finger, which I’m sure you thought about using several times last night.

Jeff Green's life according to Kendrick Meek

“My mother is a woman of strength and integrity”- Kendrick Meek responding to corruption in his family-Oh snap! You know hes talking about your momma! I didn’t think, Meek looked appalled enough, or milked the drama, that he could have given during that replied. Oh well, lost opportunities.

“President Obama is supporting my campaign”- Kendrick Meek- Yeah, I guess kinda, but if you lose, he’s just gonna sigh, call Charlie Crist and finish watching the White Sox game.

It was pretty bad and that last statement is true…both of these guys are pretty bad and the Governor was laughing all the way to the beach after watching this one. Neither of these guys are gonna pull enough Democratic votes to hurt Charlie Crist, but Charlie Crist might pull enough liberal Republican votes to hurt Marco Rubio.

Advantage to the Governor.

I wonder what the buy in for Harry Reid's Nevada poker game is?

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