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Politicial Stocks Whos up, Whos Down in O-Town extended Primary edition

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Welcome to another edition of Political Stocks, Whos up, Whos down in O-town.

Who’s up?

Rick Scott, Jeff Greene: Its good to be wealthy and running for office in Florida. Lord Voldemort has a decent lead in the polls and made it through the debates, without getting bruised and are you noticing that they are more and more Rick Scott signs popping up around Orlando? Jeff’s latest ad, explaining his gains during the housing bust are pretty convincing and Kendrick Meek couldn’t get any good shots in during the debates. He fell into Greene’s trap of just flinging mud, instead of talking issues, where Meek would excel.—Update Dude no lie, McCollum just recaptured the lead in the most recent Mason-Dixon Poll, not even a minute after I published this. We’ll call Scott and McCollum level for now

Rick Scott first thing in the morning?

2. Bruce O’donoghue: Hit TV at the perfect time. His major ad buy, during early voting has made it nearly impossible to watch the news and not see his commercial. Yeah, he tries to be a little too smooth with his delivery, but it comes across as likeable.

Hit TV at the perfect time

3. Lui Damiani: Mildred Fernandez’s replacement. I didn’t know Lui, he was assistant for county commissioner and ran against Mildred back in 2004, while I was still in the Army. His appointment has been very popular and I can understand why, the more I read about him. The largely Hispanic district 3 district needs a strong and smart voice, lets hope he succeeds.

4. Pam Bondi: The lovely Ms. Bondi (yes, I do have a thing for her) ‘killed it” during her televised debate and has been declaring victories in polls and got herself an Orlando Sentinel endorsement (among others).

Pam Bondi...yea, I know..

Who is down?

1. Bill McCollum/Kendrick Meek: It’s time to get mad guys! McCollum’s immigration proposal will be a shot in the arm, if most voters don’t look at the timing and his dire situation. Meek has Democrats in Washington fundraising for Charlie Crist, not him. Update- see the previous update on the “Whos up” section

2. If your running for Congress and haven’t hit TV or Radio yet: Either by advertising or recent appearances. Guys, people don’t identify with a sign at the side road for a races this big. They need to see your face, they need to hear your voice and they need to hear it over that medium to take you seriously.

3. Dan Gelber: Democrat running for Attorney General. That is a mean ad, Dave Aronberg is running on you man, and with less than two weeks to go till the primary, I haven’t seen anything about you. Just you standing in front of that BP logo, looking tainted.

4. Amendment 4: The only presence I see anywhere is for the “No’s”. Thats a good thing, because this thing will kill growth in Florida.


I am also happy to announce that along with my occasional appearances, FOX 35 will have me in studio on primary night, August 24th. Please tune in and watch my reactions and analysis to these races as they unfold. I promise, it won’t be boring! Those people have been really good to me and I’m grateful…

Take care guys!

  1. Gelber seems to be doing only mail. I’m getting a at least one a week on the Dem side, all very negative on Aronberg. The last one was by “Common Sense” and didn’t mention Gelber once. Disclosure, I’ve been in Aronberg’s camp for a while, but the mailers have been reinforcing my decision.

  2. Could you see Aronberg running for Governor someday?

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