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Five Funny things for a Monday..

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2010 at 12:12 am

Five Funny Things for a Monday here we go!

1. Alex Sink’s ad dissing Bill McCullom and Rick Scott. What the heck is she doing on TV a week before the day of the primary making fun of both of these guys?! Its kinda like in WWE Pro Wrestling when two guys are fighting, then some guy who’s not even in the match runs down to ringside and hits them both with a steel chair. Strategically, I suppose its a good move, she comes off sounding like the only rational one in the room. One knock against the commercial though, that actor looks a lot more like John Locke from Lost than Rick Scott.

Alex Sink's campaign addition?

2. The President is finally coming down to campaign for Kendrick Meek on Wednesday a whole 6 days before the election. Meek is probably thinking “Its about time!” this is like the popular guy showing up to your party at 415 in the morning. Everyone has either gone home or passed out.

Be grateful I even showed up..

3- Staying with the President, he took a whole 28 hr vacation in Panama City. 28hrs?! Who was his travel agent? Jack Bauer?

4- Dan Webster got another endorsement today for his congressional run in the 8th district to face Alan Grayson, this one from the American Conservative Union. Congressman Alan Grayson also received an endorsement from controversial basketball star Dennis Rodman.

Grayson's latest endorsement

5. Tim Tebow saw action in his pre-season debut with the Denver Broncos and he did pretty good, until the last play of the game when he took off for the end zone and got clocked. Yeah he scored, but Tebow better learn how to slide in a hurry. Your getting hit by NFL Pros, not some 18 year old from East Goofball State.

Slide young man, slide..

Have a great week guys. I will be posting on evenings to accommodate my schedule, take care!

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