Frank Torres, Orlando Freelance Reporter

7 days…

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2010 at 12:00 am

I was looking at my Facebook feed today and thought to myself, in 8 days, there will be half as much traffic as there is now.

Alex Sink, Suzanne Kosmas, and Alan Grayson will all have targets to throw their money at.

The Orange County Mayor race will be down to two (most likely).

We won’t see either, Rick Scott or Bill Mccollum on TV anymore.

Millions of dollars will have been invested in losing efforts of people chasing their dreams. From here in Orange County Commission races all the way to the Democratic Primary for the United States Senate.

Have you ever felt so powerful? You should. It’s an exiting time to be a Floridian.

The old guys like Dick Batchelor and Tico Perez will come in and eat my lunch. “We’ll take it from here, kid”. I’m cool with it, I’m still youngest and best looking of the three.

I want you to think of the of your highest professional goal. I want you to imagine it consuming your life and your bank account. I want you to imagine it effecting your family, and having to endure negative attacks on your past and your character. Some hand you shook 4 years ago at a party, or some $60 dollar Christmas gift you accepted in a raffle and picture it being thrown in your face as a weapon to show the state, district, or county that you’re a terrible person. That some online donation through a website from a shady individual all of the sudden paints you as the bad guy. Then I want you to imagine the attacker taking your dream from you. Your labor of love taken away, during primetime television, while some talking head says they expected it to happen all along.

or imagine you winning and having to do it all over again for two more months. Think,.. short of anything having to do with an emergency room, is there anymore negativity involved, in any occupation other than politics.

7 days…

Republicans and Democrats can go back to whats normal…hating on each other.

Natural order restored?

Bitter feelings will detract some, but commitment to beliefs will encourage others to put down one, sign and pick up another for the winner of their parties primary.

Independents and No Party Affiliation voters will have a voice again, and perhaps the most valuable in the whole process.

The defeated candidates will look in a mirror and give up, others will start saving for next time.

People say money is king in politics and I will correct them again, Votes are king in politics! You could very well see a billionaire and a millionaire lose on the same night.

So do your homework, make it to the polls and decide what to do with all of that power and who’s future your going to make and who’s dream your going to break.

Good night

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