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TV or not TV and endorsments

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TV won Rick Scott his Republican primary…

He crashed on to the scene and started spending his millions and slamming Bill McCullom. “Lets get to work” was a huge hit and now the GOP faithful are rallying around Rick Scott, like an awkward date to the prom. Rick Scott’s TV ads, covered a wide spectrum of his campaign, from his “outsider status” to McCullom’s travel habits, to exiled RPOF party boss Jim Greer’s history with the attorney general. He worked around those pesky, reporters and voter’s questions and played his game all the way until election day. He built a relationship with the voters and it paid off. I still believe he’s gonna have to embrace the media and voters in an unpredictable format, or else Alex Sink is going to destroy him. TV worked for Rick Scott once, and he’s not gonna stop showing up during your Newscasts anytime soon.

TV wasn’t as predictable in the other races.

Jeff Greene ran some good ads, except the one with the terrified baby (is that his son?). It didn’t deliver him a victory though and that testimonial piece with the voters slamming Kendrick Meek, might have turned off some.

Lt. Gov Jeff Kottcamp ran two pretty good ads, during his Attorney General race, Holly Benson ran a pretty potent attack/comparison piece and Pam Bondi stuck with one ad, where she did come off a little over the top. I mean, I know she’s taken on gangs, and drug dealers but I almost expected her to be slamming a thug on the concrete, when she was reading her script. It didn’t matter, Bondi’s Fox News name recognition and hard work paid off the most, even though her ads ran the least out of the 3, from what I saw. She still won her primary.

In the District 24 Congressional Race, the candidate who didn’t run TV still won. Sandy Adams had the name recognition and her people knocked on enough doors, that an almost broke and party ignored candidate managed to pull it off and move on to the general election.

I shook hands and congratulated Sandy Adams, last night. It was short, cordial and… that was about it. I was working on another campaign after all.

Karen Diebel did some TV to gain some name recognition and it almost won her the election.

It didn’t work out so well for Craig Miller. Miller spent a fortune on a “getting to know you” piece and an even bigger fortune on that attack piece on Diebel and Adams, that ran non-stop leading up to the primaries. It was a nasty little tv ad, that I believe turned off voters, thats why he came in 3rd.

In the 8th Congressional GOP primary, there was so much going on, I will just break it down by candidate.

Winner: Dan Webster- He was on TV early, and he didn’t run that ad too long. I almost actually forgot about it. It didn’t matter though, he still won.

Todd Long: He did a dash of TV. He didn’t need to do too much, everyone already knew who he was.

Kurt Kelly: He didn’t do TV and I think it hurt him. Rep Kelly’s strength is his ability to fire up people. Not enough voters got to see him speak.

Patricia Sullivan: Her grassroots effort might have never had a plan to run ads on TV. It didn’t matter because her run, in this “TV heavy field” was remarkable.

Bruce O’donoghue: Bruce had some great ads and they ran pretty late. I was really surprised that he didn’t do better.

Dan Fanelli: Technically, he was first on TV, with those health care ads that ran a few months back. They looked good but that was about it and it probably cost him a lot of his bank.

Ross Beiling: His sign stealing accusations probably got him more pop, than that low rent ad, he ran during the last week of the campaign.

In the Orange County Mayor race, Bill Segal ran his ad, non-stop and still got whooped, by Teresa Jacobs and Linda Stewart almost caught him. I don’t think that will stop him from running some more, though.

Commercials are tricky, I think the “getting to know you” ad in a large statewide race can be helpful. If your only running in a district, knocking on doors and positive outreach was the way to go this year. I think the electorate’s patience for negative attack ads has run out. If your going to attack, you had better have a shady, vaguely named, group run them for you. A real vague name like “26 year old mustached, dentists for America and Rick Scott”.

Endorsing the enemy

I want you to imagine someone storming into your office and insulting everything you stand for and every aspect of your life. You start to argue back and forth and a crowd gathers. The argument ends, and the crowd ultimately, starts cheering and clapping for the other guy.

Then I want you to imagine saying “Gee, I really hope you can do that to the next guy who crosses your path”

Endorsing your opponent can be tough. There is however a right way and a wrong way to to do it.

Bill McCollum is doing it the wrong way. I understand that a year ago, he thought it was going to be him and Alex Sink, then the bald guy jumped on to the scene and beat him. I can’t possibly bring it all into perspective on how this defeat must be affecting him, this late in life. This is probably it, for Billy Mac but..

You shouldn’t hint that your going to endorse across party lines and if you are going to, then go ahead and do it. Don’t hold it over the head of the party you have been a part of for over three decades. What would Ronald Regan, think of that Bill?

Its a tough time for Bill McCollum, but he's going about it wrong...

The right way?

Let me tell you that the Attorney General could learn something from a domestic engineer from Eustis.

Patricia Sullivan has been a class act, all year

Patricia Sullivan published this picture on Facebook yesterday and I thought it was great. She could have just mumbled an endorsement under her breath, like so many others do or put out a short statement, but this is the kind of call for unity that we don’t see enough of in politics anymore. People forget about the big picture and why they were running in the first place, she didn’t and thats why she had an army of volunteers and got more votes than some of the wealthier and more connected candidates in her race. A great patriot, indeed.

Take Care!

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