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Democratic Unity and Alex Sink Divide and Conquer

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Welcome back, hope you had a great weekend!

The Democratic unity train pulled into Orlando this weekend at UCF, there you had Gov. Nom Alex Sink, Sen. Nom Kendrick Meek, and a couple others from the Democratic party here in Central Florida to celebrate their respective victories in the primary and rally up the troops to move towards a successful November.

Events like these are necessary, nasty things get said during primaries, feelings get hurt and there needs to be a display for voters from the party, that there are other options and that someone who shares your beliefs will still fight for you, even if they weren’t your first choice.

Your starting line-up for the Democrats in November

Now, I didn’t go to this event. My presence at events thrown by Democrats makes them nervous (I don’t know why, I’m a pretty fair guy and always stay quiet). I do have one question though and once again forgive me, because I didn’t go to this event. Who is the one major Democrat in Central Florida, who is missing in from this picture?

Where is Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas?

If she was there, how come she wasn’t in the photograph? I’ll tell you, its probably a good idea, that she doesn’t make a lot of appearances with other Democrats. Her district is Republican heavy, and she has recently been singing her record as a moderate one and it could be, but on the big decisions that matter to conservative voters, she said “yes” on health care and couldn’t save NASA. There isn’t going to be strong anti-bush sentiment, this time around, in fact people are calling this a “Throw the bums, out year”. If she was there, she did the right thing staying out of this photo.

There is a Republican unity rally, scheduled in Orlando, this afternoon. I should be there and will write about it tomorrow. I got asked about how fast the Republicans need to get over their primaries and unite, over the weekend. “Pretty Fast!” I replied. Which is nice segway to my next topic.

Alex Sink Divide and Conquer
Were you disappointed by the outcome of the Bill McCullom/Rick Scott primary? Is there no way, you could see yourself voting for the bald guy, who only owns two shirts.

Alex Sink would love your support.

Disgruntled McCullom supporters, follow me!

Shes been running an ad, preaching a non-partisan, non-special interests agenda. Very clever. She doesn’t care what party, your from and we all hate the special interests, so why not join the nice lady on tv? She recently started a Republicans for Alex Sink Facebook page, heck there you go. If you support Alex Sink you’ll get to be amongst your own in the general election. Attempting to harness the power of the hard working, committed Republican base, is a clever tactic. It was mostly the conservatives that turned out on August 24th, why not get a piece of that moderate Republican action. Bill McCullom has said he is staying out of the Governor’s race, so there you have it. Guilty free Alex Sink support. We’ll see what happens.

Real fast, before I go, all of you might know that I recently moved into a neighborhood that uhh…you might be more likely to get robbed in, than a lot of other neighborhoods. I also saw a guy across the street getting locked up, on his lawn on Saturday, the second incident in as many weeks. So, I call up OPD and ask for there help. They tell me to start a Neighborhood Watch program in my neighborhood and they want me to be the captain.

“Can’t you just give me some stickers or put up a sign or something?”

They didn’t go for it. So, now I’m stuck in a broken down apartment, trapped by my Slumlady in a lease, and have to do my best not to get robbed or mugged, before I have to take charge and run this neighborhood watch, that will almost certainly not garner any support in my neighborhood. Where is Clint Eastwood, when you need him?

I sure wish, he lived in my neighborhood

See you, tomorrow!

  1. You don’t make this Democrat nervous and I would second that you are pretty fair!

  2. As I’m writing this comment, there is a rumor that Bud Chiles is dropping out, so it definitely should’nt scare you now!

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