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Orlando Matters Orange County Commission District 4 Debate

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Here we are, with another edition of my debate analysis. This time its the FOX 35/MY65 coverage of the local races. You guys probably know that FOX 35 has been very good to me, so they will be spared the corny jokes about the questions and camera work. Keith Landry is moderating these and he is a really good guy, in person as well as on TV.

As always I invite you guys to watch along with me. Here is the Orlando Matters Debate for Orange County Commission District 4.

Let’s get going!

:49- and they’re are the candidates. These two really don’t like each other.

1:02- Why are you running? Every candidate should go into a trance when they hear this question and answer it with no hesitation. Its the first question you learn how to answer, when you decide to run for office.

2:07- Man, its hard to trust Mayra, she didn’t impress during the two other D4 forums, I attended and I caught her lying during, the Children’s Home Society event. She has to really impress, here today.

2:28- Scout Leader, Government Operative, Non-profit owner…spends 90% of her answer talking about herself, then says its about the community.

3:10- Jennifer Thompson is good, not the nicest lady (sent her a media referral for her social media skills and didn’t even get a thank you, but thats cool) , a gifted speaker..

4:16- What are you top 5 priorities? Mayra says- Not to raise taxes and she will take a 10% salary cut as well as her staff. Well I guess when all of the other county staff members are hitting happy hour, Uribe’s people will have to take a pass. Oh, she brought a shirt that has 10% on it.

5:34- Mayra says a lot of people don’t agree with education…yea, my friend’s kids hate school

5:55- Jennifer Thompson says its hard to limit it to five, then says she’ll give Keith two…take it easy on Keith, Jennifer!

6:33- More efficient county spending and an internal audit of county government. Reduce redundancy. Thompson is laying out a plan, it’s amazing how much more substance there is in her platform than Uribe’s.

7:15- The first time I’ve heard all election cycle on how, long construction projects can hurt small business. Good point.

8:50- ahhh pesky commercials, I love the internet.

9:50- Uribe is trying to champion South OBT, Conway and Delaney park and other areas. She brings up her Orange Initiative but still not one method on how to actually bring in the jobs

10:44- Thompson is touting her business background. I’m glad Keith is pushing them for details.

11:38- Here comes the beating from Thompson, it’s easy to hide when your sitting on the panel during a forum, as oppose to a one on one debate.

12:00- Uribe jumps the moderator for the first time. She disses Thompson for her last run for office that failed.

12:26- Oh come on! Mayra, it can’t all be fluff. You want to talk track records, but your not giving us anything.

13:24- Uh oh, developers…..

1350- Uribe says no one owns her, and Ms. Thompson would have given the thumbs up on Innovation Way Development

14:38- Thompson says Uribe flip flopped in the Orlando Sentinel and then they get into a “are not, are too” exchange, over developer contributions.

15:28- Uribe is about the people…again

If the Rock ever ran for office, he could say he was the People's candidate

16:06- Thompson touts the content of her magazine “Insight” and wants to look at responsible growth patterns with other counties

16:46- Landry notices they both dodged the answer and follows up. Thompson says we need tougher ethics.

Part 2 of the debate

17:30- Keith asks “do you feel my pain?”, when relating to the hard times voters are in. I don’t think enough candidates honestly do.

1830- Thompson brings up her volunteer background and availability to the community.

19:09- Uribe brings up her family and says its about integrity. C’mon, really? She goes on to say she is “The People’s candidate”

20:09- 1 minute left and Keith says how you gonna convince the Hispanic voters? Well?…Thompson says she is going to convince them like everybody else. She brings up her endorsements from her two former opponents. Uribe, well come on? She is not a Hispanic candidate, well…what is she? She brings up that they’re is a nasty youtube video. Is that true? and she says thats racist! On TV! The two throw a few jabs, before Keith ends the program.

Okay, that was garbage…

That last part actually ticked me off a bit, because Mayra Uribe brought up discrimination with absolutely no right to do so. I looked up that video and this is what I found

Ms. Uribe’s accusations of Jennifer Thompson’s racist activites are irresponsible and sloppy. It was probably the most foolish thing, I’ve heard on the trail all year. I’m not crazy about Jennifer Thompson, but I’m sharp enough to know, she is not racist and Mayra Uribe was backed in a corner, when she said it.

I’m more certain than ever that Lydia Pisano or Pete Clark would have ensured that Orange County District 4 would have been left in capable hands in a run-off against Jennifer Thompson.

Well, there you have it. If you were watching along, I think you know what I was getting at.

Till next time…

Breaking down Rubio’s lead and PBA attack on Rick Scott is pretty funny..

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“If you like the direction that Washington is going, then don’t vote for me”

I’ve heard Marco Rubio say that on the trail and in the media, at least two dozen times this year…easy. I like to breakdown tag lines, like that and look at it through the voters eyes. The voters are looking at the sinking ship in DC and saying…”Well, Washington’s direction is downward…I don’t want to go down, I want to go up!”

It appears to be working because Rubio has pulled out to a pretty decent lead in the polls according to CNN. . This year, I’ve heard so many candidates make they’re messages, so complicated, that you need a road map to figure them out. Simple, common sense solutions, during hard times are what you need and what people want. Voters don’t want to use a calculator to figure, what your plan is to get them back to work.

If you like the way things are going, then don't vote for him..

Has anyone played the ad game, better than Alex Sink this year?

First there was the Scott vs. McCullom/John Locke from “Lost”, commercial she launched before the primary even ended.

Then, she reached across the isle to appeal to liberal Republicans and disgruntled McCullom supporters, in a non-partisan piece.

Then probably the funniest ad launched this year by the Police Benevolence Association, show a Rick Scott (apparently hitting the weights) letting a bunch of criminals out of jail and labeling him as a Governor that would be soft on crime.

Prison inmates in their “O’ Brother Where Art Thou” prison costumes, saying “Let’s get to work”. Man, I wish I would have thought of that one. You can’t watch that one with a straight face…

Have a great night!

So, Alan Grayson made you mad…What are you gonna do about it?

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“Can you believe that ad, Frank? He must be crazy! I’ve never known anyone who would take advantage of the scripture, like that?”

I’ve heard that several times over the last couple of days. The Taliban Dan Ad, that is getting national attention and will once again be the topic of conversation during my TV interview tonight. I’m sure you’ve seen it.

“How does that make you feel?” I ask, just like the dozens of things Alan Grayson has done during his time in office to make Republicans angry.

“Well, I don’t think anyone in Congress should be acting that way” is a reply I get a lot.

and here it comes…

“So, what are you gonna do about it?” I reply. Almost in mocking tone. I try to provoke them because, I want them to get involved, but sadly enough they never will.

Everyone wants to party, but no one wants to work...

The national outrage that this ad has sparked will be on the news a little while longer, people will speak out about it. They will send words of support to the Webster family on Facebook and they will curse Alan Grayson and his personal fortune. The Webster campaign might reply with a thank you or maybe not at all.

The Alan Grayson campaign will be laughing their tails off. They can raise money effortlessly and you know what the truth is? As many people that are speaking out about this ad, they’re are an equal number of people that are writing checks and getting on that Grayson gravy train.

Did you see how angry those guys got?!

Get off, of your tails and get in the game.

If you don’t get involved you might as well be shouting at the moon, or trying to solve a math problem by chewing bubble gum. The person griping at the paper or throwing stuff at the tv has a spot in this fight and they’ve got two weapons.

Money and two feet.

Now times are tough, but money is the queen of politics. Votes being king, but as Alan Grayson has plenty of it. Thats why he’s gotten five commercials out there and Webster only has one, that looks like it came out of an oil painting. If you’re really upset, then go to this Webster’s website and donate

Or if your broke like me, you can go walking door to door. Guys, its not that bad. It takes about 2 hours and they feed you. I haven’t walked for Webster, I’ve got other fights at hand, but if your really angry then take a friend. It’s fun.

The same goes for if your one of my Democrat readers. Even though Congressman Grayson has paid walkers and millions in donations, I’m sure your contribution might get you an email or a robo-thank you.

Protect your boy, or those guys waving signs at city hall are going to be lighting up Church Street after Alan Grayson loses.

Team Webster, get tough…Team Grayson, get ready…

Grayson dropped this when he started airing his ad...

Alan Grayson should’ve looked in mirror before pushing “Taliban Dan” ad

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I gotta tell you, when I first saw this Taliban Dan ad , I laughed. It was perhaps one of the silliest things I’ve seen all year.

More ridiculous than that “Alan Grayson saved our schools, Children of the Corn” commercial.

Goofier than punting a football, through the uprights in the Citrus Bowl.

Heck, I even ignored the video where he exploited the older Veterans to attack his opponent Dan Webster. Calling Webster a “Draft Dodger” ala Bill Clinton back in 90’s.

This is the ad that is getting the biggest “Pop” though. It’s an ugly ad but the reason I was laughing was because, anyone who has had a conversation with Dan Webster realizes it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

He is one of the most soft-spoken people you will ever meet. He talks, he doesn’t yell and his skills as a communicator are evident whether he is engaging the voters or talking to other lawmakers. His positive reputation in from all of those years in Tally can attest to that.

Does this look like a Taliban candidates supporters?

Still, those graphics with a superimposed Webster and terrorists holding up middle eastern sabres, while Webster’s “submit to me” soundbyte is playing, might trick some voters. Thats exactly what the Grayson campaign is counting on. Its ironic because if the Taliban had an ally here in Central Florida.

It would be Alan Grayson.

He wants to cut off defense spending, while we still have troops in harms way. He’s spoken out against both parties and was against President Obama’s troop surge (which increased security conditions and was supported by vet groups) and his timeline for withdraw.

Alan Grayson was the only representative from Florida, Republican or Democrat that voted against the war supplemental funding, to aid troops during the President’s surge.

He’s taking away body armor for protection against small arms fire and IED’s (Improvised, Explosive Devices), air conditioning (in the desert for crying out loud!) and Internet Cafes that let soldiers communicate with the very reason, that they’re out there…their families.

I’m not a Dan Webster superfan, I don’t think he tries enough to reach out to minorities, elements of his campaign can be arrogant and unresponsive at times but he’s still a good fit in Washington, especially if he can break up the gridlock in congress.

Alan Grayson didn’t bring gloves to this fight, so Dan Webster needs to take off his. Grayson’s jet-engine ad campaign is drowning out Webster’s quiet replies. The only offense being played by that campaign has been a cute older lady saying “Alan Grayson did some nasty name callin’, when people disagreed with him”. I don’t like going negative but to have that much material against Alan Grayson and not use it, is just ridiculous.

Grayson’s ad was wrong but it sends a much needed message to Dan Webster, that it’s time to fight.

Florida Politics vs. Ultimate Fighting (MMA) and some exiting news

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I’ve got a confession….I’ve already started making plans for after November 2nd.

You see, after the elections are over, a lot of people won’t want to hear about politics for a little while. If they aren’t already, they’ll be sick of the campaign ads, all of these state-trotting candidates will have they’re fates decided and things will go quiet for a little while.

It will be like spotting turkey, sitting in the fridge, a few days after Thanksgiving. You won’t want to look at it, let alone eat it.

That means a whole lot less TV for me and going back to my PR roots. It will be about working for my clients full time and getting them the publicity they deserve. Making sure qualified subject matter experts are getting exposure on TV, the speaking circuit, the web and in print. My biggest and most successful clients?

The Ultimate Fighters.

Anderson Silva is widely regarded as the best Mixed Martial Artist in the world.

Mixed Martial Artists that dominate Pay-Per view sales and are a lot tougher than most of us will ever be. A champion Mixed Martial Artist can either put us in a world of hurt (or unconsciousness) in a few seconds.

The sport does have some similarities to Florida politics however, let me explain.

Just like Mason-Dixon (Alex Sink) and Rasmussen (Rick Scott) polls disagree over who is winning the Governor’s race, fight judges often disagree as well: What the heck is going on with this race and these polls? This will almost certainly confuse everyone involved and at this point and I’m still going to call it a neck and neck race.

The Polls don't agree and sometimes the judges don't either

Talkin’ smack will make you popular but won’t always guarantee victory: How do you guys think Alan Grayson would do in the UFC? He is a pretty tall guy, he would have a reach advantage. Who knows? but you would make a lot more than $100 dollars. to punch him in the face. Grayson got to be one of the nation’s most popular congressman by talking a big game, but experts still call his congressional race a toss up.

You can’t say you’ve fully recovered, when you still have the bruises:Did you guys hear? The recession is over. It ended in June of 2009, according to a panel of economic experts and declared by the President’s administration. Well golly, I guess I should tell that to all of my unemployed family members and friends. Why publicize something like this, when its so obvious that this declaration will be ridiculed at ever opportunity? The President should have just as well, made this declaration on an aircraft carrier with a “Recession Over” banner behind him.

Yeah the fight might be over, but like our economy he's going to need a little bit of time to heal


I’m happy to announce that, I will be launching a second blog. This blog will be a lot more about Orlando and it’s people. I’ll have a little more freedom with my writing and not be confined purely to politics. Central Florida is one of the greatest places on Earth and I want to write about it as much as I can. Have a great weekend and God Bless!

Have a great weekend!

Political Stocks: Whos up and Whos Down in O-Town (First Day of Fall Edition)

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Here we are with another edition of Central Florida Political Stocks, lets not waste any time lets get right down to business.

Who is up:

Orange County Commissioner Linda Stewart: I was at the hearing yesterday when the commission heard a presentation from the Orlando Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Committee about the possibility of holding a workshop about extending domestic partner benefits to county workers here is the story. Now, there were political operatives in that room that would not have been there, if it wasn’t an election year. Now what I noticed was the heroic argument from Linda Stewart out of a genuine concern for that cause. Unfortunately, I also saw Bill Segal carrying that political football, using her to block for him. This issue is being used by his campaign to try to make up a difference in the polls, and I question if he really cares about the issue at all. After the hearing I saw his campaign team buddying up with group and Stewart. One thing is for certain, Orange County is awaiting Linda Stewart’s endorsement in the OC Mayor race and large support she brings from the Hispanic and Gay/Lesbian community. The vote did not pass, as it required a super-majority vote. The No’s? Commissioners Lui Damiani, Fred Brummer, and Mayor Rich Crotty.

with Commissioner Linda Stewart's endorsement comes a very dedicated group of voters

No on Amendment 4: Try an experiment, that I myself have tried many times. Walk up to someone you know, that will probably vote, but isn’t super political and ask them “Hey what do you think about that Amendment 4?”. They will tell you they’re against it and have absolutely no clue what it means. Thats a good indication, these guys are getting their voices heard.

Pepole don't know what it is, but they're against it!

Esther Scott: She starring in his new political ad. She looks like Ray Romano’s mom from “Everybody Loves Raymond” and that “He’s a good boy” line is straight money in the bank. Here is the ad.

Who is Down?:

Bill Segal: Never make the Orlando Sentinel angry during an election year. How bad is it? All of those hyperlinks are negative articles.

Christine O’Donnell: After winning her Senate Primary in Delaware, Bill Maher pulled some old TV footage where she said that she “dabbled in witchcraft, but she never joined the coven”….that was the sound of every PR guy’s hand slapping their forehead. Remind me to add that, to my list of questions when interviewing clients. You know, I might just lead with that question. “Have you ever dabbled in withcraft? oh okay, whats your name?”

Witchcraft? C'mon man!!

The President: “Frankly I’m exhausted of defending you” here is the youtube clip from Velma Hart. I kinda felt bad for the President, but here is a Veteran working for Veterans asking the question we are all asking. Is this are future? Is this our new reality? I think on this nationally televised program (and this story has legs, its been everywhere), that question, should the President decide not to run again, will be one of the moments we look back on as a turning point.

Talk to you soon!

“I’m going to Disney world!” The Real Story Behind The Charlie Crist – Republican Party of Florida Audit (Funny)

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Wouldn’t it be something?

November 2nd 2010, around 10pm at some ballroom presumably on the West Coast of Florida, Charlie Crist for Senate signs bobbing up and down in the loud and jubilant audience. He has just been declared the winner of the Florida Senate race. He gives his victory speech and brags about beating both parties with the help of….well the people of Florida ofcourse! As he is walking offstage the press corp moves through the barricade, a reporter sticks a microphone up to Charlie and asks.

“Governor, now that you’ve won the Senate race, what are you going to do now?” after a slight pause, Charlie replies in what could possibly be the best sound byte in the history of Florida politics.

“I’m going to Disney World!”

Go back and read that scenario again and try to really picture what it would be like, because it probably ain’t gonna happen. Instead Disney World might be the very cause of the Governor’s downfall.

On Friday the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) released the results of an audit done to investigate the out of control spending by former RPOF Chairman Jim Greer and it looks like Greer and the Governor might have rode Space Mountain a few times together.

You know this a wild time ready to happen!

Now the Governor calls it a sham and who knows what really happened, but the happiest place on earth had ties to that audit. Some of the characters we’ve come to love, since we were kids might be behind the audit and leaked information about the spending. They all have motives. Let me roll out some of the suspects.

Scrooge Mcduck: Scrooge Mcduck lost it, when he heard that Charlie Crist would have voted for the stimulus. He saw Crist leaving the party, long before he did it and he needs ALL of the Bush Tax cuts extended, because after all he is wealthy.

Doesn't like Big Government

Buzz Lightyear: You can’t go to infinity and beyond when they’re cutting jobs at NASA. Buzz doesn’t think that the Governor did enough to protect the spacecoast and should have worked with Senator Nelson to have the shuttle program extended. He will also be supporting Sandy Adams in her race against Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas for the same reasons.

Congresswoman Kosmas, do you copy?

Nemo: Little Nemo’s buddies from the gulfcoast, haven’t been returning his phone calls since April and he doesn’t think Governor Crist did enough during the crisis. He’s a Kendrick Meek guy…

Nemo will be finding Kendrick Meek on the ballot this November

Micky and Minnie Mouse: You know that everything goes through the mouse in Central Florida. The truth is that Micky and Minnie were always very jealous of the Governor and his lovely wife. After all, the happiest place on Earth was in the Governor’s state. Charlie always seemed to “One Up”, Mickey and if he made it to Washington, they would never hear the end of it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was the mastermind behind all of this.

They were always jealous of the Governor and his wife.

Marco Rubio has a strong lead in the polls and Kendrick Meek is actually gaining a little ground on the Governor. Will Mickey Mouse and his buddies in the Magic Kingdom have determined who our next Senator from Florida is?

Till next time, Hakuna Matata!

Rick Scott, Jennifer Carroll and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal stop in Orlando

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On Friday afternoon at the Orlando Executive Airport; Republican nominee for Governor Rick Scott, his running mate and state rep Jennifer Carrol, as well as popular Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made a stop in Central Florida to campaign. Here are a whole bunch of photos.

Orange County Mayor Crotty did a fine job as master of ceremonies

Congressional Candidate Dan Webster talks to the hundreds in attendance

More Webster

State Senator and fellow Army vet Carey Baker

State Rep Scott Plakon

State House Candidate Greg Reynolds

I told you there were hundreds

I've heard him speak, a couple of times over the last few months and he is getting better

Still not as good as Carroll, though

Rick Scott talking to the voters afterwards

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal throwing down

Scott referred to Jindal as a future President, he might have got a little carried away, but hey its September

As good as Jindal is, I think Marco Rubio might be a slightly better speaker. Then again this is Florida, and I'm a little biased

It was a pretty cool event. The main draw of course was the Governor from the state that has experienced Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill in less than 5 years. Plus former outsider Rick Scott gets bookend between one of the more popular Republican State lawmakers and a nationally know conservative governor. We’ll see how it works out.

Florida Democrats will have to bail on the President to win.

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How many “Saturday Night Live” fans do we have out there?

Do you guys remember what the political comedy use to be like on that show waaaaay back in 2008? It was almost all anti-Bush/McCain. Sarah Palin was portrayed as a lovable idiot and weekend update was a 15 minute skit slamming the Republican party.

Tina Fey as Vice-Prez Candidate Sarah Palin was one of the most memorable images from the 2008 election cycle

The then-Senator Barack Obama was on Oprah, fresh off, of a hard fought primary win over Hilary Clinton and winning over America. Change was associated with hope, movie stars and sports figures were robo-calling the voters who already had their minds made up, because they were tired of two wars, the housing bust, unemployment and 5 dollar a gallon gas.

They were ready for a President that would take a scaple over a sledgehammer to the economy and would work across party lines to find solutions for energy, foreign policy and yes…healthcare and this appealed to everyone because after all..

A vote for John McCain was a vote for George W. Bush.

In 2008 a vote for McCain was a vote for W.

Voters got the sledgehammer (the stimulus), partisan gridlock (healthcare), Israel’s “Ambassador of death”, and unemployment that dropped for about 2 days and zipped back up to 11.5/12%.

Israel actually called it the ambassador of death

I’m more patient than most, I know the stimulus at least saved some jobs (even though we got nowhere near the bang for our buck) and now we have 1.5 wars with major combat operations ending in Iraq. I heard conservatives call this Presidency a failure back in November. I wasn’t so quick to judge back then, but today I ask all of you

Shouldn’t we atleast be moving in the right direction?

The Presidents approval is at a new low, the Republicans are talking about taking back the house and they’re is a slow developing rift between Democrats currently in office.

How does a Democrat running for office in Florida win? I get asked that question a lot and while its a tough check for the candidates to cash it’s possible. They will just have to make excuses for the President that wrote it.

Here are some of my tips for Democratic Candidates who may find themselves up against the wall because of the President.

The George Harrison Defense: Its gonna take time, a whole lotta precious tiiiiime. Its gonna take money a whole lotta spending moneyyyyyyyyy Those “Got my mind set on you” lyrics will have to be the majority of the argument, against the very problems that conservatives put us in to begin with. Who uses it? Every Democrat running for office

The Facebook/Twitter vote: Social media that will reach younger voters that tend to vote Democrat. Here are some tweets from some of the Democratic candidates here in Central Florida.

Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas: Watching “Eclipse” with BFF Nancy Pelosi, I wonder why I didn’t get an invite to her X-mas party? Lol

Congressman Alan Grayson: WTF, no invites from Olberman or Maher and Barney Frank won’t be at my next fundraiser. 😦 …at least I’m shooting another commercial tomorrow 🙂

Kendrick Meek: gr8ful 4 my followers, even though I notice they’re all following Charlie Crist too???

Tout the stimulus and healthcare to those who don’t care about the price tag:Seriously, even if it didn’t give us what it cost, it did a little good. It costed us a fortune but you should still be able to fill out a postcard sized piece of mail with the benefits.

Smile don’t swear and aim for the middle: It’s harder to attack when you have the lower ground on the party level. Be your own lawmaker, not your party’s. See Alex Sink’s commercial. Its the only reason she is not getting slaughtered in the polls. She is going right at the middle of the road moderates.

So here we are in 2010, it’s midterm elections time and now the tables have switched. Instead of anti-Bush sentiment, we’ve got an anti-Obama thing going on.

The political humor on Saturday Night Live is a lot different now. It’s President Obama that gets made fun of all the time (they’re still tough on Palin). Is he going to hurt his party in 2010, the way Bush did in 08′

Will a vote for Florida Democrats, be a vote for the President?

Children’s Home Society Candidate Meet and Greet – A really nice event.

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What a great event. Everything worked nicely. The weather was perfect as you walked into the Winter Park Civic Center and this was one of the few events where you could talk to the candidates for office, without shouting or feeling like you were in the lightning round of Family Feud. The food smelled wonderful and the venue was perfect. Scott Maxwell did a great job running the forum and there were some candidates you might not have had the chance to talk to before, in addition to some of the usual suspects.

The two Orange County Mayoral candidates started off. I’ve covered them plenty over the last couple of days, so I will give it a rest. Sandy Adams and Dan Webster continued to campaign to the bi-partisan audience on they’re way to their November 2nd general elections. Most of the candidates that spoke were sure to address the important role that the Children’s Home Society played in the community and shared some personal stories.

There were a couple of interesting things to point out and a few political blunders.

Orange county district 4 commission candidate Mayra Uribe joins the Republican party for 3 minutes: I’m not sure what she was thinking, why she said it or even why to bring it up in a non-partisan race but if its true I certainly didn’t hear about it. “I’m a fiscal conservative” she said during her speech to the group of about 100 people. Mayra Uribe threw the most commonly used phrase during the Republican primary season out there and didn’t walk it back. “I’m a fiscal conservative”… Not
– I’m a conservative Democrat
– I’m a fiscally responsible candidate
– I’m a Democrat that watches my spending.

When she walked off stage I’m sure she morphed into what ever kind of candidate that the next person she spoke to wanted. The voters of Orange County District 4 need to be careful with this one.

Democrat Mayra Uribe misrepresented herself when she told the audience she was a fiscal conservative.

Libertarian Franklin Perez attacks Leo Cruz and Jason Brodeur The winner of Florida’s first Libertarian primary wasted no time in this peaceful event to attack Democrat Leo Cruz and Republican Jason Brodeur in the state house race in district 33. No one else really attacked last night except for Franklin Perez. This was the kind of event where if you wanted to get the audiences vote, you had to act like you were already in office. You had to sound like a leader, Franklin Perez didn’t but….

7th congressional district Democratic candidate Heather Beaven impresses: She threw out some eye opening numbers about foster care last night and did really well with the audience. She was one of the more popular candidates last night and we had a short talk about the military and her husband who is currently in the army.

Some other quick notes:

Can we bring both Dr. Tina Calderone and Beck Erwin to Orange or Volusia County? I’m serious, we’ve got hazings, coaches hiring prostitutes and football players being subjected to deadly conditions. These two candidates running for the same seat is just not fair, they could bring some much needed vision and strength to an educational system here in Central Florida that is really hurting the ethical and pragmatic areas of thought right now.

Quote of the night from Congressional District 3 Indy Candidate Terry Martin Back: “I just want to take both sides (Republican and Democrat) grab them by their heads and slam them together” ahhh the WWE Undertaker method of government.

Maybe we should send the Undertaker to deal with partisan grid-lock in Washington

There was also a Dean Cannon sighting who was careful to mention that he would be House Speaker in Tallahassee only if he won.

I took a break with the pictures, it was too peaceful of an event for Frank to go jumping around with the camera again. I had a good time and I’m glad I went.

Thank you to the Children’s Home Society, for putting on a terrific, well-run event!