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Is Alan Grayson afraid of Dan Webster?

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2010 at 3:56 pm

The Orlando Sentinel reported on their editorial page this morning that Alan Grayson would not participate in a debate with Repubican nominee Daniel Webster unless, the Florida TEA (not affiliated with the movement) party candidate was included.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Is Alan Grayson actually afraid of Dan Webster?

I don’t mean like afraid of heights, closed spaces, and clowns or that kind of petrifying fear, but the fear of getting beaten or looking foolish.

I’ve been saying for months, Alan Grayson doesn’t match up well with Dan Webster in debates. He can’t stand at a podium and hurl partisan insults at Webster for 45 minutes, when the unemployment rate is at 12%. He can do it on the house floor or on television but when people are sitting in front of these two trying to decide, who they’re gonna send to Washington to help heal this economy, they’re not going to be in the mood for lame insults, and in some cases hateful and vulgar dialogue.

Webster is a peaceful and calm speaker. He flows from point to point, effortlessly and in rhythm. He is a mix between Gregory Peck in “To kill a mockingbird” and Obi Wan Kenobi in the original “Star Wars”. If you stand there and insult the guy or shoot rhetoric, for the entire debate your going to look stupid.

Does this make Alan Grayson “Darth Vader”? Maybe. Has he forgotten how to talk about the issues? Well, yeah maybe! He needs that third candidate there as a buffer, to bounce his one-liners off of and try to play his strength of attacking, without having to face a Dan Webster rebuttal at every turn.

I’m talking to you too, Rick Scott. Alex Sink wants five debates, I think you should do three. Don’t hide!

Earlier this year, Alan Grayson wanted to put a big neon sign at his office that could be seen from I4 “GRAYSON” would be the only thing it would say. He simply said that, the sign would be to help constituents see where his office was. I have a different idea. That third candidate doesn’t need to be there, let’s see Alan Grayson vs. Dan Webster head to head, on televison debating.

Are you scared, Congressman? If you are, I have another idea for a sign you could place at your office, this would also let everyone know where you are, and what your acting like.

Is Alan Grayson afraid of Dan Webster?

  1. Daniel Webster dodged soft ball candidate forums with Republicans! About 4 or 5 of them. No, Alan Grayson is many things which I certainly do not agree with, but afraid of Daniel Webster is not one of them.

    Why won’t Mr. Webster step forward and debate George Metcalfe and the Tea Party lady?

  2. Thats funny because, I saw Daniel Webster participating at about 4 or 5 forums (including a few covered in this blog). No ones attendance record was perfect during the primary. If your not pulling more than 10% from a reputable poll during a general, than you shouldn’t be invited to the debates. Alan Grayson is using the TEA party lady as a human shield for Dan Webster’s questions about his record and policy that hasn’t worked very well. If Grayson can say it to the TV cameras, he can say it to the man’s face…

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