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This Bud is for Alex Sink and Jennifer Carroll arrives

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I would forget that Bud Chiles was in the Governors race during the primary. I would look ahead towards the general election and I would be matching up Scott vs. Sink or McCullom vs. Sink and I would remember all of the sudden “Oh, Buddy boy is in the race”

Bud Chiles dropped out of the Governor’s race on Thursday and endorsed Alex Sink. Why he ever entered the race, I’ll never really know. Why he ran as an independent, well he was ducking Sink but that didn’t seem right either. He didn’t campaign and he took very little money, he did it, just to do it. He ran for Governor, because it was there and when he realized how silly it was, he dropped out and endorsed Sink. When he realized that he could be the “Ralph Nader of Florida”, he dropped out. Good for him, this should be a two horse race and some candidates don’t realize running in certain races, is a bad idea before its too late. This is definitely good for Alex Sink. She is basically tied, in the most recent polls against Rick Scott.

Bud's heart was never really in it

Speaking of Rick Scott, he made one of the wisest decisions of him gubernatorial run yesterday.

He picked Jennifer Carroll to be his running mate.

Her resume is pretty impressive, she came from Trinidad at a young age, she is a 20 year Navy officer, she has plenty of time in the state house (which brings much needed experience to the ticket), they love her up there in the Duval county area. She is a powerful African-American female conservative. I say this because well, Republican outreach with minorities is pretty bad and seeing Carroll make this run, demonstrates that minorities with strong conservative beliefs can indeed play a major role, in Florida GOP politics.

She has a strong presence, is a gifted speaker and is good with the media. She is probably better at all of these things, than Rick Scott himself.

Paula Dockery would have been my first pick but after hearing Jennifer Carroll speak and work the crowd yesterday, this is a reason for the GOP to get over Bill McCullom and get exited. She will bring some much needed energy to the table.

Scott and Carroll are in there somewhere

The second of three stops for the duo

Is she better than Rick Scott at the podium?

Yeah, definitely

Carroll was praised as a wise choice by Rick Scott

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