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Candidate Profile: Greg Reynolds

In Uncategorized on September 6, 2010 at 1:57 pm

Greg Reynolds

Candidate: Greg Reynolds
Currently Running For: Florida State House District 36

Background: Managed operations at Reynolds Fruit Company and now a senior associate at Realty Capital. Never run for office before.

Greg Reynolds is running in one of the most important races in Central Florida, this November. Scott Randolph is currently holding the seat in District 36 (which is downtown, College Park, Winter Park). What has Scott accomplished in his four years in office…well nothing. All of this guys legislation dies in committee. His ideas aren’t being taken seriously.

This is probably because he was a bomb thrower his first two years in office and you can’t pass anything with just one vote. When Mildred Fernandez went down earlier this year, Scott Randolph was one of the first people to apply for that county commission seat. If Scott Randolph doesn’t want to be in Tallahassee, then the voters should do their part to bring him home. Even Charlie Crist saw him for what he is, an opportunist who wants a promotion and pay raise for doing nothing.

Greg is a sixth generation Floridan, and has the ability to communicate and work with leaders from any party or background. His platform concentrates on reinforcing Florida’s economic strengths and creating a friendly environment for those industries to thrive, appealing to both sides of the aisle. Greg’s warm small town attitude will be a refreshing change in highly partisan Tallahassee.

Wherever Alan Grayson goes, Scott Randolph is often not far behind. He tends to piggyback on his resources and ideas, he’s not an independent thinker. Maybe because Scott’s wife manages Grayson’s campaign. Randolph will rally his troops and emphasize his Democratic credentials, to to get a majority of the district even though he’s been ineffective pushing those policies in Tallahassee.

There is a communication problem in Tallahassee and Greg Reynolds will be part of the solution. A lot of people forget about the state level races but remember this guys name. If we can help get Greg Reynolds elected, we will have all done our part to help Florida move forward.

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