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The Firewall Strategy and how it affects Central Florida

In Uncategorized on September 7, 2010 at 3:15 pm

I was watching the nightly news, last night where there was an describing the Democratic “Firewall Strategy”. Now, this is basically a “choose your battles” way of dealing with Congressional and Senate races, this year. This means if your an underdog with little or no chance of winning, then your on your own. Your not gonna get any support from your party. The President is willing to let some of these seats go, to put forth a strong effort in keeping the ones he knows he can win, while still keeping a majority. Well, how does this affect the races in Central Florida? Lets break it down.

Kendrick Meek’s Senate race: Kendrick is polling in the low teens in some polls. Marco Rubio (whos dad passed away this weekend, my condolences) has the conservative vote, locked down. Charlie Crist is still the man with the moderates and more conservative Democrats. The President basically had to come down and bail out Kendrick Meek in the primary for his own party. Thats not gonna happen this time, and the Democratic majority in the Senate probably isn’t going anywhere.

Firewall strategy: No support for Meek, but get Charlie Crist on the phone.

Alan Grayson’s 8th Congressional District race: It must be great to be a millionaire and Grayson has been able to raise money pretty easily. In fact the Orlando Sentinel said last week, that Meek is going to Grayson for fundraising help. He has millions at his disposal and he’s running ads like crazy. This last weekend, I saw this guy doing the following on television.
1. Punting a football, through the uprights in the Citrus Bowl
2. Running an attack ad on Dan Webster, using “Stairway to heaven”
3. Getting School kids to chant “Alan Grayson saved our schools! ”

Firewall Strategy: No support for Grayson, he seems to be doing fine by himself.

Heather Beaven’s 7th Congressional District race: I never talk about this race mostly because, John Mica so heavily favored. If Heather Beaven won this congressional race it would be like the Lake Brantley Patriots beating the New England Patriots. This is a perfect example on how this strategy works.

Firewall Strategy: Heather Beaven is on her own.

As a fellow vet, my heart goes out to her but the Democratic party isn't going to go out of their way to help out.

Suzanne Kosmas’ 24th Congressional District Race: One of the ten most vulnerable seats in the country. I think its ironic that Kosmas stuck her neck out on the line for the President for a “yes” healthcare vote and the there is a real chance that she won’t get much help to get re-elected. Her district leans Republican, and while she’s done well with fundraising, she hasn’t done well enough to deflect the attacks that are already airing on television.

Firewall Strategy: We’ll see how it goes but most likely, She’s on her own.

  1. I wondered when I heard about the “firewall” this weekend if any of our races make the cut. I agree with you frank. I don’t think any of them do. Maybe 24 but that’s pushing it. Well written post.

  2. Thanks for the post, Phil. I hope all is well with you.

  3. Superficial political analysis re: Beaven-Mica race — no substitute for thought and study. We pray you’re wrong again.

  4. Lol, so you think Beaven has got a shot? Explain…

    • Mica’s an embarassment to our District, from head-butting ABC cameraman to support for offshore oil drilling and family lobbying activities.

      • Okay, well how about taking out the checkbook and helping her out. I don’t have a problem with Heather Beaven, but from everything ranging from name recognition to fundraising, she is outgunned. She is also facing unpopular policies and is in the same party as a President, whos approval rating is steadily declining. You say John Mica is an embarrassment, well help get her message out, so people will vote for her.

  5. Lol” is not reasoned discourse

  6. Assuming facts not in evidence — Paul Wellstone showed how not to cower to power.

    Mica lies to vets, as he did in St Aug through staff at Flagler College last year.

    • Ed, dude…if you knew how often, I heard what your telling me, we’d both laugh! Don’t tell it to me, I’m one man and I don’t even live in your district. Go knock on some doors, give Heather some money. If you don’t like John Mica, then go out there and do what you can to get rid of him.

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