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Frank’s Political Football Preview:

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One of my earliest childhood sports memories was after the Chicago Bears won the Superbowl in 86′. I remember the city of my birth celebrating until the early hours of the morning. McMahon, Payton, The Fridge..that team, the 80’s, the coach…. Its the kind of victory that only happens once in a lifetime.

and so far it has only happened once in my lifetime

So, here we are in the middle of election season, but it won’t keep me from watching the America’s game. Its a special time of year and this time tomorrow night, Ill be watching the Saints play the Vikings in a rematch of the NFC Championship….Football Players and Florida Politicians are a lot alike. In fact for almost every politician I can think of, there is a player equivalent, let me explain.

Brett Farve is to the Minnesota Vikings/Green Bay Packers as Daniel Webster was to the Central Florida Republican Party: Now don’t get me wrong, I will be rooting for Webster come November and everyone has united behind him but for months he had us guessing. Will he run? Should he run? Can he win?. Brett Farve does this every year. Will he play? Should he Play? Can he win? Ultimately they both decided to “get in the game”.

Dan Webster pulled a Brett Favre this election cycle, lets hope like Favre he returns to win

Alan Grayson is Terrel Owens to the Democratic Majority is his strong QB: Terell Owens doesn’t do anything without a decent Quarterback to throw him the ball. When he doesn’t agree with the QB (in Grayson’s case President Obama) he will start to run his mouth and say crazy things. My question is, if the Democrats lose the majority in the house and Grayson wins. Do we get an unproductive, diva congressman who just runs his mouth all of the time?

TO can't do anything without a good QB can Grayson do anything worthwhile without a majority?

Bill Segal is the Washington Redskins: Spends a fortune only to come in second to Teresa Jacobs (The Cowboys, Eagles or Giants, take your pick) and almost gets beaten by a Grassroots Linda Stewart campaign. The Redskins are notorious for spending a fortune on big names and coming up short. Will Bill Segal suffer the same fate with his lobbyist contacts and wealthy donors?

Big money doesn't always guarantee a win

Kendrick Meek is the Detroit Lions: They both constantly end up on the bottom of the standings or the polls.

Okay, Okay enough of that. Here are my predictions.

NFC Predictions

NFC East Winner: Cowboys
NFC North Winner: Packers (as a Bears fan I hate to say it!)
NFC South Winner: Saints
NFC West Winner: 49ers
Wild Cards: Vikings, Philly

NFC Championship: Packers 38 – Cowboys 24

AFC Predictions:

AFC East Winner: NY Jets
AFC North Winner: Ravens
AFC South Winner: Colts
AFC West Winner: Broncos (Got a feeling they will sneak up on SD)
Wildcards:Chargers, Patriots

AFC Championship: Colts 28 – Ravens 21

Superbowl Prediction: Colts 42 – Packers 28

Peyton Manning and the Colts...write it down!

Enjoy the season!

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