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Florida Democrats will have to bail on the President to win.

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How many “Saturday Night Live” fans do we have out there?

Do you guys remember what the political comedy use to be like on that show waaaaay back in 2008? It was almost all anti-Bush/McCain. Sarah Palin was portrayed as a lovable idiot and weekend update was a 15 minute skit slamming the Republican party.

Tina Fey as Vice-Prez Candidate Sarah Palin was one of the most memorable images from the 2008 election cycle

The then-Senator Barack Obama was on Oprah, fresh off, of a hard fought primary win over Hilary Clinton and winning over America. Change was associated with hope, movie stars and sports figures were robo-calling the voters who already had their minds made up, because they were tired of two wars, the housing bust, unemployment and 5 dollar a gallon gas.

They were ready for a President that would take a scaple over a sledgehammer to the economy and would work across party lines to find solutions for energy, foreign policy and yes…healthcare and this appealed to everyone because after all..

A vote for John McCain was a vote for George W. Bush.

In 2008 a vote for McCain was a vote for W.

Voters got the sledgehammer (the stimulus), partisan gridlock (healthcare), Israel’s “Ambassador of death”, and unemployment that dropped for about 2 days and zipped back up to 11.5/12%.

Israel actually called it the ambassador of death

I’m more patient than most, I know the stimulus at least saved some jobs (even though we got nowhere near the bang for our buck) and now we have 1.5 wars with major combat operations ending in Iraq. I heard conservatives call this Presidency a failure back in November. I wasn’t so quick to judge back then, but today I ask all of you

Shouldn’t we atleast be moving in the right direction?

The Presidents approval is at a new low, the Republicans are talking about taking back the house and they’re is a slow developing rift between Democrats currently in office.

How does a Democrat running for office in Florida win? I get asked that question a lot and while its a tough check for the candidates to cash it’s possible. They will just have to make excuses for the President that wrote it.

Here are some of my tips for Democratic Candidates who may find themselves up against the wall because of the President.

The George Harrison Defense: Its gonna take time, a whole lotta precious tiiiiime. Its gonna take money a whole lotta spending moneyyyyyyyyy Those “Got my mind set on you” lyrics will have to be the majority of the argument, against the very problems that conservatives put us in to begin with. Who uses it? Every Democrat running for office

The Facebook/Twitter vote: Social media that will reach younger voters that tend to vote Democrat. Here are some tweets from some of the Democratic candidates here in Central Florida.

Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas: Watching “Eclipse” with BFF Nancy Pelosi, I wonder why I didn’t get an invite to her X-mas party? Lol

Congressman Alan Grayson: WTF, no invites from Olberman or Maher and Barney Frank won’t be at my next fundraiser. 😦 …at least I’m shooting another commercial tomorrow 🙂

Kendrick Meek: gr8ful 4 my followers, even though I notice they’re all following Charlie Crist too???

Tout the stimulus and healthcare to those who don’t care about the price tag:Seriously, even if it didn’t give us what it cost, it did a little good. It costed us a fortune but you should still be able to fill out a postcard sized piece of mail with the benefits.

Smile don’t swear and aim for the middle: It’s harder to attack when you have the lower ground on the party level. Be your own lawmaker, not your party’s. See Alex Sink’s commercial. Its the only reason she is not getting slaughtered in the polls. She is going right at the middle of the road moderates.

So here we are in 2010, it’s midterm elections time and now the tables have switched. Instead of anti-Bush sentiment, we’ve got an anti-Obama thing going on.

The political humor on Saturday Night Live is a lot different now. It’s President Obama that gets made fun of all the time (they’re still tough on Palin). Is he going to hurt his party in 2010, the way Bush did in 08′

Will a vote for Florida Democrats, be a vote for the President?

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