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“I’m going to Disney world!” The Real Story Behind The Charlie Crist – Republican Party of Florida Audit (Funny)

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Wouldn’t it be something?

November 2nd 2010, around 10pm at some ballroom presumably on the West Coast of Florida, Charlie Crist for Senate signs bobbing up and down in the loud and jubilant audience. He has just been declared the winner of the Florida Senate race. He gives his victory speech and brags about beating both parties with the help of….well the people of Florida ofcourse! As he is walking offstage the press corp moves through the barricade, a reporter sticks a microphone up to Charlie and asks.

“Governor, now that you’ve won the Senate race, what are you going to do now?” after a slight pause, Charlie replies in what could possibly be the best sound byte in the history of Florida politics.

“I’m going to Disney World!”

Go back and read that scenario again and try to really picture what it would be like, because it probably ain’t gonna happen. Instead Disney World might be the very cause of the Governor’s downfall.

On Friday the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) released the results of an audit done to investigate the out of control spending by former RPOF Chairman Jim Greer and it looks like Greer and the Governor might have rode Space Mountain a few times together.

You know this a wild time ready to happen!

Now the Governor calls it a sham and who knows what really happened, but the happiest place on earth had ties to that audit. Some of the characters we’ve come to love, since we were kids might be behind the audit and leaked information about the spending. They all have motives. Let me roll out some of the suspects.

Scrooge Mcduck: Scrooge Mcduck lost it, when he heard that Charlie Crist would have voted for the stimulus. He saw Crist leaving the party, long before he did it and he needs ALL of the Bush Tax cuts extended, because after all he is wealthy.

Doesn't like Big Government

Buzz Lightyear: You can’t go to infinity and beyond when they’re cutting jobs at NASA. Buzz doesn’t think that the Governor did enough to protect the spacecoast and should have worked with Senator Nelson to have the shuttle program extended. He will also be supporting Sandy Adams in her race against Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas for the same reasons.

Congresswoman Kosmas, do you copy?

Nemo: Little Nemo’s buddies from the gulfcoast, haven’t been returning his phone calls since April and he doesn’t think Governor Crist did enough during the crisis. He’s a Kendrick Meek guy…

Nemo will be finding Kendrick Meek on the ballot this November

Micky and Minnie Mouse: You know that everything goes through the mouse in Central Florida. The truth is that Micky and Minnie were always very jealous of the Governor and his lovely wife. After all, the happiest place on Earth was in the Governor’s state. Charlie always seemed to “One Up”, Mickey and if he made it to Washington, they would never hear the end of it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was the mastermind behind all of this.

They were always jealous of the Governor and his wife.

Marco Rubio has a strong lead in the polls and Kendrick Meek is actually gaining a little ground on the Governor. Will Mickey Mouse and his buddies in the Magic Kingdom have determined who our next Senator from Florida is?

Till next time, Hakuna Matata!

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