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Kendrick Meek might not have earned your vote, but he should have earned your respect

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There has been one recurring theme that you might have noticed in this blog during this election cycle. That would be the battle for respect that Kendrick Meek has been fighting since a billionaire jumped into his primary and Governor Charlie Crist went Independent and started flirting with the Democrats in Washington.

“I feel a little like Rod Tidwell from Jerry Maguire”- Kendrick Meek after his primary victory over billionaire Jeff Green.

You guys remember Jerry Maguire right? Rod Tidwell was the Cuba Gooding Jr. character who was a talented wide receiver that no one paid any attention to and was only appreciated by his agent, when he was the only one to turn to. You guys know the rest of the story Tom Cruise, human head weighs 8 lbs, blah, blah, woo, woo, yadda, yadda.

Meek compared himself to Rod Tidwell after he won his primary.

Then the story broke this week, that Bill Clinton came to town and discussed the possibility of leaving the Florida Senate race. The race that Meek has been running for over a year, the proud Democrat that unlike other Democrats hasn’t tried to hide his political affiliation, he stands behind the policies and hasn’t turned his back on President Obama, Nancy Pelosi or any of that. Regardless, he is the one that is being asked to drop out and yes, discussing the possibility of dropping out, is pretty much asking.

Then, look who he is being asked to drop out for! Charlie Crist, who labled himself a “Jeb Bush Republican” just a few months ago and dropped out because this was his only chance to win. This guy!? You want me to bow, to this guy?

I blame the powers that be from the Democratic party, who’s tinkering might have hurt Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Sink by scaring away a voter base that wasn’t that exited about all of this anyways. How about actually showing up for the guy? How about communicating to the voters, that the guy who is pretending to be their friend, was their worst enemy 7 months ago.

It must have been a tough lunch to finish. Sitting across the room from your hero (Clinton is Meek’s hero, they go way back to his mother’s days of service) and having him tip toe across the suggestion of quitting. What is it like to sit across the table from your hero and having him ask you, to give up something that was rightfully yours to begin with? Then go out and campaign with the guy, thinking that his heart might not be in it, when he is singing your praises at the podium.

I respect Meek for his strength to say “I will not drop out, I am the nominee from the Democratic Party”. It takes guts and you can be sure that President Clinton wasn’t the first political “big dog” to ask him to leave. Fight your fight Kendrick and when you fall, the party needs to look at this race and recognize that if they were more in touch with the moderate/liberal moderate voters, that they would have been able to educate them that Crist wasn’t there guy, you were.

It’s all we’re gonna hear from the Meek camp till the race is called on Tuesday and like so many things that are involved in backroom politics, its not fair.

That’s still the way it is.

Whats happening to Kendrick Meek isn't right, but it is, what it is

Orlando Sentinel and Barry University Congressional Debate

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I want to lead off, first and foremost saying that the Orlando Sentinel and Barry University put on a great event last night, at the Winter Park Civic Center. The host Greg Fox and the panel consisting of Lauren Rowe (WKMG 6), Scott Maxwell (Orlando Sentinel), and a third panelist who’s name I missed (if someone caught it let me know!), were all terrific. The venue was great and despite the fact that a major candidate was missing, the showdown on I4 was entertaining.

I lead off with that info, because the rest of this post is just a mess!

Despite drastic philosophical differences between myself and Congressman Alan Grayson, he whooped up on Independent candidate George Metcalfe and Florida TEA Party* candidate Peg Dunmire. It was bad, we’re talking Gator football this season bad. Alan Grayson put on a clinic against the kind of candidates, he insists represents everyone who is not a Democrat. Daniel Webster sat out the debate (more on that later), which cleared the runway for Grayson to destroy his two opponents and attack an empty podium.

This simply would not be a responsible post if I didn’t say that.

Alan Grayson was not at any point stumped, threatened or prompted to attack anytime last night. The two candidates that were there last night, never put him in a position where he had to. Here are a couple of the sound bytes.

“If your not tough enough to show up and debate, then your not tough enough to do the job”

“Webster would cut entitlements”

“Webster wants to make women 2nd class citizens”- He also stood behind the Taliban Dan ad.

“Voting for health care was the proudest moment of my life”

His opponents did not offer any serious rebuttals and allowed him to calmly explain his positions, in a rhythmic fashion. When they did take shots at Alan Grayson, he deflected them like Darth Vader deflected lasers in “The Empire Strikes Back”.

Alan Grayson was vaderesque in deflecting his opponents attacks on Wednesday

What did his opponents do? Well Peg Dunmire and George Metcalfe both decided that they would criticize the media because of the lack of attention their campaigns were getting.

Because that’s’ what you do when your panel consists of a popular anchor and an influential columnist, attack the media, right?! Complain that your not getting your “flicks” instead of using this opportunity to trumpet your plans for the district, when everyone in Central Florida is watching.

“Webster doesn’t want to be there”- Dunmire

“I’m not in cahoots, with Grayson”- Dunmire….could have fooled me. She could not have made it, easier for him.

“Make your own, Peanut Butter” Dunmire, in a very condescending reply to Lauren Rowe, when Rowe asked about food safety measures, and her concerns when feeding her children.

“Absolutely yes”- George Metcalfe on oil drilling within three miles of the Florida Shores.

He also dissected the panel’s questions, got snippy and did a poor job of translating his policy.

The whole time, Alan Grayson’s campaign staff and supporters, cheered, laughed and giggled and why shouldn’t they? This was a beating.

I’m use to the antics of Alan Grayson, they don’t bother me and his supporters are as loyal and dedicated as they get. The one statement that really, really bothered me last night?

“Bi-partisanship is a fallacy” – Congressman Alan Grayson

That’s not true Congressman, you just have to remember that, at the end of the day we’re all Americans, not just Republicans and Democrats and its not about who get the glory, it’s about making the country stronger. We need leaders that operate on the higher plane of thought, when we send them to Washington.

Alright, alright, so what about Daniel Webster. I was asked to do analysis last night after the debate, outside of the civic center. You want to know why Daniel Webster wasn’t there? I got two answers for you.

1. He didn’t need to be:- article attached
If Dan Webster felt that not showing up to this debate was hurting him, he would have been there. These campaigns cost a fortune guys, and he’s not going to throw it all away because of stage fright.

2. His word: – As frustrating as it may be to a lot of his supporters, Daniel Webster said at the beginning of this thing, that he would not attack his opponents. If you can’t attack, then you can’t debate. He’s convinced that when threatened, Alan Grayson would turn this into a mud-slinging match and thats exactly what Webster doesn’t want.

Alan Grayson won last night. The only question now is, will I be typing that on Wednesday morning.

When you wake up next Wednesday…

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Before I get started, The Orlando Sentinel reported today that someone might have thrown a Chihuahua names Skittles out of a moving car or hit it with a car. Read the story, see if you can help. My lap-dog is a Chihuahua so, yeah I take it pretty personally.

Skittles needs your help..

My promo-dog Nikki

Debategate/Textgate and the Final Senate Debate kept me from being poetic yesterday. Now that all of that has been taken care of, I believe that the political reality in Florida, could be much different, when we all wake up next Wednesday morning. Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Florida Governor: We could have a: Millionaire who came out of nowhere and threw the Governor’s mansion into a complete spin with his personal fortune. Rick Scott cut in front of line with Bill McCullom and put the spotlight on Alex Sink’s texting habits (Ironically, she tried to get Blackberry phones banished from her office). Florida’s leader would work well with the Republican led legislature, that all rallied around him when he won, but I would be really curious to see how he would govern. Would he be a media friendly Governor, now that nothing is at stake or would he be a hermit, only having to surface when he has to.

Or the: Alex Sink the Democrat who would be picking out the color her VETO pen would be writing in. I don’t think she would be that extreme, but she would face a Florida, fun sized, version of putting an Obama era Democrat on trial, with every decision she makes. Where would Scott go? Would he go back to managing Solantic and disappear into obscurity.

Florida Senate: would we get: Marco Rubio, a rising star, not only in Florida, not only in Republican politics, but yeah United States politics. The Republican Barack Obama, as you hear some people whisper during events.

Or: Our Wacky Governor Crist. If he manages to take this thing, he would have pulled off one of the most dynamic political stunts in recent Florida politics. He would go to Washington as one of the most powerful members of the Senate, carelessly voting with whoever he feels like for that day. He of course would keep an eye out for that VP opportunity.

Crist would take any shot he could at getting on a Presidential ticket.

Or even: Democrat Kendrick Meek who would have walked through a hurricane of anti-Obama sentiment, head held high and get every pollster working on this race fired.

8th District Race: We could have: Daniel Webster, who despite getting attacked with the video spliced “Taliban Dan” ad as well as being accused of buidling a stairway to nowhere and trying to sell things to Sheiks in the middle east, ran a clean campaign with Oil Painting Advertisements and a quiet peace, resulting from loyal donors and hard working precinct walkers.

Or: Uh-oh. We could have Alan Grayson, and send a message to the whole country that this is what we’re about. We will send someone to Washington and he can say whatever he wants, cross his arms on the issues and raise hell on the house floor. The real question? What good is Alan Grayson working in a minority?

24th District Race:: We could have: Suzanne Kosmas and have her ducking constituents for another two years. She’ll head back up to Washington and go with the flow again and I’ll spend 90 days waiting for help from her office and getting chewed out by her people. She really is riding that Orlando Sentinel endorsement for everything its worth isn’t she? That graphic appeared overnight in all of her advertisements.

Or Sandy Adams: Who I respect and would match the values and seamlessly work with the constituents of her Republican leaning district. Ex-Law Enforcement, and long time State Representative.

Orange County Mayor: You could have: Commissioner Bill Segal, who has fallen as fast politically as you can go. We all thought he had this race locked down a couple of months back, and has since completely abandoned all of the strong points in his campaign and resorted to calling his opponent nasty names, bending the truth till its splinters, pandering to groups out of convenience and even getting me involved. If he wins, then I’m worried for the middle-class here in Orange County.

Or: You could have Teresa Jacobs, one of the very few straight shooters that exists in Central Florida Politics. She is running her race and talking to all of the people of Orange County. Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, Apopka or Avalon Park, White or Black (or Hispanic!). People are rallying around this campaign for a reason guys, because its for real.

It’s going to be a different political picture in Central Florida for sure. If thats a good thing or not, is entirely up to you.

WESH 2 Florida Senate Debate October 26th Blogged Live!

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And here we are again for the last time…Our last debate between Ross, Chandler and Joey…I’m sorry, Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meek, and The Guv!

Joey (Rubio), Meek (Chandler) and yes Ross (Crist) ..

Hey it’s David Gregory. I watch Meet the Press, does he know what he’s gotten himself into?

– Opening Statements…more of the same from Rubio (its a great message so, that’s a good thing), Crist says “My friend, Marco Rubio” and then goes on to slam his policies. I wonder how he talks about his enemies. Meek wants to thank all of the people that voted, none of which probably voted for him.

– Gregory opens with the Foreclosure Crisis. Rubio says working with the principal is way better than foreclosing. The Guv touts the measures he has taken while he was well..the Guv. Meek brings the issue to a local perspective, he would not insure a down payment, to increase buyer confidence.

– Gregory asks if Crist changed parties for political convenience. Crist is personally pro-life but won’t push it on anyone. He accuses Rubio of wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade. He also pushes for stem cell research. Gregory basically asks Crist if he is for real. Wow, he really doesn’t know Florida politics that well. Crist puts Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell on blast for their views. Rubio says that his beliefs are his and not the Republican party’s, well said. Meek says “I’m a Democrat for sure”. Man, he’s really not looking at the strategy…Meek says you don’t get out of the hole we were in, in 18 months.

– Rubio says that Republicans had a hand in the mess, Crist says both parties are to blame and Meek says…well.. nothing they have to go to break. When your polling as low as he is, he gets no replies..

– David Gregory brings up Gay Adoption and calls out Crist on his flip-flop. Crist says you learn through life, tolerance (he must be a late learner). Gregory pushes Crist, and says he is identifying a trend on the Governor’s issues. Welcome to the party, David Gregory. Crist says he is liberated and he is free! You go, boy. Meek takes a cross race shot at Rick Scott as well as Rubio for their social views.

– “When I hear Flip Flops down the hall, I think its the Governor” annnnnnnd judges?!…….terrible. I could have wrote something better for you, Kendrick.

Come on Kendrick!

– Oh hear goes Charlie, the Quarterback. “When you walk up the line, you got to call an audible” The Guv’s linemen are called Mason-Dixon, Rasumussen, Zogby, and Quinnipiac (all polls).

– Crist says that Rubio wants to raise the retirment age. Gregory actually jumps in to help Rubio. “We’re both about the same age”…really David Gregory? 39? and he’s right! David Gregory is only 39 years old…wow, he looks terrible

Salt and Pepper hair at 39? Well at least he has hair.

– The Guv says he is an optimist, yes sir you are. “Facts are stubborn things” correct again.

– Kendrick Meek brings up once again, he is the only one who fought against W. Bush

– Rubio says Social Security gets tougher to solve with every year that passes. that’s correct and scary.

– Does anyone think the Miami Heat will go all the way this year? David Gregory just turned our senate debate into Sportscenter.

– Just got a tweet from a Sentinel reporter that there will be no spin room, press interviews after the debate.

– That KIA soul marketing with the hamsters is working. I’m seeing more of them on the road. Dip Dop Dippity!

– Lightning round?! Yea, with this group. We’ll see.

– Meek says we need to “put the pliers” to NATO with Afghanistan. What exactly, does that mean?

– Rubio wants a stable Afghanistan that can be an ally.

– Governor Crist says that military action against Iran always needs to be on the table and that Israel is a great ally. He starts touting a bill he signed during his time as Governor.

– What is the painful measure to take to stop the deficit. Meek says to stop the Bush tax cuts. Crist says we need to cut taxes. Rubio says it needs to be dealt with and the grownups of the political process needs to realize that.

– Gregory asks “Who would you caucus with Governor?” Crist says “It depends on the outcome and that he would ask both parties tough questions”. Like who’s gonna put me on a Presidential ticket!

– Wow, Rubio really put some cheese on that closing statement. Your not running for President yet, Marco! Reel that in!

– Meek touts High Speed rail and rocks the vote

– Uh, Oh …here comes the Guv. He is an optimist and Rubio is doom and gloom. “Your vote is precious and should be cherished and no Republican boss or Democratic Boss can take it” Not bad…

and there you have it……. This debate was a let-down. Very little fireworks, no sound bytes and no Smartphones!

Droid does…allow you to cheat? Alex Sink receives forbidden text during debate.

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I remember, when I was taking a college class a couple of years back and we had to write, from memory an 8 page paper, about the digestive system. We had to write out the journey of food through your body, from chewing all the way to well.. you know. It was a tough and well an unpleasant paper to write, and the fact that we weren’t allowed to use notes made it tough, to say the least.

“If you have to use notes, then you don’t know it!” My British Biology Professor would shout, heavy accent in full swing.

Sure enough, not 10 minutes in. The Prof quickly stood up from his desk and marched over to one of my classmates, grabbed his cellphone, took a look and with venom in his voice said…

“Great, bloody idea that was! Get out!”

My classmate was suspended and I never saw him again….in class. I think I saw him in the club a couple of more times, or something. The point being is that cellphones are dangerous, from distracting us from driving, to getting us thrown out of class, to yes.. running for Governor in Florida.

Take a long look at this Video (link attached), watch it a few times. Its a fascinating character study.

:18- Now, is the makeup artist asking Alex Sink if she wants to read the text? It was almost like that was her first priority, to make sure our CFO read that text. I sincerely believe that Sink didn’t even know it was against the rules. Ironically, the aide that signed the agreement against communicating with your candidate, was the one who sent the text.

:23- I need some of that bald guy powder on my dome, when I do TV. It’s remarkable that I don’t blind the people watching at home!

:25- Rick is a scary looking dude, man….

:27- Scott comes off like a jerk here, but he’s sharp and I see some leadership there. He crosses his arms (with attitude), waives over a producer of some sort. “So, we can have notes, we can have people that work for us give us messages?”….Yeah… Mr. PRODUCERRRRRRR!

:40- “Right there with the BlackBerry” now guys, it’s not an Iphone, an Ipad, Ipod or a Blackberry. It was reported by the Miami Herald that it was a Droid phone.

:54- I know body language, I can tell you that Alex Sink was completely oblivious and Rick Scott armed with the confidence 218 mil can buy you, was completely stoked.

Alex Sink’s campaign acted irresponsibly, when they broke the rules and tried to help her during the debate. and the information didn’t even help. She talked over the moderator during the last segment (and ticked him off) and turned what could have a been a great evening for her campaign and flushed it down the toliet (not mentioned in my college paper).

Is it the end of the world? Ofcourse not. Is it relevant with the issues? No. Is it major news? Well, lets see.. I just got done doing a segment on TV about it and reading about 6 articles on the incident so yeah, its hitting the fan pretty good. Alex Sink fired that staffer (which is sad) and has to drive through this mess as fast as possible and hope she hits daylight before election day. It would be sad if a text message was all people were thinking about when they voted. I predicted that Rick Scott would win this election, this morning, we’ll see how this goes.

I got an “A” on that paper, by the way.

Textgate will be what people are talking about till next Tuesday..


Five Funny Things for a Monday (Dinosaurs and Taliban edition)

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I’ve decided that I like all three of candidates for Florida Senate. I think Charlie Crist going Independent made this race a whole lot of fun. I’m still pulling for Rubio, but if it were someone who didn’t have his potential to make waves in Washington, I could easily see myself voting for a nice enough guy like Meek or even our sitcom worthy Governor. This race is great stuff. Five funny things for Monday, here we go!

5. Kendrick Meek “I think it’s very, very important to understand that the Taliban has been there for years and years, I mean, hundreds of thousands of years.”: Shut the game off! Best quote of this election year PERIOD. Guys, I couldn’t stop laughing. This quote from Congressman Kendrick Meek during yesterday’s debate was awesome. Hundreds of thousands of years…I can picture his team watching this on TV at one of his campaign HQ’s in total silence. “Did he just say that?” Now, I understand that he got carried away but, man this one was a gem.

Watch out for the Taliban guys!

4. Charlie Crist “Welcome to the NFL”: Rubio started out with “I’ve had hecklers at a debate, but there usually in the audience”. Governor Crist replied “Welcome to the NFL”. Yes, nothing like a 95 pound man, that throws like this (Clip attached) Telling you to man up. Oh, there’s more Crist would add “You know, I remember calling a play in the huddle and literally, as you’re walking up to the line of scrimmage, you survey the defense, the facts and circumstances before you, see where the linebackers are, and realize that there’s going to be a blitz. You’ve got to call an audible. You have to change to adapt to the circumstances to do the best thing for your state.”

Yes, because you want your Senator to run the West Coast Offense with your economy right?

3. Shunning Sarah Palin: I called her “moderate repellent” yesterday on television. There is nothing wrong with Sarah Palin, I just don’t want her near me if I’m in a close general election race. She was in town on Saturday and the story wasn’t, so much her appearance or what she said, but the fact that Rick Scott, Pam Bondi, and Dan Webster weren’t there.

Scott, Bondi and Webster are all in tight races, even Bondi who was endorsed by Sarah Palin in the primary had to stay away because there are a lot of Independent voters that still see Tina Fey, when they hear Palin speak.

It’s all good Governor Palin, I’ll buy you a beer right after I win my election.

Yes Governor, just waive. I'll call you on November 3rd Okay?

2. Joe Biden in town to raise funds for Alan Grayson: How many expletives are we going to hear at this thing?! I just so happen to have a few words from the Vice-President’s speech. I don’t curse on this blog, so I’ve had to do some editing:

Good Evening, &((* $##&&& *&&%$$ Alan Grayson @##!##@ !###@#$$ $$##@@ Obama %%$#@@!#@@# ##@$%## %%$%#@# Jersey Shore !@#$# $$#$% money ##$$ !@!!@ Vote #$@@#$@ Webster $#@#% Thank you!

1. Rasmussen reports that 43% of people don’t believe that neither party Represents the American people: Well, too bad. Welcome the NFL! (you see you can just plug that in anywhere.)

Bill McCullom endorses Rick Scott

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It’s not easy giving someone your support after they spent tens of millions of dollars insulting you and taking a nomination you were positive was yours.

Late Friday Attorney General and former gubernatorial candidate Bill McCullom released this statement.

“Florida is facing a critical time. Our state needs conservative leaders who will grow our economy and create jobs. We need merit pay and an end to teacher tenure in our public schools, major litigation reform, smaller government, low taxes and a repeal of Obamacare. With this in mind, I will cast my vote for Rick Scott for Governor. It’s the better choice for Florida.”

Yeah, its not exactly fireworks and Toby Keith, but it might bump the poll numbers up a tick, to give pollsters and the media enough confidence to call Rick Scott the leader. Please allow me to offer a special translation of this endorsement, that you will only find here on Central Florida Politics with Frank Torres.

“Listen guys we’re in trouble here. I don’t want Scott to lose and then have to listen to the talking heads on TV say it was my fault. I miss hanging out with my buddies who kicked me to the curb, right after I lost. This Alex Sink lady doesn’t know what the heck she’s talking about, and this is about picking the lesser of two evils. Please stop calling my house now.”

You know, good for Bill McCullom. I’m sure he will get a lot of pats on the back and “You know, this really means a lot to the party” E-mails. It would have been wrong to just sit back and let someone with completely opposite beliefs win the race, with knowledge that you might have been able to make a difference.

It just would have been better, if he’d had done it before early voting started!

Have a great weekend!

McCullom ultimately chose to endorse his party's nominee

Bill Clinton stumps for Kendrick Meek at UCF to rock College Vote

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It’s been an interesting week in Florida politics as we fly towards the finish line. This week we’ve got some of the biggest political guns in the country down here, as they try to rock the vote and bring their people to he polls.

Bill Clinton Stumps for Kendrick Meek at UCF: My boy, Kendrick Meek! He will fight until the end, no matter how bad it looks. He will never quit and you could throw 100 polls at Kendrick, all of them placing him 3rd behind Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist and he’ll tell you. “I was down 15 points to Jeff Greene in the primary and I ended up winning that race” His campaign doesn’t just need a shot in arm. It needs to be bitten by a radio-active spider! He needs to make sure that every Democrat in Florida shows for a non-presidential election. Including College Kids.

He is going about it all wrong.

Leave it to the Meek campaign to bring in someone older to rock the “young” vote: In this case 64 year old Bill Clinton. Most of these kids were in diapers when Clinton was elected in 92′ and learning their multiplication tables when he left office in 2000′. 1500 people showed up for a free, open to the public, rally with a former President. Thats not the return of investment you want on a former President’s time.

You wanna know what I would have done? I would have paid the appearance fee for a celebrity that would have filled the UCF Arena, then I would have shuttled those college kids straight to the polls! Celebrities trump politicians when your talking to the college audience . Here are just a few ideas.

Lady Ga Ga is political now, right? She might even bring that dude standing behind her.

No, wait this Glee Cast wardrobe for Conservative Appearances.

Ah, here we are. There you go, Democrats!

I'm telling you. You put Katy Perry in a room with male voters, regardless of political party, and they will vote for you.

…but you guys catch my drift. Bill Clinton, bless his heart for being a loyal leader and fighting the good fight for his party but he’s not gonna get your college kids to the polls in a non-presidential year. They’ve got classes, part-time jobs and social lives to live.

Next time just use the campaign funds for a robo-call from Kanye West.

I'm gonna let you finish, I'm gonna let you finish..I just want to say that Kendrick Meek is running the greatest campaign of all time!

Does Florida really want Alan Grayson gone?

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How great was “The Dark Knight”.

You had Heath Ledger’s joker tormenting Gotham and Christian Bale’s Batman. He was appalling, scary, intelligent and he blew up poor Maggie Gyllenhal. When the movie was over, people weren’t talking about Bruce Wayne’s Lamborghini or Motorcycle. They were talking about the Joker dressed up in a nurse’s costume blowing up a hospital. They brought up how he pushed that noble district attorney and turned him into Two-Face. You hated the Joker but, you were sad that Ledger died and that you would never see that character again.

It was great, theater.

Flash to the race for the 8th Congressional District here in Central Florida, Where Daniel Webster and his squeaky clean campaign tactics are giving the Alan Grayson Campaign all he can handle. Its going to be fun to watch it all go down, and Alan Grayson could actually wake up lame on November 3rd.

Is that what you guys really want?

I think he needs to go, because you can’t cut funding from defense while we still have two conflicts going on. Let’s end things right, then slowly reel back any unnecessary spending and leave our troops comfortable and give them the resources they need to be successful in life.

If Dan Webster wins, the GOP will be celebrating all over the country, the Tea Party Movement will be tapping the keg, off of Church st, Conservative leadership will dump a cooler of Gatorade on Orange County Chairman Lew Oliver, like he just won the Superbowl and one of the most notorious Democrats in the history of the House of Representatives will be gone.

Heath Ledger’s joker will be gone. Suzanne Kosmas will probably lose as well, leaving the angry without someone to go after. I suppose they could channel their efforts towards the 2012 Presidential race or tackle individual issues that might arise.

Would that be as much fun though?

What about the media!? The Orlando Sentinel endorsed Dan Webster but what will they write about, if this character falls? I’ve done TV analysis on Grayson’s shenanigans at least a dozen times over this election cycle. Bill Maher will probably be ticked and we won’t see a full Grayson- Michelle Bachmann dialogue that has been close to happening but election year politics have gotten in the way of.

No full lenght Bachman- Grayson showdown?

Perkins, what about Perkins? How boring is it, to know that a Congressman won’t barge in on you, while your having your Tremendous Twelve? We will never see the neon “GRAYSON” sign off of I4 like he wants.

No Alan Grayson, no Joker in the next Batman movie. What are you guys going to do? The excitement and the fuel that keeps the fire burning will be gone, there will be no one in Central Florida that embraces being the villain, like he does. Are you guys cool with that?

I think you’ll be okay…

One of the greatest villains in Florida politics might fall in less than two weeks

Leadership Florida Gubernatorial Debate October 20th (blogged live!)

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Silence…..thats what this Leadership Florida Gubernatorial debate starts with, because of audio difficulties.

– I can’t hear what Alex Sink is saying….lovely pants suit though.

– To think, the people of Florida will have to pick their next leader on body language alone, just how the aliens from the movies judge us!

– I have the feeling this is Alex Sink’s finest opening statement and I can’t hear it. Whats going on CBS!

– Commercial! Commercial! Whats happening! Oh no, public service messages!

-Oh no they didn’t infomercials….

Come on CBS!

– annnnd we’re back and we can hear Rick Scott…oh those Republican’s and their conspiracies, I bet Rick Scott bought Alex Sink’s time and aired the infomercials.

– Rick Scott says he knows how to build jobs, Sink says Jeb Bush’s financial advisor says that Scott’s plan wouldn’t work

-Alex Sink calls Rick Scott a corporate raider.

Corporate Raider, maybe...Lost Ark Raider, No.

– Scott is questioned about cutting government jobs during a recession. He says its part of his plan and that cutting government jobs will in fact cut down on government spending and help small business.

– Sink wants the names of companies, so she can recruit for Florida and to remove the barriers, that keep them from coming here.

– Sink says she will work with the Republican legislature. Will they work with her?

– “Rick, we can’t trust what you say. You’ve been throwing mud, the whole election” Sink says. Poor lady, she is uncomfortable attacking.

– Scott calls Sink economic plan, Obama Math! She says she was a math major and keeps asking for more time to answer Scott

What is this Obama math you speak of, Rick?

– This timekeeper is being kind of a jerk with Alex Sink

– Sink is interrupted in her response. Did Scott pay these guys off? lol

– The gentlemen from the panel brings up all of Sink’s mess-ups and asks if she takes responsibilities. She does because she follows the law. This is not going well for her at all.

– The guy on the panel asks Scott if he was ignorant on his insider trading. Scott walks around the question.

– Scott has gotten better and brings up kickbacks for Sink’s employees for steering seniors towards risky investments.

– Scott says you have to broaden your horizons, when he mentions the overlooked mistakes by his companies

-Scott says FCAT is good for now.

-What a commercial? After that mess up from the beginning. This is a terrible broadcast and now we have to deal with these sponsors. Lame!

– Ummm this is longer than two minutes!

– awww Sink’s mic isn’t on! I gotta admit, she is having a really tough night.

– Sink is asked about immigration and touts her endorsements of law enforcement and says that we have to follow laws. She says she won’t support the Arizona plan, She will support the Alex Sink plan.

– Scott brings up his running mate, Jennifer Carroll as how immigration is done right. He takes a shot at Sink and brings up E-verify.

– Adam Smith from the St. Pete Times asks Rick Scott to compliment his opponent and Rick Scott says she is a great family person. Sink says that Rick’s marriage is his good thing. Two great answers that have nothing to do with the issues. Dance, dance!

Maybe he should run for Governor!

– Sink brings up that Rick Scott won’t go into newspaper op-ed boards. Somewhere the guys at the Sentinel are smiling.

– Scott says he is going straight to the voters and calls her a Tally insider. Calls her a “failed fiscal watchdog”

– Fiscally Responsible, not Fiscally Conservative. Thank you, Alex Sink for sticking to your guns. That is the right way to be a Democrat and tout your policies with the budget.

– Sink is cracking, says that she spoke to State Farm and that she begged them to stay. This is not good at all….I’m reading that body language and she wants out.

– Rick Scott clarifies. No gay adoptions and marriage is between a man and woman.

– Alex Sink says that gay marriage is not amoral and misses an opportunity to really attack Scott on the subject and his absolute stances.

– Alex Sink no sales taxes, Rick Scott no tax increases…period.

– Alex Sink says she is going to do her Regan thing “There you go, again” she says. Republican Exec Commitee Chairs all over the state, just threw objects at they’re TV.

– Rick Scott says that Alex Sink is an Obama Liberal.

– Sink brings up her upbringing and that she is a farm girl with strong values.

– Rick Scott channels Marco Rubio and says if you like high taxes, and out of control spending, vote for Sink.

The broadcast ends with more sponsor plugs. What a train wreck of a debate. Technical difficulties, Sink got rattled and the members of the panel apparently all woke up on the wrong side of the bed, they were ticked.

Sink got beat. It doesn’t matter what the real facts are, you can’t walk up to the podium and get beat up like that. The timekeepers and panelist were more contentious than she was use to and it looked bad. Rick Scott has been through the pressure cooker before with those high stake depositions, and he is not going to crack.

A Rassmussen poll shows Scott up by 6 today. It’s going to be a dog fight but Sink needs to get going.

Thanks for reading!