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Orlando Matters Orange County Mayoral Debate Analysis

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2010 at 12:18 am

Here we go again…this time Orlando Matters, which is on MY65 on Saturdays at 7am, is taking on the biggest local race in Central Florida. The race for Orange County Mayor. As always I encourage you to watch along with me! Here is the link!

:15- Keith Landry is a pretty good moderator, and really good guy in person too. Because FOX35/MY65 has been so good to me, this election cycle. They get a free pass from the jokes I would normally make about the moderator and the broadcast. I’m also happy to see that he was able to escape that verbal brawl that took place during that OC District 4 debate, I just wrote about.

:40- As Bill Segal explains why he is running, I wonder what happened. He was almost unstoppable 4 months ago, now he is in the fight of his life. The big money from the powers that be in Orange County can’t catch him a break as he reaches out for anything he can find.

1:44- Teresa Jacobs starts her opening remarks, she sounds like…well a Mayor. I’ve heard these statements over a dozen times. I try to see how time has effected these candidates.

4:39- Bill Segal is all business, its not like when there were two other candidates in the way. He throws the first shot criticizing Teresa’s plan for jobs. I don’t think he was expecting Jacob’s to be this tough, she caught him off guard at Tiger Bay.

5:33- “Giving someone a $3000 credit for creating a $58,000 dollar job isn’t going to make someone hire somebody” good point by Jacobs.

6:03- Segal says that $3000 might push owners that are on the fence into a hire…Maybe? Maybe not…If its a 32K job it might, but not likely

6:08- Whoa that mean face is terrifying! Is that his “Full Metal Jacket” warface!

Let me see your Warface!

7:08- Jacobs lays out the plan, there might be a special election and it will bring unlimited jobs. Atleast she is telling me now and not after I’ve voted for her. Honesty.

8:12- I miss Matt Falconer and Linda Stewart at these things…there was room for a jokes and insults..good tv.

9:50- Segal says “I will never cut police and fire” (Paraphrased) write it down..

10:27- Landry brings up that Stewart won’t endorse Segal…Segal says that he still looks forward to working with her.

11:02- Jacobs says that getting the public engaged is one of the things they both agree with.

11:39- Oh here we go again…the whole “Teresa is a lobbyist” thing again. This is so tired. Jacobs fires back that he can’t back it up and she is right.

13:03- Split screen, Jacobs use to get angry now, she see it coming..

14:50- Jacobs says that Segal isn’t disclosing his business contacts and ignored the rules. Segal says that his forms needed some checking and that he didn’t make any money off of those votes.

16:55- Here comes the hits, Jacobs slams Segal for not taking responsibility for not knowing the rules. Segal says the info was on the internet.

18:00- Didnt see this coming, What is Teresa Jacob’s biggest strength? Segal says that she does her homework, Jacobs says that Segal tries to get along with people. The Rodney King of Orange County.

Rodney is smiling at how well Bill Segal gets along with everybody..

19:06- Segal sticks up for Sunrail, says its the beginning and Jacobs agrees. Its going to be a slow starter.

Sunrail the rail that slowly starts!..

21:00- Segal touts his deputies endorsement

22:00- Once again Landry asks the big question. What about the big money developers? Jacobs says that decisions need to be balanced. Segal defends them because, why? They put a lot of money into Segal.

23:25- Both are no on Amendment 4…that is good for Orange County

24:10- That was a slugfest and it was kinda one sided. I think that now that Jacobs is firing on all cylinders she is going to be hard to stop.

It will be up to the voters..

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