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Wesh 2 Orange County Mayoral Debate (blogged it live!)

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Ok you guys know the drill, Now, I’m doing this live, so no timeline…here we go!

Montage!- Wow, high production value on the intro…

and here we are.. and Helloooo Martha Sugalski, looking radiant as always..

Urban League Boss, Allie Braswell- You know, all I’m thinking about Mr. Braswell, right now is why he can’t put together the Webster/Grayson debate.

Segal wins the coin toss,

Segal says he can put 42 new deputies on the street..haven’t heard him mention that before, he is bringing in some new stuff.

The lighting on stage isn’t very good, I can barely see these guys

Jacobs attacks 1st during her intro.

Gail Paschall Brown says don’t send her to no website after she asks her question! I can understand that, candidates like to hide behind materials.

Segal wants to travel around the world to bring home businesses..lets hope he doesn’t forget, why he is out there.

Jacobs hits the point home” No promises, I can’t deliver, keep the public’s trust”

Aww the sweet older woman has a question and why can’t she ask her own question?!

Segal praises Jerry Demmings…he’s ridden with the deputies “rousting” out the bad guys and touts his endorsements. I can picture Segal leaping out a squad car like one of the beastie boys in “Sabotage”

A Bill Segal ride-along

Jacob’s isn’t running a campaign on endorsements

Jim Payne says we’re going new school with a Facebook question..well thats not really “new school” anymore, Jim and ofcourse….its a school board question. They gotta screen these questions. Then they cut away to a teen that looks like he’d rather be anywhere but here.

Quick shot of a man in a black jacket with a serious look on his face.

Segal has recovered since the last debate, from last week. He is more energetic.

Ah Amendment 4…the softball, they have been waiting for. Studies say it could cost a voters a billion dollars (Dr Evil…stare)

My newest project? I shall call it Amendment 4...

Jacobs says that Amendment 4 will turn representative democracy into a full democracy. That is not a good thing, guys.

Jacobs’ answer runs long and Bill Segal is shooting daggers at the timekeeper, I’ve been there when he does it. He will actually stand up during the debate and ask the timekeeper in the middle of his opponents rebuttal.

Segal says Amendment 4 will send business to the Carolinas and Alabama .

If it passes, Jacobs says she is the best to deal with it.

Once again, the kind young women can’t ask her own, question!? Why is that!

Bill Segal says he is the best man to bring business to Orange County and will even let business leaders hang with the Orlando Magic players. That would be cool.

If you bring jobs to Orange County, you can hang out with JJ Reddick!

Jacobs touts the ability of local college students and opportunities for local business as well as bringing big companies here.

A couple in the crowd starts shaking their heads. I wonder what they were thinking?

Gail Paschall Brown brings up Sunrail

Jacobs says that we will make it work.

Segal says it will change the face of Central Florida. It won’t be an overnight success.

Can we get Jim Payne and Martha Sugalski some chairs? They’re gonna be standing for an hour straight!

Shot of a gentlemen in a yellow tie that looks like he is falling to sleep.

Segal and Jacobs agree on several points on initiatives to bring in businesses.

Uh oh, toll questions. Jacobs says that she might look at rolling the tolls back a little bit. Segal says that the increase was done in the trough of a terrible recession. We agree on that.

Greg Fox brings up the point of the adjustable toll prices according to the time of day. Very interesting.

This Senior from UCF is huge! I will not be dissing him anytime soon.. He has got to be at least 6’5. If he is a journalism major, shouldn’t he be allowed to ask his own question?!

Thank you for letting the guy get a word in!

Paschall-Brown brings up school bullying. Jacobs says we need to teach social responsibility. Segal says that if the schools can’t address it, then the county needs to step in.

Jacobs gives her closing statement:She uses the opportunity to defend herself against the onslaught of negative mailers.

Hey, Dick Batchelor is there…How about an invite WESH?

Segal says that Jacobs missed 653 votes…thats rubbish. Bill Segal says he can sell Orange County to the world and he’s the man to bring business here. “I will be a great mayor for Orange County”

and thats it….Well what can I say? It was a stange broadcast. It had some good content, and both of the candidates were on they’re game but the audience should have been able to ask they’re own questions and the set should have been lit better. Teresa Jacobs did a terrific job. Bill Segal did close the gap a little, but you still can’t trust him.

Looking at the audience break up, I see Sugalski and Payne talking to Jacobs.

Hey, there is my frequent on-air partner Dr. Richard Foglesong. He is a good guy.

and there you have it. Thanks for reading!

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