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WFTV Channel 9 Florida Senate Debate (Blogged live!)

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Here we go, not even 24 hours removed from the last debate. This time its the Florida Senate Race on Channel 9…Lets Go!

UPDATE: Here is the webcast

– Whoa Channel 9’s opening montage trumps WESH 2 mayoral montage..I’m hyped!

– George Stephanopolus (I’m going to mess that up a lot!)…we got a pro moderator, horray for Florida!

– Nice setup here at Channel 9, just a couple of blocks from me!

– Governor goes 1st and its a pretty good statement, he’s “gonna crash the TEA party” from the extreme right

– He promises a bi-partisan plan, we’ll see…wasn’t he a Jeb Bush Republican, a couple of months back?

– “My name is Kendrick Meek” thats good to introduce himself, because people still don’t know who he is! Strong Opening statement.

– Marco Rubio pulls material from his commercial great tag lines!

– Snuffeluflgas brings up Crist’s recent Social Security attack against Rubio, Rubio says his mother is on SSN and she needs it.

No! Stephanopolus!

– The Guv is not making eye contact with anyone except the camera!

– Kendrick Meek says any attacks on SSN will go through him and he is a former State Trooper and a football player…so I guess that will be a little tough.

Maybe Ray Lewis should run for office,,,I can't see anyone ticking him off!

– Marco says he is not hearing a plan, Kendrick fires back “creating jobs is not a plan?” Oh no! they’re jumping the moderator…its completely out of control!

-The Governors says “lets have a mature talk about this” pretty funny..he is still looking at the this his ad?!

– Stephanopolus is losing control of this thing….

– Aw man it’s Craig Patrick..hopefully they’ll give him more time than that first Mayoral debate….

– Crist brings up Marco’s flag football field that he used party funds on…and brings up vetoes on mandatory Sonagrams for pregnant women and Teacher Merit (teacher performance) pay.

– I know when guys that are fighting for they’re lives and the Guv and Meek are doing just that.

– I like how Marco will look a man straight in the face on Statewide TV and call him a liar.

– Whoa! Kendrick is still here?…he says the bottom line is how to get people back to work and he goes for Marco’s throat..these guys are going to fight!

– Meeks says that Marco wants to move a conservative nationwide agenda.

– Marco says the stimulus is a massive failure…he says it did not create jobs or stimulate the economy and the only thing it stimulated was the national debt..

– Crist says the problem at the table is the problem with the nation, left vs. right..Governor please stop looking at me, through the TV!

– Brendan Mclaughlin asks Meek the tough question of why the Guv is getting more support from the left. Meek says we cannot allowed Marco to win and that the recent endorsement from Congressman Wexler is because he is a personal friend of the Guv. He is slowly losing his temper, he needs to slow his breathing!

– Crist says that he married “a nice jewish girl” and touts his understanding of Israel…he says “Washington is crippled”

Say what you want about the Governor...he has got game. The First Lady of Florida Carole Crist.

– Marco says that jobs aren’t created by government. People should create jobs. Says that Meek votes with Nancy Pelosi most of the time and that Charlie was a Republican six months ago.

Meek is accused of voting with Nancy Pelosi too often..

– The Governors starts picking apart the health care bill. He says “He is pro-life but also pro women” also says “Marco your not drinking the cool-aid, your drinking too much TEA!” awwww snap…look at the Governor throwing down!

– “This bill is disaster and must be repealed” Marco says

– “I voted for the healthcare bill and I would do it again” Meek says..”you can’t pick the raisins out of the bread” with healthcare.

– Craig Patrick says that Obama quoted Regan when he said we need a leaner government. Meek agrees but still needs to “um um um, protect the middle class” end quote. “We have a crisis here in Florida” Meek says. He jumps George Stephanopolus and says we need to send someone up there that wants to make it work. He is running long

– Marco is looking at the cam now and recites his remarkable climb. “The fact is, that this bill is a disaster” regarding the stimulus.

– Marco says that Alex Sink (Democrat) agrees with keeping the Bush Tax Cuts. He got dealt a tough question and did well.

– Meek says that the Bush Tax Cuts will send jobs over seas… Charlie Crist is just chilling and letting these two wail on each other.

– Crist says that Rubio voted to raise property taxes early in his career and that he’s vetoed earmarks and signed the biggest tax cut in the state’s history.

– Meek says “That you want to take us back to the Dick Cheney days” “You drove the car into the ditch and you want the keys”

– Charlie wants Marco to go on the record, about his flag football field and that he had to cut pork out of Rubio’s budget when he was speaker of the house.

– Meek does know that military families need their soldiers home, but doesn’t define a goal in Afghanistan. “Who is clapping for soldiers, when they’re sitting for two hours in a VA clinic”.. well said Kendrick.

– Marco believes victory in Afhganistan is creating a secure situation on the ground and to keep an eye on Pakistan.

– The Guv touts his VA department (which by personal experience, is a tragic mess!), he wants to secure nuclear arms and to monitor the situation in Iran.

– Crist defers to General Patreaus, about when its time to come home.

– Craig Patrick brings up Sunrail and tries to put Marco on the spot and asks if High Speed Rail will have to wait. Stephanopolus looks like he is getting distracted.

– The Guv says that you have to strike a balance and addresses the Presidential hug (favorably), and that you have to have leadership.

– Meek launches on Rubio, then Crist saying that he stands “on a wet paper box” whoa that camera man is in the shot and some dude in a blue tie…after they goofed on the OC Mayor Debate, I knew they wouldn’t throw a perfect game.

– McLaughlin, who seems to only be here to call out the Guvs flip-flops brings up the Gay Adoption and don’t ask, don’t tell in the military. The Guv says that the political parties try to tell people how to love.

– “I’m a fiscal conservative and a social moderate” Crist says and you have to live and let live….Rubio says that 6 months ago Crist was trying to be the biggest Republican. He says Florida has tumbled while Crist was Governor.

– Rubio says that the solutions the others offer, is a government program or a tax increase.

– “You need a leader that will stand for the people of Florida, not only when its politically correct.” Meek says. Crist says that no one has fought harder for minorities.

– There is a jumble of a mess at the end and everyone shakes hands.

It was a great debate. I thought, that tempers got lost a few times, but it was really entertaining. I’m not going to pick a winner but I will say that the Governor did well, when he wasn’t getting attacked. Meek went for his loyal Democrat vote and Rubio’s message, which sounds the most appealing when you take the parties away might have preserved his lead.

WFTV didn’t mess this up, like they did the OC Mayor Debate. They’re the least PR friendly people in town, so I have no problem bringing that up.

I will try to update with an internet replay as soon as I can.

Have a great night!

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