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Does Kendrick Meek needs to drop out? and Sink and Scott Debate

In Uncategorized on October 9, 2010 at 2:01 pm

Kendrick Meek is a pretty decent guy. I’ve watched him at events and I recognize pandering when I see it, also I know when someone is actively listening to the voters at events or just spacing out and he is a pretty straight up guy.

But he’s toast….and Democrats in Florida still don’t know who this guy is and I feel terrible for him. That wacky Governor of ours jumping ship from the Republican party and going indy, just ruined his world. The newest poll results show that he is down a bunch and Marco Rubio is running away with this thing. Concerned Democrats know that if Rubio gets elected, they can forget about having any sort of pull with his administration and letting the Republicans keep that seat in the Senate won’t help their case in keeping the majority there (even though it looks like they will anyways). So, with that being said, what started out as a whisper about a week ago this time last week, is starting to sound like the roar of a jet engine.

Drop out Kendrick, Drop out Kendrick, Drop out Kendrick….Crist will work with us and would love to stick it to his conservative buddies a few more times when he gets to Washington.

Is it fair? Ofcourse not. Is it reality? Oh yeah…

What do I think? I think he should stay in and not because I like what Rubio has to say, but as a gut check to his party and a kick in the rear, to his campaign. He’s got Bill Clinton, coming to the rescue, later this month. He needs to stay in till the bitter end, he just hasn’t done anything wrong.

You hang in there, Kendrick..

Rick Scott and Alex Sink debated yesterday and while Alex attacked, Rick did what Rick does best during debates.

Rick Scott took notes..

Rick Scott took the free time during his debate to draw a dinosaur...roar!

Scott, who is forever on defense during debates, stood there and listened to Sink attack him for an hour. He probably could have stood there for two. You might ask, why didn’t he say more?

He doesn’t have to. His goal for these debates are simple…don’t make any mistakes and use your television ads to win, this race.

Alex Sink could have easily been debating a cardboard cut-out, yesterday.

Have a great weekend!

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