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Races that nobody care about part 1: Race for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture

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Lets face it, not all of the races in Florida, this year are that sexy.

Voters will walk into that booth, with the intention of voting for 2 or 3 candidates in the races they care about and won’t have a clue in the world over what to do next.

Some will vote strictly by party lines in the races they don’t recognize and the independents, no lie, will vote by the name they like the best. Example: “Oh, Adam! My prom date’s name was Adam” or “Maddox! That sounds like Greg Maddux from the Atlanta Braves” and promptly vote for that candidate.

Greg Maddux should run for office some day!

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture:

What does he do, Frank? Here is the description from the department’s site. “We work with farmers to ensure a safe and abundant food supply and market our agricultural commodities to the world. We operate the state’s consumer hotline and help consumers resolve problems ranging from auto repair fraud to telemarketing complaints. We inspect scales and gasoline pumps to ensure that consumers get their money’s worth.”

Who is the incumbent?: I’m glad you asked. It’s Charles Bronson (R).

Commissioner of Agriculture?

Wait…Thats not him? Oh okay…

Oh, okay thats better. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson

Who’s running?

Adam Putnam (R): Here is his website.

Random Facts:

-He was elected to the State house at 22! Congress at 26!

-He’s a Florida Gator (although at the moment, that stock might be relatively low!)

– 5th generation farmer, has a kid’s corner on his site (he’s only 36, gotta grab that young vote)

– His commercial tag-line “I Intend to get it right” . Good to know. I would never take office telling everyone, that “I’m gonna completely screw this up!”

Scott Maddox (D): Here is his website

Random Facts:

– Former Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party (Once again that stock might be a little low at the moment)

– Admission that he is down in the polls. That’s not good, this is an unrealistic business remember?

-Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer endorsed him. He throws a lot of liberal policies under the bus, in his TV ads.

– Commercial tag line? “Get mad with Maddox” because getting mad alone can be pretty unsatisfying.

So, Whats the deal then Frank? : I can tell you guys, the main question to ask these two is “What do you think about the Constituent Services of the Ag department, now?” I can tell you from first hand experience that its pretty rough. Long hold/wait times, Business licensing fees have been increased along with more regulations and frustration. Some of these are in place to protect consumers but, its putting opportunities out of reach for someone that just wants to start a career.

Find out what their plans are to improve everyday services in the department and the possibility of reducing some of the fees.

Still awake?! Awesome, see you tomorrow!

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