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Races that nobody care about Part 2: Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

In Uncategorized on October 20, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Welcome back! If you clicked on the link to get here, then you are either

1) A political die-hard like myself, who probably should be spending more time with your families or doing more charity work


2) The 95% of you that are responsible voters, who are just getting around to doing research on the candidates, so you can make the right call at the polls. No worries, its like I brought up yesterday, most people will just vote for the guy with the best name.

Let’s not waste anymore time!.

What’s she do, Frank?: From the CFO website. Florida’s CFO oversees the state’s accounting and auditing functions and unclaimed property, monitors the investment of state funds and manages the deferred compensation program and risk management program for the state. She is also the Chief State Fire Marshall and in charge of insurance con…zzzzzzz, whoa! Dozed off there! Insurance Consumer Fraud Investigation.

Who is the incumbent?: Well, she should look familiar, because a lot of people care about the race, she is running in.

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink

Who’s Running?:

Loranne Ausley (D): Here is her website.

Random Facts:

– Long time State Representative, endorsed by Bill Nelson, Kendrick Meek, and Alex Sink.

– Her issues “Ace of Spades” is to end sweetheart deals and audit political contributions from potential vendors.

Her latest ads, has a group of people walking up behind her with a bunch of mops pledging to “Clean up Tallahassee”. “I think we might need some more mops” Oh! That’s a knee slapper!

Jeff Atwater (R): Here is his website.

Random Facts:

– Atwater’s video “Never heard of a CFO?”. I’m sure he read the mind of most of the people that will visit his site!
– Lower taxes, smarter government. His issues page needs some more meat.
– Florida Senate President and he is a Gator with 25 years of banking experience.

– Tag line “Government doesn’t create jobs, we do”

So, whats the deal then, Frank?:
The CFO, like a lot of other cabinet positions can be a stepping stone to higher things. I’ve never met Ausley because, well I have to get a retinal scan to meet candidates from the other party! That is a huge problem. I have met Jeff Atwater and I can tell you he’s one of the smartest guys on the trail this year and I can also tell you that if you let him, he will talk for hours. Don’t get me wrong, its great stuff and it demonstrates how much he’s got it together, but just get a tub of popcorn first. He will probably win and he will probably run for higher office in the future.

I’ve got some great topics lined up guys. It’s going to be a great sprint to the finish line!

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