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Does Florida really want Alan Grayson gone?

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 at 2:45 pm

How great was “The Dark Knight”.

You had Heath Ledger’s joker tormenting Gotham and Christian Bale’s Batman. He was appalling, scary, intelligent and he blew up poor Maggie Gyllenhal. When the movie was over, people weren’t talking about Bruce Wayne’s Lamborghini or Motorcycle. They were talking about the Joker dressed up in a nurse’s costume blowing up a hospital. They brought up how he pushed that noble district attorney and turned him into Two-Face. You hated the Joker but, you were sad that Ledger died and that you would never see that character again.

It was great, theater.

Flash to the race for the 8th Congressional District here in Central Florida, Where Daniel Webster and his squeaky clean campaign tactics are giving the Alan Grayson Campaign all he can handle. Its going to be fun to watch it all go down, and Alan Grayson could actually wake up lame on November 3rd.

Is that what you guys really want?

I think he needs to go, because you can’t cut funding from defense while we still have two conflicts going on. Let’s end things right, then slowly reel back any unnecessary spending and leave our troops comfortable and give them the resources they need to be successful in life.

If Dan Webster wins, the GOP will be celebrating all over the country, the Tea Party Movement will be tapping the keg, off of Church st, Conservative leadership will dump a cooler of Gatorade on Orange County Chairman Lew Oliver, like he just won the Superbowl and one of the most notorious Democrats in the history of the House of Representatives will be gone.

Heath Ledger’s joker will be gone. Suzanne Kosmas will probably lose as well, leaving the angry without someone to go after. I suppose they could channel their efforts towards the 2012 Presidential race or tackle individual issues that might arise.

Would that be as much fun though?

What about the media!? The Orlando Sentinel endorsed Dan Webster but what will they write about, if this character falls? I’ve done TV analysis on Grayson’s shenanigans at least a dozen times over this election cycle. Bill Maher will probably be ticked and we won’t see a full Grayson- Michelle Bachmann dialogue that has been close to happening but election year politics have gotten in the way of.

No full lenght Bachman- Grayson showdown?

Perkins, what about Perkins? How boring is it, to know that a Congressman won’t barge in on you, while your having your Tremendous Twelve? We will never see the neon “GRAYSON” sign off of I4 like he wants.

No Alan Grayson, no Joker in the next Batman movie. What are you guys going to do? The excitement and the fuel that keeps the fire burning will be gone, there will be no one in Central Florida that embraces being the villain, like he does. Are you guys cool with that?

I think you’ll be okay…

One of the greatest villains in Florida politics might fall in less than two weeks

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