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Bill Clinton stumps for Kendrick Meek at UCF to rock College Vote

In Uncategorized on October 22, 2010 at 4:07 pm

It’s been an interesting week in Florida politics as we fly towards the finish line. This week we’ve got some of the biggest political guns in the country down here, as they try to rock the vote and bring their people to he polls.

Bill Clinton Stumps for Kendrick Meek at UCF: My boy, Kendrick Meek! He will fight until the end, no matter how bad it looks. He will never quit and you could throw 100 polls at Kendrick, all of them placing him 3rd behind Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist and he’ll tell you. “I was down 15 points to Jeff Greene in the primary and I ended up winning that race” His campaign doesn’t just need a shot in arm. It needs to be bitten by a radio-active spider! He needs to make sure that every Democrat in Florida shows for a non-presidential election. Including College Kids.

He is going about it all wrong.

Leave it to the Meek campaign to bring in someone older to rock the “young” vote: In this case 64 year old Bill Clinton. Most of these kids were in diapers when Clinton was elected in 92′ and learning their multiplication tables when he left office in 2000′. 1500 people showed up for a free, open to the public, rally with a former President. Thats not the return of investment you want on a former President’s time.

You wanna know what I would have done? I would have paid the appearance fee for a celebrity that would have filled the UCF Arena, then I would have shuttled those college kids straight to the polls! Celebrities trump politicians when your talking to the college audience . Here are just a few ideas.

Lady Ga Ga is political now, right? She might even bring that dude standing behind her.

No, wait this Glee Cast wardrobe for Conservative Appearances.

Ah, here we are. There you go, Democrats!

I'm telling you. You put Katy Perry in a room with male voters, regardless of political party, and they will vote for you.

…but you guys catch my drift. Bill Clinton, bless his heart for being a loyal leader and fighting the good fight for his party but he’s not gonna get your college kids to the polls in a non-presidential year. They’ve got classes, part-time jobs and social lives to live.

Next time just use the campaign funds for a robo-call from Kanye West.

I'm gonna let you finish, I'm gonna let you finish..I just want to say that Kendrick Meek is running the greatest campaign of all time!

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