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Droid does…allow you to cheat? Alex Sink receives forbidden text during debate.

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2010 at 4:46 pm

I remember, when I was taking a college class a couple of years back and we had to write, from memory an 8 page paper, about the digestive system. We had to write out the journey of food through your body, from chewing all the way to well.. you know. It was a tough and well an unpleasant paper to write, and the fact that we weren’t allowed to use notes made it tough, to say the least.

“If you have to use notes, then you don’t know it!” My British Biology Professor would shout, heavy accent in full swing.

Sure enough, not 10 minutes in. The Prof quickly stood up from his desk and marched over to one of my classmates, grabbed his cellphone, took a look and with venom in his voice said…

“Great, bloody idea that was! Get out!”

My classmate was suspended and I never saw him again….in class. I think I saw him in the club a couple of more times, or something. The point being is that cellphones are dangerous, from distracting us from driving, to getting us thrown out of class, to yes.. running for Governor in Florida.

Take a long look at this Video (link attached), watch it a few times. Its a fascinating character study.

:18- Now, is the makeup artist asking Alex Sink if she wants to read the text? It was almost like that was her first priority, to make sure our CFO read that text. I sincerely believe that Sink didn’t even know it was against the rules. Ironically, the aide that signed the agreement against communicating with your candidate, was the one who sent the text.

:23- I need some of that bald guy powder on my dome, when I do TV. It’s remarkable that I don’t blind the people watching at home!

:25- Rick is a scary looking dude, man….

:27- Scott comes off like a jerk here, but he’s sharp and I see some leadership there. He crosses his arms (with attitude), waives over a producer of some sort. “So, we can have notes, we can have people that work for us give us messages?”….Yeah… Mr. PRODUCERRRRRRR!

:40- “Right there with the BlackBerry” now guys, it’s not an Iphone, an Ipad, Ipod or a Blackberry. It was reported by the Miami Herald that it was a Droid phone.

:54- I know body language, I can tell you that Alex Sink was completely oblivious and Rick Scott armed with the confidence 218 mil can buy you, was completely stoked.

Alex Sink’s campaign acted irresponsibly, when they broke the rules and tried to help her during the debate. and the information didn’t even help. She talked over the moderator during the last segment (and ticked him off) and turned what could have a been a great evening for her campaign and flushed it down the toliet (not mentioned in my college paper).

Is it the end of the world? Ofcourse not. Is it relevant with the issues? No. Is it major news? Well, lets see.. I just got done doing a segment on TV about it and reading about 6 articles on the incident so yeah, its hitting the fan pretty good. Alex Sink fired that staffer (which is sad) and has to drive through this mess as fast as possible and hope she hits daylight before election day. It would be sad if a text message was all people were thinking about when they voted. I predicted that Rick Scott would win this election, this morning, we’ll see how this goes.

I got an “A” on that paper, by the way.

Textgate will be what people are talking about till next Tuesday..


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