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Kendrick Meek might not have earned your vote, but he should have earned your respect

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2010 at 2:51 pm

There has been one recurring theme that you might have noticed in this blog during this election cycle. That would be the battle for respect that Kendrick Meek has been fighting since a billionaire jumped into his primary and Governor Charlie Crist went Independent and started flirting with the Democrats in Washington.

“I feel a little like Rod Tidwell from Jerry Maguire”- Kendrick Meek after his primary victory over billionaire Jeff Green.

You guys remember Jerry Maguire right? Rod Tidwell was the Cuba Gooding Jr. character who was a talented wide receiver that no one paid any attention to and was only appreciated by his agent, when he was the only one to turn to. You guys know the rest of the story Tom Cruise, human head weighs 8 lbs, blah, blah, woo, woo, yadda, yadda.

Meek compared himself to Rod Tidwell after he won his primary.

Then the story broke this week, that Bill Clinton came to town and discussed the possibility of leaving the Florida Senate race. The race that Meek has been running for over a year, the proud Democrat that unlike other Democrats hasn’t tried to hide his political affiliation, he stands behind the policies and hasn’t turned his back on President Obama, Nancy Pelosi or any of that. Regardless, he is the one that is being asked to drop out and yes, discussing the possibility of dropping out, is pretty much asking.

Then, look who he is being asked to drop out for! Charlie Crist, who labled himself a “Jeb Bush Republican” just a few months ago and dropped out because this was his only chance to win. This guy!? You want me to bow, to this guy?

I blame the powers that be from the Democratic party, who’s tinkering might have hurt Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Sink by scaring away a voter base that wasn’t that exited about all of this anyways. How about actually showing up for the guy? How about communicating to the voters, that the guy who is pretending to be their friend, was their worst enemy 7 months ago.

It must have been a tough lunch to finish. Sitting across the room from your hero (Clinton is Meek’s hero, they go way back to his mother’s days of service) and having him tip toe across the suggestion of quitting. What is it like to sit across the table from your hero and having him ask you, to give up something that was rightfully yours to begin with? Then go out and campaign with the guy, thinking that his heart might not be in it, when he is singing your praises at the podium.

I respect Meek for his strength to say “I will not drop out, I am the nominee from the Democratic Party”. It takes guts and you can be sure that President Clinton wasn’t the first political “big dog” to ask him to leave. Fight your fight Kendrick and when you fall, the party needs to look at this race and recognize that if they were more in touch with the moderate/liberal moderate voters, that they would have been able to educate them that Crist wasn’t there guy, you were.

It’s all we’re gonna hear from the Meek camp till the race is called on Tuesday and like so many things that are involved in backroom politics, its not fair.

That’s still the way it is.

Whats happening to Kendrick Meek isn't right, but it is, what it is

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