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Some Final Words Before, Tuesday..

In Uncategorized on November 1, 2010 at 4:39 pm

I’ve been on the trail for almost a year….

I’ve met a lot candidates…

Been to more events than I can count…..

Attended or watched about 2 dozen debates or candidate forums…

I’ve spoken or debated with Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Tea party members (both real and fake), Libertarians, even a self-proclaimed member of the surfers party. Pro-lifers, Pro-choicers, supporters of Big Government, Small Government, No Government, Pro-Rail, Anti-Rail, Drill Baby Drill, Baby please don’t drill, Drill baby drill but not within 3 miles.

I’ve heard all of the candidates running for office discuss everything from sex education in schools, to nuclear weapons in Iraq. From Developing Innovation way to developing the Moon and planet Mars. Health care, Care of Veterans, Health care centers for Veterans (thank god for that!).

I’ve been to swanky cocktail parties, and mingles in million dollar homes and exclusive clubs, to laid back bbqs and low country boils in backyards. I’ve seen upsets, set-ups, campaigns that exceed expectations and campaigns that fail to meet them.

I observed text messages, Taliban Dan, HCA/Columbia, Flag Football Fields, Mike Tyson, Escalades, Credit Cards, Tapped Phones, Health Care Flip Flops, Charlie Crist Flip Flops, The Pelosi Agenda, Obama-math, trips to Cuba, trips to Vegas, Witches from Delaware, Ruth Chris, “Your favorite candidates, favorite candidate”, flying planes on 9/11, flying on the taxpayers dime, using the taxpayers dime to pay for drinks, “your a lobbyist”, brick-layers, bomb throwers, Lynx buses, the aquifer, good mailers, bad mailers, good ads, bad ads, rental car surcharges, Jeb Bush, W. Bush, Hilary, Bill, NBC, CBS, FOX, CF 13, and…..In the middle of this tornado of political warfare that has been spinning around us for the few months.


All of this is done, so that you can drive to the polls, wait (Hopefully, a short one) and fill in bubbles.

Its your right as a citizen living in the greatest country in world and whether you love it or hate, you owe it to yourself and the soldiers risking their lives protecting our freedom, to exercise it.

No post tomorrow, but please check me out on FOX 35 for election night coverage and my complete wrap up on Wednesday.

Thank you so much

Have a great election day guys!

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