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The Top Ten Political Rivalries of Central Florida- Part 2

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Happy Wednesday! I hope this first week after the election madness is treating you well. That your exited for the future and the potential accomplishments that your recently elected lawmakers can achieve or, have started sharpening your claws and are well rested to second guess every decision they make. I started my top ten political rivalries of Central Florida yesterday (link attached) and here is the next part.

7. Alan Grayson vs. Orange County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Lew Oliver:
“He’s going to lose” – Lew Oliver – 2009
“We can win every other race in the state, but it’s not going to mean a thing, if Alan Grayson wins”
“If Alan Grayson wins, I’m going to have to cut my wrists”

All of this wasn’t unprovoked of course. Alan Grayson and the chairman traded insults, through the media for over a year.

“Lew Oliver couldn’t find a $20 dollar bill if it was stuck in his….” hey, hey, eh heh…well, you get the point. One of many shots, that Grayson fired in addition to his antics on the house floor.

Can you feel the love here? No, of course not.

It didn’t matter if the Republican nominee from the 8th district was Dan Webster or Elmo from Sesame Street, Lew Oliver was going to find a way for that candidate to win. If he had to knock on every door from the 55 West Luxury Condo building downtown, to the rural agriculture areas of the western part of the district. He was going to make it happen.

Who won?: Dan Webster won by a larger margin than anyone expected and Talk Shows from all of the networks had to scramble to cover the gaps created in their their schedules.

Elmo lower taxes!...yaaaaaaaaaaay

8. The Tea Party Movement vs. The Florida TEA Party:This is by far, the most difficult subject to explain to viewers on television during a 3 minute spot. I’ve done it a couple of times and each of those times, I’ve felt that the average person at home still isn’t going to know, whats really going on between these two. The whole thing gives me a headache but there is no denying, that this was one of the nastiest rivalries in Central Florida, this year.

Movement= Nationally associated initiative i.e Palin’s, Demint’s, Paul’s

TEA Party= Separate group that was able to register the name with the state. Not associated with the major movement.

What do you get, when you put the two together? Craziness. Interrupted press conferences, illegal mailers, “Nader” candidates that can potentially effect important elections, like Peg Dunmire in the Webster-Grayson race. Back and forth insults and a lot of confusing media coverage.

Who won?: The Movement was able to overcome some of the TEA party’s tricks and push a lot of their locally endorsed candidates to victory. On a national level, the movement effected some major races and has “a seat at the table” in Washington.

Whatever you might think of the Tea Party Movement, they make a difference in the outcome of elections

5. Rick Scott vs. The Media:A politician that doesn’t want to speak to the press? Really? Normally, candidates for office can’t wait to get in front of the TV cameras and talk about their platform to a captive audience of thousands. Not Rick Scott. In fact, at the beginning of his campaign the media was a pain in his side. He was spotted quickly walking away from the press corp. He avoided the spin room after debates and as for Newspaper Editorial Board interviews? No, way! I’m worth 218 million dollars, those interviews are for the “normal candidates”, I’m super rich!.

Who won?: Despite forfeiting every Newspaper endorsement in the state, Rick Scott is going to be the next Governor of Florida. He re-wrote the rules for running for State-wide office in Florida and won. He will no doubt take a beating from the media for the next few years, but he’s no stranger to that.

The final part Friday. Some hints, we still haven’t heard the last from our incoming and out-going Governors.

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